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Drinking Water Sources

Posted by Peter on 6 June 2016
Drinking Water Sources

Drinking Water

Tap Water

The consumption of tap water in Australia is increased sharply over the past forty years. Per person the consumption is doubled since the fifties of the last century and now stands at around 130 liters per person per day. Noticing that tap water is not always available, though it is so perceived by most people. There are many different operations required before the water flows from the tap. The water is extracted from groundwater or surface water. Where does water come from. The recovered water is purified and then distributed to the customer.

Drinking water sources

In Australia we have a number of drinking water abstraction areas. There can be both surface water extracted from groundwater. If groundwater will be referred to the area recovered as groundwater protection. Groundwater is the natural process in the soil, already purified as thus is less polluted than surface water. The rivers and lakes are another source of drinking water. The transport of groundwater over a large distance would make it too expensive to drinking water. Surface water is mainly used is areas where fresh ground water is not sufficiently available. If groundwater is extracted, deeper salty water can rise to the surface and result in brackish water. This may have adverse consequences for agriculture in the area. At the moment sea water is not used in Australia to produce drinking water. The conversion of seawater into drinking water is in fact very expensive. Elements of tap water - What does tap water contain?


Groundwater is often pumped at depths from 100 meters to over 400 meters. Because the water will stay a long time in the soil, it is already pre-purified by filtering by natural processes in the soil. The drinking water from groundwater is therefore easier than making drinking water from surface water such as dams. As a result, the process is also cheaper. Groundwater for drinking water supply must be protected from leaching of nutrients and pesticides from agricultural lands. In addition, areas are designated as groundwater protection.

Surface water

If surface water is used to make drinking water, we must take in account that it could contains impurities. Common contaminants discharges by companies and shipping, emergencies (pollution from contaminated firewater), precipitating contaminants from the air. These are disadvantages with respect to groundwater sources. The purification of surface water is then also more complex than the groundwater. Why a clean and Prestige Water filter? We recommend further filtration by a Prestige Water filter.


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