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Why is drinking water so healthy

It is no secret that water is the healthiest thing you can drink. It is pure moisture without added flavors. There are no superfluous sugars and it is separate from alcohol or caffeine. So whether you like water or not .. you really do well to drink the required liters of water every day. However, the theories about the required amount of liters of water from a Water Cooler Boreen Point diverge. But if you put all theories together, the average is 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day. This is recommended for average, healthy adult people. Drink plenty of water, give the body what it needs.

A formula has been developed where you can get a personal indication of how much water your body needs per day. The formula is as follows:

0.03 x your body weight = the number of liters of water you have to drink in a day. Again, they are all theories. Whether you use the formula is entirely up to you.

There are countless reasons why water is good for a person.

    Why you must drink water when get up in the morning. Do you know what I think is strange? We humans know only too well that drinking enough water from a Water Cooler Boreen Point is very important, and yet we continue to drink soft drinks. Why does not it trigger us to go on a healthy tour?

Water keeps your body "clean"

The main reason for sufficient water is that you purify your body. You stimulate the functioning of your kidneys. The kidneys in your body have the function to filter the body. This is how your kidneys filter:

  • Waste;
  • Salt;
  • Phosphate;
  • Moisture;
  • Potassium;
  • Medicine remnants;
  • Etcetera.

However, the transport of these waste materials does not take place automatically. The kidneys need water from a Water Cooler Boreen Point for that. By drinking the required liters of water in a day, you promote the functioning of your kidneys. And yes, that is why drinking water is a must!

Important for blood circulation

Good blood circulation is important for your body. As described above, your kidneys filter waste from the body. However, these waste products do not automatically end up at your kidneys. That is what the blood takes care of. The blood carries all waste materials to your kidneys. And your kidneys then ensure that the waste products leave your body. By drinking enough water you stimulate your own blood circulation. When you drink too little water from a Water Cooler Boreen Point , you dry out. With dehydration, the blood in your body thickens. As a result, the circulation of the blood goes faster and a lot slower through the body. With this you have a chance that the waste will not be fully processed. Drinking enough water lays the foundation for good blood circulation. And that subsequently works positively for the functioning of your kidneys. Very important!

Water gives you energy

We often live under the assumption that coffee is the drink that will give us more energy. And although some theories have already been written about it, I do not think it actually gives you more energy. Because of the caffeine your body only gets a "boost". A boost that makes you feel temporarily less tired. Coffee is ideal for the short term. Only we often do not know that with too much coffee the moisture is drained away from your body more quickly. The result is that you have less fluid in your body. And a consequence of insufficient fluid in your body is that you get tired faster. Drinking sufficient water consistently gives you more energy in the longer term than the occasional cup of coffee. A cup of coffee will give you a boost in the short term, but will make you more tired in the long term. With too much caffeine you reduce the vitamin B content in your body. And this is important for the energy in your body.

No calories

There are no calories in water. In contrast, an average of 80 calories is consumed in a soft drink. With just 6 glasses of cola a day, you are about 480 calories. If you consider how many calories you can only have in a day, then you are already well on your way with 6 glasses of cola. Soft drinks are therefore fatal. You reduce daily aches and pains.

With sufficient water you avoid many aches:

There are plenty of reasons why sufficient drinking water is healthy for you, and therefore enough reasons to start today :

  • It regulates the temperature in your body;
  • It is good for your skin. What does water for your skin. If you drink enough water you will get wrinkles less quickly;
  • Water is good for the brain. That is not surprising, because the brain consists of 80% moisture;
  • It is good for a hangover (and much better than coffee);
  • Water reduces your hunger.

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1.5 liters of water you should drink daily! OH, we hear it all the time, but why? Most people are short of fluid and have even lost their thirst stimulus. The thirst stimulus has become a hunger stimulus and this makes you thicker. Besides, if you drink too little, waste products will accumulate and be stored in your fat.

Anyway, why do we have to drink so much?

How do you know if you are drinking enough water. Only if you drink enough water will you lose waste. Virtually every disease is caused by waste materials, it's that simple. Wastes are created earlier because you live and your metabolism produces waste, but also an unhealthy diet, stress and waste produce .. You do not drink enough, it stays in your body and that's what it hopes for. Because more and more waste substances are trapped in your body, diseases arise.

Inflammation is a way of the body to get rid of its waste products. Often people have a high LDL (BAD CHOLESTEROL), this is usually a sign that there are small chronic inflammations in the body due to too much waste. The purpose of this cholesterol is to repair cracks and injuries. What do we do, take cholesterol lowerers, so again the body becomes constrained to help itself. If you have bad cholesterol, drink a little more water and detox your body, it will probably disappear by itself.

Did you know that 80% of all complaints can solve the body with the right nutrition, enough drinking and rest? But we resort to drugs that prevent the body from helping itself. The result is usually other complaints that come back sooner or later and often a bit worse than the original complaint, such as a headache or a cold.

So start drinking alkaline water from your water cooler Boreen Point for yourself! Then the body can start detoxing.

We have several organs, each of which has a task of detoxification. Below they are and you can see what they do.

  • LIVER: breaks down cells, detoxifies medicines, harmful substances from food
  • KIDNEYS: removes blood plasma and waste products from the blood and what the liver offers
  • THICK BOW removes stool, dead bacteria and parasites
  • SKIN: did you know that it detoxifies most by sweating as much as 40 to 60% of waste
  • LYMFE: removes waste materials and you must move a lot next to water
  • LUNGS removes acids metabolic waste carbon dioxide and toxins
  • HAIR AND NAILS remove proteins, pigments and mineral salts. Why drinking water is good for your hair.

When the detoxification stagnates by, for example, drinking too little, complaints arise that are very diverse. Often after a long time, liver weakness and gallstones, kidney stones arise, which can cause high blood pressure. The intestines that are clogged will supply the blood with waste products, lymph that can clog can give edema and later cancer, arthritis, etc. The immune system and your self-healing mechanism weakened enormously with a shortage of water. This is slowly but surely a disease of affluence.

So what should you do:

1) Drink at least 1.5 liters of pure water from your water cooler Boreen Point.
2) Detox twice a year (possibly with my E-book THE NATURAL DETOX, but also in my other books are detox: WITH SKIN COMPLAINTS, do the detox from THE book, A beautiful and vital skin, with menopause symptoms remove the detox from the book: Finding your way in the transition, basic short detox is in the book a healthy eater feels better.
3) Lots of walking and exercise to stimulate the lungs, lymph, etc.
4) Do not eat a mess, more than 90% of the supermarket food is something in what is bad, so make it yourself with pure organic products
5) Avoid drinks and foods that extract moisture rather than adding coffee, black tea, soft drinks and alcohol
6) Get enough sleep
7) Regularity in your life
8) Fewer clams in front of you, do something different
9) Being and feeling negative is also disastrous
10) First, read the tip again.

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Water on the go

What do you need when you leave the house? Right, keys, cell phone and of course your water bottle. Make sure you always have a sustainable bottle with you that you can easily fill up on the go. A glass bottle is a great idea as it allows you to see how much water you've drunk. You'll also know exactly when to refill. Our Prestige Water drinking bottle made of glass provides you with 0.6 liters of liquid. And thanks to the bomb-tight closure made of bamboo, nothing is guaranteed to leak.

Flue and drinking water

A glass of water for every sip of coffee & alcohol

Good news first: You don't have to go without your latte macchiato or your evening wine spritzer. But for every cup of coffee and every alcoholic drink, a glass of water should be drunk. In this way, you can prevent possible dehydration and still stay on the home straight to your daily water goal. After about three weeks, the extra glass of water will become a habit.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?