Floor Standing Water Coolers Townsville with Filtration Bottle

Make your own drinking water with Floor Standing Water Coolers Melbourne

Floor Standing Water Coolers Townsville     Floor Standing Water Dispensers Townsville

This is one of the Floor Standing Water Coolers Townsville. It is a white modern filtered water cooler with a chilled water tap and a hot water tap for all your tot water drinks ( coffee, tea, soup, etc ) . It you do not need the hot water facility simply switch it off at the back and this tap will dispense room temperature water. So you can choose between hot water or room temperature water with the Floor Standing Water Coolers Townsville.

Dimensions : Floor Standing Water Coolers Townsville 

  • Height is 135 cm including the filtration bottle
  • Width is 32 cm
  • Depth is 35 cm

Features : Floor Standing Water Coolers Townsville

  • 7-stage filtration bottle for filtering your own tap water
  • Chilled water tap
  • Hot water / room temperature tap
  • Removable drip tray
  • Storage cabinet with shelf

Option 1 : Payment Plan 12 months: Floor Standing Water Coolers Townsville

Deposit of $99 + $7 / week

                           or $14 / fort-night


Option 2 : Payment Plan 6 month: Floor Standing Water Coolers Townsville

Deposit of $99 + $14 / week

                            or $28 / fort-night


Or own outright for only $399

Filtration Bottle of the Floor Standing Water Coolers Townsville

Water Filtration System for Water Coolers     Water Filtration System for Water Dispensers

Wow, never having to buy bottled water again with the Floor Standing Water Coolers Townsville! Just remove the lid from the filtration bottle and poor tap water in the top. All the water in the top compartment will be filtered by our 7-stage filtration cartridge. This cartridge will remove chemical from your tap water such as chlorine, heavy metals, organic sediments, and much more. Also very important minerals will be added back to the water. Now you can enjoy unlimited great tasting water without having to pay for it.

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Why is drinking water so important for your body?

Filtered or bottled water. Did you know that more than 50% of your body consists of water? Drink filtered water from a floor standing water cooler Townsville. And that we can only survive a few days without water? After oxygen, water is one of the most important substances in our body and plays many important roles every day.

It serves as a building material, means of transport, solvent, it keeps our body at the right temperature and, most importantly, it helps your kidneys with waste disposal during weight loss. Drinking enough water is therefore important for all these functions. Easy to say, but not always easily done. Is water healthy?

How much water do you need?

Cold or hot drinks in warm weather? During PowerSlimis the advice to drink 2 liters of water per day. Normally you drink about 1.5 liters per day, but because you lose extra fluid while losing weight, the advice is extended to 2 liters. You drink this in addition to the moisture that you get from vegetables or soup, for example. Great tasting water with a floor standing water cooler Townsville. In the winter it is always difficult to drink enough water, because it drinks less tasty than a delicious cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream or mulled wine.

Whether water is going to win from these tasty drinks is the question. Still, water is important, and by drinking this you save a lot of calories. Below are a few tips, so that you can ensure that you get enough water.
  •     Have your daily amount of water ready, for example in jugs. This visualizes how much this is and how much you still have to drink that day. Benchtop and Floor Standing water coolers Townsville.
  •     Start the day with 1-3 glasses. Because at night your body has not received any fluid, so replenish that immediately. Turn on the alarm on your phone if you are a "bad drinker."
  •     If you travel a lot, make sure you have enough water with you. Some always fly out the door in the morning without carrying a drop of moisture, and things go wrong there.
  •     If you have a smartphone, you can also download an app that keeps track of your water intake and sends you memories. For example: water balance for the iPhone.

Do you find drinking water boring? Of course you can add something to it that makes it a lot tastier!

During phase 1 of PowerSlim you can add the following to your water:

  •     Sliced cucumber
  •     Fresh mint (also delicious in tea)
  •     Slices of lime or lemon with possibly a little thyme (note: a maximum of half a lemon per week)

From phase 2 it is also nice to add some fruit, such as these delicious combinations:

  •     Orange, blueberries and basil
  •     Raspberry, lemon and rosemary
  •     Cucumber, lime, strawberry and mint
  •     Lime, ginger and basil
  •     Watermelon and mint
Put a nice carafe of water on the table and put the delicious, fresh ingredients of your choice here. This way you always have nice fresh water with a taste within reach and it also looks nice. Are you going to work? Prepare a large bottle in the morning and put everything in here. Nowadays you can also buy water bottles with (fruit) filters, ideal to put everything in and to take with you. Great tasting drinking water from a floor standing water cooler Townsville. Children and drinking water. Cheers.
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Floor Standing Water Cooler Townsville
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Can children drink from the floor standing water coolers Townsville

We all know that it is better not to give your children packs or cups of juice, limo and dairy drinks all day long, but to let them drink water. Truth about drinking water. Especially because they get way too much sugar. For example, did you know that on average 1 packet of juice contains 5 sugar cubes? And that an average Dutch five-year-old child eats his or her own weight in sugar per year *. And one of the main causes are the drink packages. But how do you ensure that your children start drinking water better from the floor standing water coolers Townsville? I give you 5 tips.

A cool cup is half the battle

Let your child choose a cup, bottle or water bottle that she or he really likes. With toddlers it might be a cup with a Disney figure, but with the older kids, for example, the metal variants are hip. They know very well what is or is not cool. Invest in good quality that does not leak and really lasts.

Read also: Drinking water, the best way to keep your moisture balance up to date.

Slow down

Is drinking water really not yet in the system? Then stop with the packs and start with the drinking cups / bottles that you fill at least half with water and the other half with juice or limo. And reduce this by diluting more and more. Great tasting drink water from the floor standing water coolers Townsville.

Use as little sugar as possible

Make a better choice from the range of juice or lemonade. Keep it as natural as possible with as little sugar, sweeteners or other unnecessary additives as possible. Tip: fruit water is made so and very tasty! How? Simply, with fresh fruit for example. 7 Ways to influence your energy intake.

Explain why

Don't forget to explain to your children WHY it is important to drink more water and fewer sweet drinks. As parents, we often skip this step or stick to "you don't get juice but water that is healthier." Explain what it does for them and why you think it is important.

A juice is for occasional

Make an exception every now and then. With this you teach your child: you drink enough water because your body needs it and to quench your thirst, you occasionally drink a 'taste' for the good. And that is allowed. Drink more water from the floor standing water coolers Townsville. Water cooler with or without filtration.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?