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Water from your water cooler Cobram

Water is necessary for our body to function properly. It provides transport of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, helps with digestion, removes waste, controls the temperature and acts as a lubricant for the joints and eyes. That is why it is important to drink enough water: one and a half to two liters per day. Water is part of a healthy lifestyle. But which water do you choose; tap water, spring water, mineral water or filtered water from your water cooler Cobram?


Drinking water helps with losing some weight. To keep your body healthy, we always think about sports and good nutrition. But not only food, drinking is also essential. In order to keep the fluid in your body up to standard and to be able to manage all kinds of different body processes properly, we need about 1.5 to 2 liters of fluid per day. Those who move a lot, lose a lot of fluid by sweating. In that case, we need more moisture. Really intensive athletes can even lose one liter of fluid per hour. Sufficient fluid intake can be achieved by drinking water from your Water Cooler Cobram. But drinking water all day is not really nice. In addition to water, coffee, tea, milk products, soft drinks, fruit juices, sports drinks and even alcoholic beverages also provide our moisture requirements. Many of these drinks, however, provide a lot of energy, due to the sugars, fats or alcohol, in comparison with water. That is why it is preferable to drink water from your Water Cooler Cobram, coffee or tea (without sugar) every day. These drinks provide moisture and do not deliver extra calories. In addition to all kinds of drinks, solid food also partly consists of moisture. Think of soup, fruit and vegetables (tomato and cucumber). There is a big difference in the moisture content between foods. For example, watermelon contains 93 percent water and a biscuit only 3 percent.


Although water is not officially a nutrient, we can not do without it as humans. It ensures that all kinds of body processes can function. It acts as a means of transport, regulates the body temperature and provides protection. That water is important to us is shown by the fact that about 60 percent of our body weight consists of water. Despite the fact that getting enough moisture is important, you can also get too much moisture. Even water is poisonous in extremely large quantities. All day sucking on a bottle of water, is not necessarily better or healthier. It ensures that you have to pee all the time. With moisture the same applies as all healthy things: use your common sense and drink a few glasses of water a day, and enough coffee and tea. Fatigue solved by drinking water.

Water is a building material

Water is used as a building material in every cell of your body. Substances can dissolve that can give the cell solidity.

Water is a means of transport

Water from your Water Cooler Cobram is important for the maintenance of your internal environment. Water in your blood serves as a means of transport to transport amino acids (the building blocks of proteins), glucose, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to various organs and cells in your body. The end products that arise from the metabolism, substances that your body has nothing of, are transported through the blood to be removed from the body. For example through your lungs in exhaled air or through sweat. Water determines to a large extent the amount of blood that circulates through your body. A good blood circulation is necessary for all your organs and other tissues to function.

Water is a solvent

Water is a component of, for example, saliva in the mouth but also of aqueous solutions in the stomach and intestines. Water ensures that our food can be mixed and digested properly. Water is also an important component of blood. In the blood, water is a 'solvent' for hormones and antibodies. These substances are transported in the blood from where they are made in the body to the place in the body where they perform their function. Great tasting water from your Water Cooler Cobram.

Water for your body temperature

During the burning of carbohydrates, fats, proteins and alcohol and during muscle movements, heat is produced. To prevent you from overheating and damage certain proteins that you need, the heat that is released is distributed directly over your body fluid. With a part of the heat you keep yourself at temperature, the other heat is lost through for example sweat or your breath.

Water protects organs and joints

Drinking water prevents muscle pain. Water is around your various organs to protect everything well. For example, the brain, eyes, the spinal cord, but also the fetus. These parts of our body depend on a protective water layer. Moisture that is naturally present in muscles or connective tissue (for example in your knee joint) acts as a kind of lubricant, which minimizes friction. That way every movement is easy.

Water prevents dehydration

If you drink too little, your body will first compensate by producing less urine in the kidneys and a strong thirst stimulus. Your blood consists for a large part of moisture. If you do not keep your moisture level, fluid is extracted from your cells, causing them to shrink and dry out, in order to maintain the amount of blood. So drink plenty of clean water from your Water Cooler Cobram. The first symptoms that you have drunk too little are caused by this withdrawal of fluid from your body cells. You get a thirst, headache and feel drowsy.

Too much moisture

The kidneys can excrete excess fluid through the urine. Only with extreme over consumption of fluid, do the kidneys become overloaded. They will then no longer do their work properly. If you drink a lot of water in a short time, where no salts have been added, the amount of water in your body increases, but the amount of salts remains the same. This means that the amount of salt in your body decreases proportionately, which is disadvantageous. It can lead to dizziness because the communication between muscles and brains gets disturbed.
The first symptoms of excessive water intake are nausea, vomiting, muscle cramps and confusion. Drinking too much water is basically done in very extreme situations. For example, people who do heavy physical work, athletes and marathon runners in a warm environment. They sweat a lot and if they drink water that no salts have been added to, it can go wrong. Also drinking a lot of water in a short time is not recommended for this reason, it leads to water poisoning. Occasionally this happens, for example, with people who use certain drugs or with greening rituals.

