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TIP: Lemon water good for your skin

Actually I should drink more water. As soon as I wake up, I always drink a very large glass of lukewarm water with lemon. Water is essential when you wake up in the morning and lemon is good for your skin. Two flies in one blow and then you have to start your day. Before you go to breakfast it is really very important to first drink a large glass of water. You need moisture in the morning as you probably did not drink during the night. Tap water is not healthy anymore, therefore filter.

You're really dehydrated by the way, because besides not drinking anything in the night, you also lose half a liter of fluid during your sleep. As far as I'm concerned, water from your Water Cooler Coburg is the first necessity of life (soon followed by coffee though!), But if you want to start the day really well and want to work on a beautiful skin, from now on every morning lemon is on the menu.

Water with lemon

Probably you have ever read something about it that drinking a glass of water with lemon causes you to quickly fall off. Lemon juice in your water - super healthy. In itself it is not a panacea but lemon does certainly stimulate your fat burning, digestion and it keeps your sugar level in balance. This ensures that you are less hungry all day long. Do not go to drink lemon juice all day long, because then you do not do your stomach any fun. 2 to 3 glasses of water from your Water Cooler Coburg with lemon per day can handle your body perfectly. What kind of water to drink.

Lemon good for your skin

Besides that lemon juice in your water is healthy, it also ensures beautiful skin. Lemon is packed with vitamin C, which prevents the collagen in your skin is broken down (read: firm skin). I prefer to use fresh lemon to get the lemon juice out (and not for lemon juice from a green pre-packaged bottle), because the secret against wrinkles is in the peel of a lemon. The shell contains important oils that have a purifying and healing effect on the skin. The skin of a lemon is a perfect mask if you suffer from, for example, oily skin. A lemon mask closes your pores, works disinfecting and contains just like the juice of a lemon much vitamin C. There are so many minerals in the water from your Water Cooler Coburg.

What do you need for this lemon mask?

     - 1 lemon or lime peel (organic)
     - 1 tablespoon of water

What do you have to do to make a lemon mask?

     - Use a mixer, magimix or blender. Put the peel and the water in the magimax (in my case).
     - Mix everything until you have a kind of puree.
     - Smear the puree on your face and leave the mask for about 5 minutes.
     - Rinse with lukewarm water.
     - Dab your skin dry, do not rub dry.

Another tip is to add a few drops of lemon juice to your day cream. Of course not the whole lemon in your pot La Prairie throw, but take some day cream in the palm of your hand and add a drop of lemon juice to it. Super good for your skin. So drink plenty of water from your Water Cooler Coburg.

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Fasting to purify our body and lose weight quickly by drinking from your water cooler Coburg

Fasting is a popular way to purify our body, but is fasting healthy too? Purifying our body of all toxic waste is necessary for good health. Detoxing can be done in many ways. In the first place with an appropriate diet, in combination with sufficient exercise. Freeing our body from all its toxic waste is just as good by fasting.

What effect does fasting have on our health and fitness?

During a purifying fasting course, we almost exclusively drink water and / or herbal tea. Nutrition is usually excluded. A fasting course varies from a few days to a maximum of a few weeks.

We fast for a variety of reasons.

In the first place to purify our body and to lose weight as quickly and as much as possible. Fasting is not just a period of eating little or no food. It is also a time of rest and reflection, to evaluate our lives and to set any priorities. Of course, we know different ways of fasting:

In addition to religious fasting, we also know many other ways to fast:

Fasting for medical reasons: we know mainly from natural medicine, and to a lesser extent in classical medicine. In medicine, we mainly fast in preparation for surgery, to avoid possible complications. In this case, the fast starts several hours before the procedure. Naturopathy often fasts to purify our body of all kinds of toxic waste

Fasting to burn more fat and lose weight

Those who want to lose a lot of weight in a short time often seek the solution of their weight problem in a fast of several weeks. Forget such a fasting period if you want to lose weight healthily and without the dreaded yo-yo effect. It is useless and even unhealthy.
During such a fast course we eat as little as possible, but we drink all the more.

Mainly water and herbal teas.

In this way, we automatically put our body in saving mode.
All food that we get in will keep our body as long as possible. This way we lose weight quickly and a lot. The kilos of overweight we lose in the first few days are almost exclusively fluid. Once we stop fasting, our body will want to replenish its reserves of (healthy) nutrients as quickly as possible. As a result, you will quickly gain your lost kilos. This way we quickly weigh more than at the start of our fasting course. Make sure you drink enough from your water cooler Coburg. Drinking water prevents muscle pain.
Fasting through fasting has the same effect as an unhealthy crash diet. Is it bad to drink water while eating.
By losing weight quickly and extremely, shortages of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants quickly arise
Purifying the body by fasting Have you been suffering from fatigue, a shortage of energy, dull skin, and / or disfiguring bags under your eyes for some time? Then our body may no longer be able to break down and remove all toxic substances. Fasting is well suited to regularly purify our body.
For many, fasting means the run-up to a healthy diet and lifestyle. Fasting provides extra energy and vitality, as well as tight and radiant skin. Fixed, but not too extreme and too long.
Those who want to fast for a longer period do so only under the supervision of their doctor.
Detoxifies gently for several days. That is more than enough to experience the positive effect of such a fast course.

Fasting in Naturopathy: Especially in Naturopathy, people fast to purify their body. In particular, our digestion, stomach and intestines are addressed. After all, a healthy intestinal flora is the basis of good health. Such a course lasts a maximum of one week. We rinse our bowels with baking soda

Preparation: good preparation is the basis of a successful fast. During one week before the start of our fasting period, it is best to avoid all unhealthy food. Primarily junk food, refined sugar, fried snacks, alcohol, fatty cheeses, and meats

Fiber-rich food: helps us purify our body gently and naturally. Dietary fiber is mainly present in fruit and vegetables, but also in all kinds of grains and whole grain products

Water: drink at least 2.5 liters of water from your water cooler Coburg a day, which rinses our bowels

Herbal teas: milk thistle, dandelion or red clover purify our liver and kidneys

Why is Filtered Water so Important?