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Drink more water from your water cooler Coolum Beach during sports

Dry and cold air

The first reason for dehydration is the drier and cold air. This literally pulls the moisture away from your body. And also sweat will be absorbed very quickly by the air. And then your body continues to sweat. The physical effort of winter sports also means that your body uses more moisture. Sporty skiing provides extra moisture loss


Furthermore, there is also a reinforcing factor at height and that is the fact that you will breathe faster in the mountains because there is less oxygen in the air. Add to this the physical effort of skiing and you breathe even faster. That way you lose more moisture. The higher the area the more you will suffer from this. This also applies to the acclimatization process in which you will urinate more at the beginning of your stay. Lose weight by drinking water. The higher the harder your body needs to acclimatize and the more fluid you lose. The latter applies mainly to the really high areas. So drink heaps of water from your Water Cooler Coolum Beach.

Drink enough

How do you know if you are drinking enough water. So drink enough, several liters extra per day from your Water Cooler Coolum Beach. A good indicator is the color of your urine when urinating. This must remain light colored. The most important thing is to get enough fluid, the type of drink is less important, but no alcohol of course. During strenuous efforts, read sporty skiing, off-piste skiing or ski touring, isotonic drinks are sometimes just a bit more effective, but more about this soon. Soft drinks, up to 7 cubes of sugar. Healthy drinks instead of water. Healthy drink water with minerals from yoiur Water Cooler Coolum Beach.

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Benchtop Water Cooler Coolum Beach
Floor Standing Water Cooler Coolum Beach
Floor Standing Water Cooler Coolum Beach

Why drinking water from your water cooler Coolum Beach is important

Australia is also called a water country. Not surprisingly, our country is by the sea and we have many canals, ditches and lakes. Water is therefore all around us. Yet we are often not sufficiently alert to drink enough water. A shame, because water is very important for your physical functioning. In this article we tell you why. Filtered water or bottled water.

About two thirds of your body consists of water

If that amount decreases in your body, you will quickly dry out. The consequences of this are that your body starts to function less well. By drinking enough, you ensure that the water level in your body remains at the same level and that you therefore function better.

With water, toxins can be removed from your body

By drinking water from your water cooler Coolum Beach, you enable your body to get rid of toxins in your body. Moreover, your skin stays in better condition. So if you attach great importance to healthy skin that does not feel dry, but rather soft, then drinking water is one of the important things that you should not omit. Tips to get through the summer COOL.

Water from your water cooler Coolum Beach contains no calories

Why should you drink water when you want to lose weight? A glass of water contains zero calories, so unlike sodas you don't get fat. Moreover, a glass of water helps against a dry mouth much better than soft drinks. And because there is no sugar in it, you do not get a sugar dip that can hamper your productivity.

Drinking water reduces the chance of constipation

Constipation means that your intestines are clogged and you therefore have difficulty losing your stools. It may also be the case that you loose stools, but that you experience pain around the anus during pooping. This may be because the shit is hard and dry because it contains insufficient moisture. The poo can dry out because the fibers that you get into your body with food have no or too little moisture to absorb. Fiber is very important to keep your bowel movements flexible, they retain moisture and ensure that your stools can leave the intestines smoothly. For a good bowel movement it is therefore important that you not only drink enough water, but also eat enough fiber. Particularly during the holiday period it often happens that people overlook these two things and as a result suffer from blocked intestines. This article about constipation during the holidays elaborates on this.

Water and a hungry feeling

It can sometimes be the case that your brain cannot properly distinguish the need for drinking and eating. As a result, we are quickly inclined to eat, while you may be able to satisfy the hungry feeling by drinking a glass of water. By first drinking water you will automatically find out if you are really hungry or if it was just thirsty. That way you will start eating less quickly, which is good for your body weight.

You are thinking better with water

If you are drowsy, you tend to drink a cup of coffee or energy drink, but next time try whether a glass of water from your water cooler Coolum Beach works. Often this causes your head to be refreshed and you are more focused on what you are doing.

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Don't overdo it

Although drinking water is very important for your body, you should not drink too much. A quantity that is often recommended is around two liters of water (spread throughout the day). But of course that is not a fixed number, because every person is different. For example, are you going to exercise during warm weather? Then there is a good chance that you will drink a little more water than if you were working behind a desk all day. But body height, for example, also plays a role in the need for water. What matters is that you enjoy it and drink enough, but don't overdo it!

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