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TIP: Why you will need to drink water

Truth about drinking water. You always hear that it is good to drink enough water and now I even start blogging about it. Calculate how much water you should drink. But why do you have to drink water? And should it then be water? Can not that be different? Everything is moisture would you say?

Unfortunately, I have to disappoint you. But water is water and other drinks are other drinks. And when I tell you that it is good for you to drink water, I do not mean coffee, tea, soft drinks, juices or whatever.

Do you want a healthy body (and preferably also slim of course!!) then I hope that by following these blogs you will realize how good water is for you.
Difference between water and other liquids. 6 Facts about drinking water.

Because what is the difference between water and other liquids. After all, coffee is also made of water, just like tea. And there is also water in juices.

But that is already the first big difference. Water is also present in all those other drinks, but it is not the only one. And your body, the cells in your body, need pure water to function. For energy, as food. And if they first have to filter that water from those other drinks, then it costs energy instead of generating energy.
Coffee and tea - Why do you have to drink water?

In addition, the caffeine in coffee and tea in the tea is just moisturizing. So it took all energy to filter out the water and it also costs moisture (water) that you want to add.
Juicing - Why do you have to drink water?

Juices do not extract moisture but are full of sugar. And that is not so healthy, I do not need any explanation. And there is no sugar in light drinks, but the alternative (the sweeteners) is even unhealthier than sugar.
Soft drinks - Why do you have to drink water?

And not to mention soft drinks at all. I have drunk it myself for years, liters per day, but now that I know how souring that is for my body, I leave it with love. You need 35 glasses of water to neutralize 1 glass of carbonated soft drink. Yes, you read that correctly, 35 glasses. That's 'something' more than 2 liters (= 8 glasses) per day. Not to do so. And the more your body is soured, the older you feel and look. And that is probably not what you want.

Do you now understand that water is really different for your body? And did I convince you a bit? Even if it is only a little bit, I am completely happy again. What does drinking 2 liters of water a day with your body.
Your turn.

What do you prefer to drink? Did you know that soft drinks are souring your body!

Why is Filtered Water so Important?