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Recycle water bottles: How healthy is that?

Refilling a used bottle of mineral water with tap water, we do it all at once. Is it fresh, however, to do something like that? Very easy, cheap and also environmentally friendly, that reusing water bottles. No wonder that 65% of men and 85% of women do this. Half of these women refill her bottle even more than six times.

Washing a plastic bottle

Very fresh is not it, says microbiologist Rijkelt Beumer of Wageningen University. He is also a 're filler', but after all, he is washing his bottle in the evening after each use. He's been doing it for months. In addition, good rinsing with warm water and a drop of detergent slows the bacterial growth.

Then rinse well with cold water.

Is it necessary to wash such a bottle? "No, I sometimes forget, I'm not paranoid," says Beumer. "I just like some nights to wash it, but I do not know any health reasons why you should wash a bottle." Great tasting water from a Water Cooler Brogo.


Beumer investigated 66 used water bottles for the consumer program Cashier. "In the worst bottles floats floated when we filled them with fresh tap water and shook well." These bottles could, however, be safely emptied by the owner, with flakes and all. "Finally, you are your own bacteria Not sick of You have millions of hands on your hands. Healthy drink water made from your own tap from a Water Cooler Brogo. In addition, I have you billions between your teeth, which are there to remove your food remnants. "

Quality tap water

Drinking water sources. Beumer finds it especially the good quality tap water. "Every time you take a sip, bacteria come into your mouth. What kind of water to drink. Drink filtered tap water from a Water Cooler Brogo. For example, if you have eaten something that contains conforms (bacteria belonging to the intestinal bacteria), such as a sandwich healthy, they will also come into your vial. If you do not flush the bottle, they continue to grow into larger colonies. "It is therefore important to change the water in the bottle regularly. This way you prevent microorganisms from developing too much. Tap water is not healthy anymore, therefore filter.


For example, in the smallest bottles (those with those flakes), more than one thousand conforms per milliliter (ml) could be allowed, while in drinking water for cows only one hundred per milliliter was allowed. However, these bacteria are not dangerous according to Beumer. "Only when there are pathogens, you can get sick. Taking a drinking bottle can only be used if there are streptococci, but they do not like water. "According to Beumer, the flu virus must inhale to get infected, so drinking does not matter.

Stomach flu

The norovirus (abdominal flu) can be passed through a bottle. "Do not drink a bottle of someone who has just surrendered stomach flu," Beumer said. Finally, a health advice that flirts you down.


The chemicals in plastic bottles (eg BPA) can enter the water. This usually does not happen, but in the following cases the risk is greater:

    - At high temperatures more of these substances can be released. Therefore do not hold your bottle in the sun or in a warm car.
    - With acidic or carbonated beverages can cause more of these substances to enter the vial. Therefore, use the bottle only for water.

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Why is Filtered Water so Important?