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Losing weight by drinking water? In any case, it can make a good contribution. Conversely, drinking some drinks can cause you to arrive unnoticed (again). Drinking for your weight: we give the do's and don'ts. 10 Reasons to have a Prestige Water cooler in your office

Losing weight by drinking water? You must do this:

1. Start the day with a glass of water

After a night's sleep, your body loses a lot of fluid through breathing and perspiration. Replenish that moisture before you even have breakfast. That helps to get your body and digestive system to work properly and it fills your stomach a bit. Moreover, it is a myth that lemon juice in water helps with fat burning. Simply clear tap water is the best start to every day. Warm, lukewarm or cold: it doesn't matter. Just take what you feel like. In this blog we provide answers to the most frequently asked questions about water.

2. Drink 2 to 3 liters

Drinking a lot, especially drinking a lot of water, is a very good habit. It helps your body with digestion, temperature regulation and elimination of waste. Tea and coffee without sugar are also a healthy choice. How many liters of water do you have to drink per day? You need a total of approximately 1.5 to 2 liters of drinking water every day, that is to say about 7 to 9 large 225 ml glasses.

3. Switch to water

Do not think that you will naturally lose a lot of weight by drinking water. But drinking a lot of water can make a major contribution if you exchange soft drinks and alcoholic drinks for water and tea. An example: if you drink a glass of cola and a glass of beer every day and exchange it for water, it will save 180 kilocalories per day. That is 65,000 calories per year! If you consider that for the loss of 1 kilo you have to count about 7000 calories, this change in theory could already lead to 9 kilos of weight loss per year.

4. Make water a little more fun

Do you want to lose weight by drinking more water, but you find water a bit boring? Then add some flavorings to a jug of water, such as lemon or orange slices or cucumber slices. Green herbs (mint, lemon balm) or spices (a cinnamon stick or slices of ginger root) are also delicious. Carbonated spring water is of course also a great choice. Pour it once in a champagne glass and let some pomegranate seeds "dance" in it, for an extra festive look.

You should NOT do this:

1. Select sugary drinks

What happens in your body if you drink soda. Do you want to lose weight? Drink mineral water from the good water coolers. Then it is really a shame if you opt for sugary drinks, such as soft drinks, chocolate milk, drinking yoghurt or a smoothie. You thus get a lot of sugar unnoticed, often around 6 to 7 sugar cubes per glass. And with that also quite a few calories, while drinks do not quickly give you a "full" feeling. Switching to water, tea or coffee without sugar is the best. And what about light soft drinks? It has also not been proven that it has a beneficial effect on weight loss. Moreover, you do not dodge the sweet taste. Also read this blog with inspiration for healthy and delicious drinks without added sugar.

2. Drinking alcohol

Drink as little alcohol as possible if you want to lose weight. Alcoholic beverages deliver a lot of calories and they can increase your appetite. In addition, alcohol makes you less inhibited, so you fall faster for temptations such as chips or croquettes.

3. Drinking fruit juice

Are fruit juices healthy. Fruit juice has a super healthy image, it is not a smart choice if you want to lose weight. A glass of orange juice, for example, quickly contains the juice of 2 to 3 oranges and about 7 sugar cubes. With such a glass of juice you do get the sugars and the calories, but not the healthy fibers. There are no calories in the water from the good water coolers. Fruit is fine, but preferably not for drinking! Tips for summer.

Drink half a liter half an hour before each meal from good water coolers

Drinking half a liter of water half an hour before each meal helps you lose weight. This is the conclusion of a British study of 84 obese adults, published in Obesity.

The study: 41 participants were instructed to drink water before meals. The other 43 participants, the control group, were advised to imagine having a full stomach before eating. Furthermore, all participants received lifestyle advice about nutrition and exercise. Cold or hot drinks in warm weather?

Result: the "water group" lost 1.2 kg more on average

After 12 weeks, the water group showed an average weight loss of 2.4 kg and the control group only 1.2 kg. Differences in weight loss were also found within the participants in the water group itself. Because the participants who had neatly complied with the regulations (ie had been drinking water before all 3 main meals) had lost an average of 4.3 kg. Those who did not drink water or only once a day before a meal had lost only 0.8 kg. Great tasting water from good water coolers with minerals. Is water healthy?

The researchers concluded that drinking water before meals is a simple message that can make a significant contribution to public health.

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