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TIP: More enegry within 9 days

Tired and little energy? Do you want to do everything, but do not you agree? Looking for a good supplement for your vitamins and minerals? Curious about what aloe Vera & pro bio tics can mean for your energy? Can you use help with your good intention to become healthy and vital in 2016? And wants more energy within 9 days?

You are often tired and have little energy?

You certainly have spent the holidays with good food and lots of goodies? Drink healthy water made from your own tap from a Water Cooler Blayney. And now, it may be that you feel tired, have little energy and do not feel like starting that 1st work week in the new year. Have you already laid the link between what you have eaten and the reason why you are so tired that this can be the culprit of everything? It is of course completely fine, to enjoy all the goodies during the holidays, I do, but often there is a lot eaten what sugar contains and let that be a cure for your energy. As a result, now that you have reduced or no more goodies, you end up in a dip. Perhaps you noticed during the holidays that you are not doing well? Your body is in a switching mode, of a lot of food (only that requires more energy than normal) and sugars, your body has to work extra hard both during and after such a period of abundance of food. You might drink a glass of wine or something extra and forget to drink water. Another one that is easy to get in (at least with me), if the daily schedule is different than usual (usually with the holidays) and let water be very important for your body to function properly. There are so many minerals in the water from a Water Cooler Blayney. Without water, that still costs extra energy. Maybe it gets a bit clearer, why you might be so tired at the moment?

That is normal or not ....?

Truth about drinking water. I hear many people say that they have little energy, and that they mainly work from willpower, but meanwhile the body signals that it is tired. Is that normal in the time of the year? It is clear to me that in vague pains, headaches and also tired. How is that for you? For a long time I also thought, that is part of it, 'so be it'. And yet I find out how I can take care of myself during the holidays. I am very sensitive to energy-roving food (gluten, lactose and E621 in this case, this does not have to be the cause and can vary per person), which I have now completely removed from my diet. I can safely say that wrong nutrition causes a high dose of stress for my body. In this way I also have my inflammatory sensitivity under control. In addition, I notice that sugar is a killer for my energy and I found something on it! So drink more water from a Water Cooler Blayney.

Aha, it is possible, again full of energy, how?

Maybe you think, yes, but this is not just the case with the holidays. Drinking water, the best way to keep your moisture balance up to date. Then be sure to read on, I have free tips for you to reclaim energy:

  • drink at least 2 liters of water per day
  • eat a lot of fresh vegetables and fresh fruit
  • limit carbohydrates or take carbohydrates that have a low glycemic index (low sugar content: quinoa, chickpeas, black beans)
  • moderate coffee up to 2-3 cups (if you need more, it can be a sign that your body is tired)
  • move half an hour a day

Are not you a water drinker? Then add a slice of lemon, squeeze the lemon into the water or add a sprig of mint. Other options are strawberries, cucumber or anything else healthy that you like to add to the jug with water ... just let stand and your water has a healthy taste! In addition, filling a litane can or something similar is very practical, you know how much you have or have not drunk. Because I also had trouble drinking water, I used to start the day with half a liter of water with half a squeezed lemon in the morning. Use our water cooler from Water Cooler Blayney. Good for your whole body and also works' s extra purifying.

And how do I deal with the extra sugars?

I avoid the usual sugars as much as possible and replace them with: Water Cooler with or without filtration.

  • coconut blossom sugar
  • stevia
  • cinnamon

Because the current diet, also no longer contains the right amount of vitamins and minerals, I use additional pro-bio tics and drink aloe Vera, the first is a supplement of good bacteria for my intestines, which are soon in the minority, because the bad bacteria quickly have the upper hand (we get inside easily through unwashed fruit or vegetables, or through the hands, and mobile phones are a source of bacteria).

So already a lot of tips, free, with which you could experiment. See what it does for you. 7 Ways to influence your energy intake.

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Benchtop Water Cooler Blayney
Benchtop Water Cooler Blayney
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Floor Standing Water Cooler Blayney
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9 Tips to Drink More Water from your water cooler Blayney

Hey guys! Today I have tips for you to drink more water. Drinking more water sounds easy, but drinking enough water can be quite difficult. There are many benefits of drinking enough water. When what you drink is not the same as what you lose in water, you can become dehydrated. We all probably know that drinking water is good for us. But let's be honest, do you drink more than 2 liters of water every day? Well, not me. Here are some tips to ensure that you get the 2 liters per day. Have fun reading! Drink more water in hot weather.

Tip 1: Buy a nice bottle / cup.

The first tip is, make sure you have a good bottle, a nice water bottle that makes you enjoy drinking.

Tip 2: Drink through a straw.

The 2nd tips is, drink through a straw. With a straw, you drink faster and you also drink it away more easily.

Tips 3: Set a timer

The 3rd tip is, set a timer every time you drink. For example, every hour you set an alarm that you should drink a glass of water (or something in that direction). You do not have to think about it and you will get an hourly reminder of "hey, I have to drink something".

Tip 4: Fruit water

The 4th tip is fruit water from your water cooler Blayney. (Perhaps most of you already know this tip but I had to add it because it should not be missing!) I prefer to use frozen fruit because this is nice and cool and serves a bit like an ice cube. For example, you can put raspberries in your water so that your water gets a raspberry taste. Of course, you can also use other fruit, such as tasty strawberries or mango. You can also use fresh fruit, which is also super tasty. But frozen fruit is a bit cheaper and I always like it when it's a bit cold. The fruit is also super tasty / handy to put in your bottle of water.

Tip 5: Lemonade

The 5th tip is to add a little lemonade to your water. For example, you can use Slimpie. They sell that lemonade in a small package and are therefore easy to carry in your bag. (Of course, you can also buy Slimpie in bulk.) I now write lemonade, but the advantage of Slimpie is that it does not contain sugar and calories. So pay close attention to that because if you then drink 2 liters of sugared lemonade, it is still not good for your calories.

Tip 6: Download an app.

The 6th tips is to download an app. You can of course also download an app. An example of such an app is MizuNomuo. There you also have a very nice screen and every time you drink a glass of water you can indicate how much you have drunk, for example, a glass is 50 cl or 100 cl, a cup is 500 cl and a bottle is 1 liter by way of to speak. This way you can easily keep track of how much water you have drunk in a day and it is also very nice to keep track of.

Tip 7: First a glass of water cooler Blayney than soft drink.

Bottled water, tap water or filtered water

Tip 8: Choose a large glass.

With a large glass, you don't have to take water as often. If you teach yourself to always empty your glass (for example with dinner), you will get more than with a small glass.

Tip 9: Eat food that contains a lot of water.

Of course, you don't just have to drink water to get water. You already get some of the water from food. Now you can also eat things that contain a high percentage of water. You can think of cucumber, watermelon and grapefruit.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?