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TIP: Will drinking water helping with weight loss

My customers get tighter by drinking water. Can you lose weight by drinking water. They lose an average of two kilograms of fat in two weeks. It is so simple, but we forget to drink and often do so only when it is too late. How you can prevent this and drink some water from a Water Cooler Coolamon such a tight maker is part I like with you! Drink plenty of water! Give the body what it needs: Water.

As acidic as a decade

Every day we are busy at work and forget to drink. This causes a chronic fluid deficiency to lurk. You may know the first signs, such as headaches, a sniffer and a lethargic feeling. Moisture has the function to drain the waste into the body. When these remain, the body gets soured little by little. This acidification has a number of adverse consequences:

  • Less fit feeling: an acid environment is the perfect environment for bacteria. A chronic cold is therefore lurking.
  • Fat production: to neutralize waste products, the body stores them in adipose tissue. If there is a shortage of this, it will produce more fatty tissue. Great tasting water from your Water Cooler Coolamon.
  • Digestion: the digestive system does not work optimally in a constantly acidic environment. A bloated feeling after eating or letting wind is a sign of this.

Drinking water pulls you tight because water ...

... contains no calories.
... the hunger stops.
... reduces the need for (sugary) drinks.
... deacid the body by removing waste.
... the endurance increases with 20-30%, so more energy.
... your muscle strength increases by 10-15%, so you can burn more energy.
How much water do you want to drink to lose weight?

To make the body tighter you want to drink at least 2.5 liters of water from your Water Cooler Coolamon. On days when you have an hour of fanatical sport you need 0.5 liters extra. On average you lose 2.5 liters of water per day because you sweat, breathe and go to the bathroom. You can fill this with food (1 liter) and drink (1.5 liters). To get the waste from the body you want to drink at least 1 liter more. So at least 2.5 liters of water per day to make the body tighter. Moisture and drinking water.

You drink at least 2.5 liters of water like this:

  • Replace all sugary drinks with water for two weeks;
  • Tea and coffee (+ 1 glass of water) are also allowed;
  • Take one large glass of water for each meal (the hunger stops);
  • Use a refillable drinking bottle and fill it four times a day (+ drink;);
  • Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables;
  • Drink half a liter extra if you have an hour of fanatic sports.


So to get tighter it is necessary to drink at least 2.5 liters of water per day from your Water Cooler Coolamon. When you do this, the body will seam and you will feel tighter and fitter within two weeks. In addition, drinking water has many other benefits, such as the hunger of hunger, increased strength and endurance. To remember, you can buy a drinking bottle, refill four times a day and eat fruit and vegetables. If you want more tips on training and nutrition, take a look in my other Blogs. Here I write about the obstacles that block a fitter, stronger and tighter body. You can also follow me on Instagram or Pinterest where I show how you can practically apply all waste tips in your life. What does water do in your body.

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6 DAY JUICE Detox and drinking from your water cooler Coolamon

A few months ago, during a conversation with a friend, the juice detox came up. She had been sleeping badly for a while, was stressed and had heard that a few days' detox could fix those complaints. I told her about my experience with detox. As a result, she asked me to join her. For moral support. My account that followed about how horrible I find detoxes and how grumpy I get from not eating to no avail.

With many juice fasting cures, you can only drink three juices per day. Three! Serious. A deep respect for those who keep it up and do not go crazy with hunger and as a result people in their immediate environment do something physical or verbal. I get cranky when I think about the cure. No joke. Let alone if I should live on three juices. So I went looking for a juice treatment with at least 5 drinks a day, which I also prefer to be enjoyed by experts. They are one of the few providers that offer my minimum required 5 detox juices per day. Three liquid salads (liquid salads) in different flavors, 1 nut milk (hazelnut or cashew) and 1 bottle of detox water. It is also possible to order shots. I ordered the ginger shots so that I can drink tea with hot water from your water cooler Coolamon twice a day. In addition, I have decided to give myself half a liter of coconut water a day. And of course a lot of fresh mint and fresh ginger tea.

Juice detox experience

6 years ago, I lived on juice once every three months for 5 days. At that time I had been suffering from a bloated stomach for a number of years and regularly had constipation (wonderful word). The juice fast helped against constipation, after 5 days of detoxing I was away from that for several months. The bloated abdomen returned just as quickly as it disappeared during the juice fast. Great tasting water from your water cooler Coolamon. These are the consequences of drinking too little water. During a long journey in 2011, I came across healthy and conscious food in New Zealand and Australia. Healthy and conscious eating was mainly a lot of light products and products with less fat. The real turning point came during a detox including enemas (another lovely word) in Byron Bay. There I learned all about pure food. I especially benefited from the cooking workshops that were part of the juice fast treatment. From that moment on I started eating healthier and more consciously and avoiding packages and processed food. 80% of the time. In the other 20 % I eat what I feel like. That works fine for me. It takes a while before it really becomes your way of life and especially varied food was a challenge in the beginning. Fortunately, it is getting easier with all the information and recipes on online blogs. For me, the 80/20 rule of conscious eating means that I almost never suffer from constipation or a distended abdomen. Very occasionally 80/20 suddenly becomes 70/30 or even 60/40 and then Fill in yourself. 10 Ways to keep your kidneys healthy.

Challenges fast detox

It is good to map out the challenges that await you. Since this is not my first time, I know a bit about what to expect and what my possible pitfalls and difficult moments will be.

In addition to not being allowed to eat, not to chew gum. My two addictions are eating (as said mainly healthy) and chewing gum (always unhealthy). In addition, I know that a juice treatment does not exactly give you a fresh breath. To bring it nuanced, you are going to take it out of your mouth. Solution? Put several bottles of mouthwash in all kinds of places, at home, at work and in my bag. Not as tasty as chewing gum but nonetheless indispensable during this period.? - Cooking food for my husband and two children. And have to sit at the table with them while they eat well and I drink my soup. Solution? During the juice fast course, I only cook meals that I do not like and they do. She happy, I happy. Drink more water from your water cooler Coolamon.

Stay focused in the office. Without solid food, I become a sieve. Solution? Try as much as possible to ensure that I have a "quiet" week at the office. Virtually impossible since my role is largely in ad hoc solving all kinds of challenges that come to the table. Solution? Bite my tongue a little more often and count to 10. I have to do that more often.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?