Water quality

There are so many minerals in the water from yiur Water Cooler Cobram. Water from the tap is tap water. That is water that comes from the soil, lakes and rivers. This drinking water is pure and is strictly controlled. Tap water in the Netherlands is always delivered fresh to the house and is never sold out - it belongs to one of the best drinking waters in the world. The requirements that the water must satisfy are laid down in the Water Supply Act and the Water Supply Decree. The rules are about the amount of micro-organisms and chemicals that are allowed in the water, and also the color, taste and smell of the water. Water that you take out of the tap is checked for 65 substances, source and mineral water for 15 substances. Thanks to the high quality of the tap water in the Netherlands, it is basically not necessary to use spring water or mineral water from packages or bottles. Packed water is more expensive and it pollutes the environment more than tap water.

Filtered water

By filtering tap water, you remove lime and odor and taste-distorting substances from the water. Filtered water is therefore tasty and soft in taste and leaves no lime scale in cups and kitchen appliances. There are special filter cans, ionizers and separate filters for sale to filter water. You can also connect this directly to the water pipe. Bottled water, Tap water or Filtered water.

Mineral and spring water

In addition to tap water, there is of course water - this is subdivided into mineral water and spring water. Both mineral water and spring water come from a government-recognized water source. They are waters that are naturally pure. The water comes from a natural underground source, where it ends up because the water has sunk into the ground. While rainwater, groundwater or molten snow has fallen into the earth, it has been purified by various earth layers, consisting of sand or clay, for example. It can also absorb minerals in this way. The water can lie deep in the ground for many hundreds of meters. The sources are protected and controlled. This way the nature-pure character is guaranteed.

  • Mineral water from your Water Cooler Cobram has a unique and constant composition of minerals.
  • Spring water can differ in composition. For this reason, well water can not put a claim on the package that states that they are suitable for a low-salt diet. The amount of sodium chloride in spring water can be very high.


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Water from your water cooler Cobram with lemon: discover the 10 benefits here

Benefits of drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach. Turning on my kettle and squeezing half a lemon is the first thing I do when I roll out of my bed. Drinking water with lemon is actually the start of my daily morning ritual. But why do I keep drinking my cup of warm (and especially very sour) lemon water every morning?

Well, let me drop straight into the house. There are immense benefits associated with a bag of warm lemon water at dawn!


  • Fresh lemon water stimulates digestion. Especially when you drink a cup on an empty stomach. Is your digestion not optimal or do you often suffer from bloating? Then try this out for two weeks. 5 Helpful tips with losing weight by drinking water. My bowels became significantly more active after drinking warm lemon juice on an empty stomach for several days.
  • Lemon juice aids the liver in the detoxification process. That way the body can get rid of toxins better.
  • Drinking the juice of half a lemon in the morning is the ideal way to get a large serving of vitamin C. In addition to vitamin C, there are also minerals (such as potassium, calcium and magnesium) and folic acid in lemon juice. Potassium stimulates brain function. Vitamin C ensures that our immunity is maintained, so that we get sick less quickly.
  • Lemons provide an alkalizing effect in the body. Nutrients can be divided into acidic and basic (= alkaline) nutrients. A balanced diet consists of 75% alkaline nutrients and 25% acidic nutrients. Lemons can be found in the table of "strongly alkaline" nutrients. An "acid" body makes us sick faster / more often.
  • Drinking lemon water is said to have a positive effect on the skin. I have no problem skin and I am still young, so I honestly haven't noticed much change in my skin myself.
  • Citrus fruits are among the top 10 cancer-fighting nutrients. Certain types of cabbage (such as broccoli), tomatoes, turmeric, green tea and soy are also among the top 10.
  • Drinking lemon water suppresses the feeling of hunger due to the pectin fibers present in the lemons. Fiber provides a feeling of satiety. Your blood sugar level also remains better balanced because sugars are absorbed more slowly. Some people will also lose weight because of this. Clean water from your benchtop or floor standing filtered water cooler Cobram.
  • When you drink lemon juice, in combination with the daily recommended amount of water, you will have to urinate more. Frequent urination benefits the urinary tract.
  • Drinking lemon juice will speed up the healing process for throat infections.
  • Lemon water can help with bad-smelling breath.

Get started yourself.

You only need very few ingredients. Water and a (half) lemon. I prefer to squeeze my lemons into lemon juice myself. This way I am sure that the lemon juice is 100% pure. Roll the lemon back and forth over your kitchen counter and apply a little pressure on it. That way, the lemon will lose even more juice when squeezed.

Disadvantage of water with lemon

After some research it turned out that lemon juice can be harmful to the enamel. So avoid too much contact with your teeth and drink it preferably with a straw. Also, do not immediately brush your teeth after drinking lemon juice with water from your water cooler Cobram.


I feel great with my daily cup of warm lemon juice and I will continue to drink it. Have you not tested it yourself yet? Then give it a try for 14 days and discover the positive effects on your body.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?