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Detox, Drink hot lemon water

Bottled water, Tap water or Filtered water. The way you start your day is very important and is often underestimated. It affects the rest of your day, especially your mood and stress level. Breakfast you? Do you take the time? After your alarm clock, do you immediately look at all your social media notifications and check your email quickly? You will be stressed the rest of the morning and feel 'full in your head'. Whatever work you do, how you start your morning is important. It is your life, no one else can do it for your life and no one else can make it easier for you. Drink more water in hot weather.

Enjoy your favorite breakfast, do a few yoga exercises or go running for half an hour. Give yourself a quiet start of the day without 'smart phone stress'. Put a quiet music on, read a nice article or read a piece from a beautiful book. Relax! You have to 'stress' all day. Drink also heaps of healthy water from your Water Cooler Cowell.

If you really do not have time for this, make room for a new morning ritual: drinking warm lemon water. It has a lot of advantages. I hear you wonder, why hot water? When you drink cold water, your body has to heat the water to body temperature. This costs your body energy.
Why should it be your new morning ritual? Cold water drinking.

Lemon water:

Many people drink coffee in the morning in order to get energy, but by drinking coffee, you commit robbery to your body. It gives you a short and intense boost, after which your energy level drops to an even lower level - allowing you to grab coffee again ... Roof building on your body. Of course, I also like a cup of jet black coffee in its time, but make sure you do not depend on it and drink it occasionally as an extra. Hot water from your Water Cooler Cowell with lemon gives you long-lasting energy. When you make a habit of drinking a glass of warm water with lemon juice every morning, you will find that the need for coffee is reduced. Just try it!

The warm water makes your digestive system slowly 'wake up', so that it can start calmly. In addition, the vitamins and minerals in lemon ensure that food remains are flushed out of your stomach and intestines.

Lemon (and water of course) makes you have to go to the bathroom more often. This is good, because it removes toxins from the body. The citric acid also ensures a good functioning of the liver, so that it can get rid of toxins. Water with minerals from your Water Cooler Cowell.

Lemon contains a lot of vitamin C and potassium. Vitamin C helps prevent colds and potassium stimulates brain function and helps to keep blood sugar levels stable. Vitamin C also promotes the absorption of iron in our body, which plays an important role in good resistance.

Vitamin C helps reduce wrinkles and imperfections. Water with lemon also ensures that the blood is purified, so that your skin looks nicer.

Lemon alkalizes the body. Lemon is acid in itself, but in your body it becomes alkaline. An acidic body is susceptible to all kinds of diseases, while an alkaline body protects you against it. When you make a habit of drinking hot water with lemon daily, you will make your blood more alkaline, so you have less chance of inflammation and pain. Water drinking and your eyes. Drink more water from your Water Cooler Cowell.

The pectin in lemon reduces hunger. In addition, it has been proven that people who eat a more alkaline diet more easily lose weight.

When you experience a lot of stress, you have lower resistance and you become ill more quickly. When you suffer from stress, it is possible that your vitamin C is deficient. Hot water with lemon juice is a good way to supplement your vitamin C and reduce your stress.

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