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Drinking a lot of water helps to lose weight

Alkaline water, is the nature of water. This morning I heard a story from my hairdresser about someone who told her that in 30 months he would be 30! kg had fallen off by drinking 3 liters of water per day extra. "But that can not be healthy anyway and besides, I'm curious how fat he is again in a year ... I see them again losing weight and a year later arrived again ..." she said skeptically. Great tasting water made from your own tap from a Water Cooler Bellbowrie.

Drinking plenty of water for faster weight loss is often advised.

Drinking a lot of water is recommended in many different dietary courses. It has become a general "truth" for many people who regularly make a line attempt. Where does this thought come from, what is right and what is not?

What is normal?

The amount of fluid that someone needs on a daily basis varies per person. The advice of the Food Council is a minimum of one and a half to a maximum of three and a half liters per day. This is not just about water, but also about coffee, tea, milk, yogurt, soup, and so on. Drink healthy water after filtration from a Water Cooler Bellbowrie. If your natural need sometimes deviates from this, you do not have to be frightened because there are many different factors that influence the amount of fluid you need per day. For example, men generally need more fluid than women. Other factors that are of influence:

  • Length and construction: the longer, wider and heavier, the more moisture you need compared to others
  • Body composition: the more muscle mass, the more fluid your body needs
  • The level of activity: the more active you are, the more fluid you will lose and therefore need
  • The temperature and humidity of the environment: if it is very hot and humid, you also lose more moisture (and salt)
  • The amount of salt (sodium chloride) you use, the more, the more moisture you need.
  • Internal controller: each person has a uniquely set controller and with one it is set high and with the other layer.

Our internal controller

We all have a unique system, the sodium / potassium pump, which regulates that the amount of moisture is evenly distributed between the fluid in the bloodstream and the fluid in the tissues. One person has a "high" set pump and needs a lot of fluid per day, the other a low-set pump and therefore can do less with less. This is genetically determined and remains more or less the same throughout our lives if we stay healthy. If a person with a low-level pump starts drinking more than usual (natural need), the person will simply over-inflate it.

Five reasons why extra drinking water has become popular.

It is not for nothing that drink plenty of water when a good advice is given when losing weight. Drinking water lowers the blood pressure.

    Limiting damage from too fast

What drinking water really does for your skin. In diets that contain very few calories (between 600-1000 calories) and high concentrations of substances can enter the body where people can become sick and sick if they remain in the body for too long. This happens, for example, by breaking down muscle mass (even though they promise that this will not happen), which is an additional burden for the kidneys if not enough is being drunk. In addition, extra water is advised to cope with some blockage. It seems that with certain medicines you need different medications to counter the disadvantages of the drug. Just think of stomach protectors. For example, extra water is needed to limit the damage of (too) rapid weight loss. Lose weight by dri king water from a Water Cooler Bellbowrie.

    Restrict "Bulk" food

People who are used to eating large amounts at one time, the so-called bulk eaters, will drink water while they are eating, or they will be able to eat more easily with less food and still keep the full feeling they are used to. I suspect that the gentleman that my hairdresser was talking about belongs to this category.

    Replacement for sweets in between

With habits to regularly sweat through the day without having stomach stomach, it is sometimes recommended to drink water. Is water melon healthy? As with people who stop smoking, nicotine replacement is sometimes recommended or fruit, for example.

    The "cleansing" effect of drinking water on the body

Some people attribute properties to water as purifying and / or cleaning. Scientifically there is no evidence that (source) water would have a special place in this, besides other sources of moisture. What has been shown is that the power of faith / thinking and the imagination is great. The feeling of being "cleaner" at the thought is of effect on your mood and your mood influences your energy. Your energy is of course of effect on your willpower and relaxation. And that again has a favorable influence on your weight and risky belly fat.

