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WOW! So much does drinking 3 liters of water a day for your skin

Tips to drink more water. We sip anointed us with the other glass of water from a Water Cooler Bramston Beach or cup of tea to come to those two liters of water a day, but dear God, what's that much! Let's hit the three. This woman did, however, succeed and the result was amazing.

Although the wrinkles are not yet available (at least, in some cases), we draw liters of different creams with us in our handbag, because yes, prevention is better than healed. Cramped, we stare in the mirror or the first wrinkle, and when you think something is going to be discovered, you'll be in stress. Journalist Sarah Smith does not suffer from this. She seems to have found the eternal source of youth ...

Water is the new Botox

Your skin and drinking water. Has she raised her eyes? Her face bumped with Botox? Her face fits with makeup or is she very good with Photoshop? None of these theories go up for Sarah Smith, who went from a wrinkly dull skin to a shining bright skin. Her secret? Drink three liters of water from a Water Cooler Bramston Beach a day. People who feel that they can drink water all day can not understand. But maybe we should follow the example of those camels because Sarah looks very good! But how does anyone like to swallow such a waterfall?  Sarah tells her that she wanted to go on this experiment because she had a lot of headache and was not in her skin. For a month, she drank three liters of water a day reporting Metro. And the result, that may be!

Yes! A remedy! Or not

Are you jealous about staring at the front of Sarah's after and after kicks? Then, unfortunately, we have a buzz kill for you. Skin Doctor Joshua Zeichner tells Cosmopolitan that there is absolutely no evidence that this really helps. "There is no convincing evidence that eight glasses of water per day sincerely help to improve the texture of your skin." Does her makeover really mean a good lighting and makeup? "The" before "appears to be illuminated from above, which ripples accentuates, while the after photo appears to be exposed from the front, making your skin look better," he explains. Bummer ...

Fortunately, we do not have to let the hope go. Doctor Joe Cincotta, of the antimony chain Time Bomb, tells you that your skin suffers if you do not drink enough water from a Water Cooler Bramston Beach. Having a full glass of water all the time. "Your skin will look dull and thin lines will appear. As you grow older, your skin is getting more and more difficult to hold water and drying out is not uncommon. "

Whether the water slurry works to look younger or not, water is right for you and so we put the water bottle on our mouth again and hope we get the three liters today from a Water Cooler Bramston Beach... Better health with Prestige Water.

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Fasting & Detox - The great cleansing of the body, drink from your water cooler Bramston Beach

Detox, fasting Questions about excretion and detoxification, about waste (so-called "snails") in the body as a cause of diseases, will surprise any standard trained doctor unpleasantly, since he cannot start anything with this idea (apart from a sudden poisoning situation). But there is certainly controversial discussion about this in complementary medicine. There is, therefore, no unanimity about the best way to deal with this therapeutically. I would, therefore, like to propose a number of methods that are useful as basic measures for detoxifying the body.

It is undisputed in natural medicine that it makes sense to stimulate the excretory organs and thereby support their function. The idea behind this is easy to understand: the body absorbs all kinds of substances, through food and drink, as well as through breathing or through the skin - and then starts with the metabolism. The food is digested and, if it is good, processed in such a way that only waste products remain, which are then excreted through the intestines, kidneys and skin. Oxygen from the breath enters the blood through the lungs, and carbon dioxide is exhaled on the spot. It is very important to drink alkaline water with minerals from your water cooler Branston Beach. Are fruit juices healthy.

However, it is not the case that this fragile balance always functions. Perhaps too many harmful substances are absorbed, perhaps the metabolism does not work properly, or perhaps substances are left in the body that should have been excreted. It does not necessarily have to be a serious disease that causes this: just if you have a somewhat slower intestine, one can assume that the longer the food mass stays in the intestine, the multiplication of waste and fermentation bacteria and their effects (potentially dangerous) metabolic products. Drinking too little makes it harder for your kidneys to properly dispose of all substances that must be excreted in the urine.

Many lifestyle factors are a burden on our metabolism and therefore also on our excretory organs. An example: sedentary work in air-conditioned rooms can cause flat breathing (which means we use only a smaller part of the contents of our lungs) or cause dry skin and / or dry mucous membranes, against which the body is "weathered" with colds symptoms or itchy skin. From a naturopathic perspective, this itching can then be interpreted as an attempt by the body to stimulate the skin by rubbing and scratching (increases blood flow). When such physical complaints occur, it is clear: here actually precautions must be taken in this space to prevent these kinds of complaints.

Detox through the intestine

"And how is the bowel movement?" The doctor or therapist sometimes asks. Of course, the answer which is normal in this case is often very different. So the answer can be three times a day or three times a week. It really shouldn't be less than that and would be ideal once a day without too much effort. We recommend the following soft aids:

  •  Use the gastrointestinal reflex. Simply put: if something comes in at the front, something wants out at the back. This is very nice to see in babies and small children. To reserve a time after a meal that suits your life rhythm and give your gut the opportunity to empty in peace. This is to teach the gut!
  •  Eat foods with sufficient dietary fiber. Bulking agents (also called dietary fiber) are substances that are excreted undigested, increasing the number of feces and thereby promoting peristalsis, thus further transporting the intestinal contents. Because of the length of the intestine, it takes a long time before the food arrives at the exit from the mouth! For example, natural bulking material is found in vegetables.
  •  A vegetable medicine, which swells up extremely in liquid (not in milk!) And therefore increases the intestinal contents to a large extent, is flea seed, in this case, in particular, the flea seed husks. They are allowed to soak briefly in water, ingested and then always drink two large glasses of water - very important !! Flea seed should not be used on bulges of the intestine, especially the large intestine, without the advice of a doctor or a professional therapist. The small seed grains can remain there and cause inflammation.
  •  Drinking a lot from your water cooler Bramston Beach, that makes the intestinal contents extra liquid. What happens in your body if you drink soda.
  •  Abdominal massage: In the morning in bed in a clockwise direction, starting at the bottom right of the groin, massaging the abdominal wall with the fingertips in a circular manner, while inhaling and exhaling deeply in the abdomen.

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