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TIP: Lose weight with lemon juice was never so easy

Explanation about losing weight with lemon

There are two types of the lemon diet. You can only drink lemon mixed with water as an addition to your diet, or you can drink the special lemon mixture, in which some ingredients are added. If you try to lose weight with lemon juice in this way, it is certain that it works. Yet the diet is not effective. You do not get all the nutrients that you need, and as soon as you start eating normally again, you will arrive again. Lose weight with lemon juice can therefore work in the short term, in the long term it is rather bad, than good for you. The extreme variant of lemons with lemon is therefore not recommended. Yet there is a way you can lose weight. Because the lemon has a lot of qualities that are very healthy! In this article we describe both forms of the lemon diet, and the advantages and disadvantages of the two variants. You can read more about why lemon juice is healthy, but also about other diets.

Why lemon juice is healthy

There are a number of reasons why lemon juice is healthy. To begin with, it contains a number of important nutrients. Lemon juice with water from our water cooler Bowral. For example, there are many antioxidants in lemons and they clean your body. Because of unhealthy food, bad substances get into your body, so eating lemons can help clean them. A cleansed body can also handle nutrients better, so that less of it will be stored as fat. In addition, you also feel just healthier because of the antioxidants that you ingest. Perhaps the most important thing is that lemon speeds up your metabolism. A faster metabolism means that calories are burned faster. The faster calories are burned, the more beneficial for losing weight naturally. Some people are blessed with a fast metabolism that they have of themselves. Others have a normal, or even slow, metabolism. These people generally also get easier. For them, lemons can be a good addition to the diet.
It is therefore not wise to lose weight by eating only lemons, but lemons are healthy. To slim down, you can therefore add the best lemons to your daily diet. In addition, it is of course important to exercise sufficiently. Highly recommended is in line skating! Yet sports naturally only works in combination with a healthy diet. A lemon cure works well for this, but of course there are other possibilities. Lose more weight by drinking healthy water from our water cooler Bowral.

Three variants of the lemon diet

    Lemon and water - this version consists of -the name says al-lemon juice and water. It comes down to mixing lemon with water from a Water Cooler Bowral, and drinking a glass every day. It is of course a very light version of the diet, and not very drastic. You can therefore maintain this many times longer than the official version. If you prefer to use lemons as a bonus, not as a quick-to-lose method, this might be a must for you.
    Maple & lemon mixture - This is the official version of the lemonade. It is much more radical, but it also works a lot faster. Indeed, a number of ingredients have been added that have similar or additional effects on the lemon. It works better because of this, but because it is more intensive you can not last longer.
    Lemon with the meal - The last variant is that you are not actively following the lemonade, but that you regularly use lemon in the main meal. Besides being tasty, it is also a valuable addition to your diet. Of course it is not as effective as the above two methods, but of course every bit helps.

Below we describe in more detail the advantages and disadvantages of each method and we give tips on how you can best follow them.

Lemon and water from our Water Cooler Bowral

Lemon water healthy and delicious. This variant of the lemon juice is very basic, and therefore popular. If you do not feel like gripping changes in your diet, this is for you. The good thing about mixing with water is that it does not take any effort to follow it. Many people try to drink enough water every day. If you enrich that water with a small amount of lemon juice, there will be an extra "bite" of the water.
The beneficial effects of the lemon can be treated in this way, but if you followed the official course, it would work even more effectively.

Maple & lemon mixture

Drinking water with fruit and spice. This version is a bit more complicated than the above, but you get back that it works much better. It is the intention that you mix a number of ingredients into a juice, and drink one and a half to two liters of water every day. As long as you do that, it is almost certain that you will lose a lot. To make the drink, you need a number of ingredients:

    1.5 liters C + maple syrup. Available at the pharmacy, several brands have this in the range.
    Multi-vitamin preparation.
    Herbal tea. It does not matter very much from which species, but it is best to choose a natural variant, because this also means detoxifying the body.
    Cayenne pepper and green powder.
    Lemon juice.

It is intended that you drink a number of "units" of this mixture every day. Water with minerals is better than just tap water. To create one unit, do the following:

Mix two tablespoons of lemon juice with the C + maple juice. Then add water until the glass you want is full. Finally, a pinch of cayenne pepper and you're done. So it does not have to be a lot of work. It is of course convenient to make a large amount in advance. Then you do not have to work every time, but you can also take units to work or other places. The green powder should not be added to the mixture, but should be administered every morning and evening before sleeping. Drink ten units of this mixture every day, and you get enough of the optimal amounts inside.
This combination of ingredients stimulates the separation of waste products. This can heavily burden the body, so be careful with this. To prevent this as much as possible, it is wise to drink more water next to those ten glasses of the mixture. Dir takes some of the burden off the organs, because the mixture arrives less strongly. In addition, it is wise to move as much as possible during the course. This stimulates fat burning anyway, but also gives you more mental rest, which is very important in detoxifying the body.

Are fruit juices healthy. You can not eat during this course. Of course that is very heavy, and of course you can not keep this diet for too long. If you persist for too long, it certainly has harmful effects on the body. We do not recommend experimenting with this. This cure is only meant to detoxify the body. A side effect is of course that you lose, also because you do not eat anything. If it really matters to you that you are about to drop out over the longer term, we recommend trying one of the other variants.
Lemon with meals

If you do not want a cure that is as extreme as the above, but the properties of the lemon appeal to you, it is wise to add lemon every day to the meal. If you are making a nice salad, what would you stop to pour some lemon over it. Likewise for pasta, potatoes, meat, fish, et cetera. With many recipes it gives a surprisingly tasty taste to the dish while it is naturally very healthy.
Below we describe a number of recipes with lemon. The reason we do this globally is because you can experiment with what you like best. We give here only tips on what kind of dishes you can try it out.

    With a salad - With almost all light salads, lemon juice is very good. Especially if there is chicken in it, or small pieces of bacon. It is also recommended for salads with potato. There are types of lettuce that are mild, by combining these with lemon juice, they become a bit spicier. If you make a salad with arugula, lemon is not a good combination, because arugula is already spicy.
    About the meat - Lemon juice fits well with some types of meat. This is especially possible with lean types of meat. In general, the rule is that you should not combine it with pork, except schnitzel. Beef, on the other hand, lends itself perfectly to lemon juice.
    About the fish - Most fish species are suitable for a marinade of lemon juice or pure lemon juice. Try it once with salmon, or a thin plaice fillet.
    About pasta - Some pasta dishes are suitable for lemon, but not all. Carbonara dishes for example not, actually all heavy pasta dishes you should not combine with the juice. Lighter pasta dishes, for example with salmon, are suitable.

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