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Tips to drink more water from your water cooler Bellbowrie

Drinking water is the new hype

I am not so into the hypes and temporary changes. Give me definitive changes without extreme choices. Still I notice, and I am happy that drinking water has become a kind of "hype". Of course I hope that it will change into a new lifestyle and that we will all drink less (sugary) drinks and that we will feed ourselves more with water. There are many benefits of water. In addition to the neutral taste and the contribution of moisture and nutrients, it provides no calories (energy), for example. This is beneficial because we often get more energy than we need, resulting in overweight. By mainly drinking drinks without calories, you quickly save 400 to 500 calories per day.

Why water is so important

More than half of the human body consists of water. A moisture deficiency therefore quickly leads to physical complaints. After 2-4 days, the body is no longer able to excrete waste products (uric acid and medication residues). The blood also thickens, making it less easy to pump around.

The body loses about 2.5 liters per day through the lungs, urine, skin and intestines. These losses must be replenished sufficiently every day. Some of this is filled up in the food via the liquid, the rest (approx. 1.5-2 liters) must be taken in via drinking liquid. With sweating, vomiting, diarrhea or fever, this fluid requirement is higher and can rise to 4 liters. In addition to moisture, water also provides important minerals (magnesium, calcium, sodium). Suitable drinks are all types of water, tea and coffee (to a limited extent). All other drinks provide moisture, but also usually (many) calories and other unnecessary additives.

How much do you need?

How much fluid you need daily is very personal. One sweats a lot more and the other has to urinate more and more. Illness such as fever or vomiting also affects how much you have to consume. Therefore always listen to your body. If you do not get enough moisture you will automatically experience a thirst, do not ignore it. It is a natural mechanism of your body that needs more moisture. The table below describes how much moisture each age group needs approximately per day (in liters). The older you get, the worse the kidney function will be. So more fluid is needed for all functions in the body to work properly. This is an immediate problem, because the elderly usually have less need for drinking and find it difficult to continue drinking.

Tips to drink enough:

* Keep track of exactly how much you drink to become aware of whether you drink enough.

* Fill the glass immediately when it is empty.

* Do you drink, but don't fill your glass when it is empty? Then choose a large glass or go for a bottle right away.

* Prepare the desired amount of liquid in the morning (bottle) so that it is clear how much you should drink during the day. Keep an eye on this throughout the day.

* Top up your water with a delicious taste of, for example, mint, lemon, orange, strawberries, etc.

* Drink regularly during the day from your water cooler Bellbowrie, not only when there is a thirst. When a feeling of thirst occurs, the body already has a shortage of moisture.

* Drink at least one glass of water with every meal.

* Teach yourself to have a drink when you get off the toilet. This will put you in a vicious circle, you have to pee because you have been drinking, and you drink after you have urinated.

* Always put a bottle next to you so that you can always grab and be reminded more often. For example, also choose a bottle with a bright color, then it stands out.

* Drink enough before and after exercise (because of sweating), during several hours of exercise also drink well in between from your water cooler Bellbowrie. Calculate how much water you should drink.

* Eat foods with plenty of fluids. Vegetables such as cucumber, tomato and zucchini are completely full of water. Dissolve your juices, soups and sauces with water to absorb extra moisture.

* Set a reminder on your phone. This way you get a notification every time you have to drink something and you are less likely to forget it. There are also useful apps that remind you to have a drink playfully and efficiently.

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How Much Should you Drink During Pregnancy?

The recommended amount to drink for pregnant women is not that different from the recommended amount for all adults: People should drink at least 1.5 to 2 liters of liquid every day so that all bodily functions can work together optimally. Since the body of a pregnant woman produces up to one liter more blood and new amniotic fluid every day, thirst will come quickly, so the optimal amount to drink to two to three liters a day. You're not eating for two, but you're drinking for your baby. The following table gives a brief overview of the fluid requirements:

  • Drinks 1410ml 1470ml 1710ml
  • Solid food 860 ml 890 ml 1000 ml
  • Total 2270ml 2360ml 2710ml
  • Increased requirement +90 ml +440 ml

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