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How many liters of water do you have to drink per day? Try drinking from our Black Water Cooler.

It is often said that you should drink between 1.5 and 2 liters of water. Although it may vary per person how many liters of water you have to drink per day, it is approximately correct. You can easily calculate it for yourself with the following formula:

0.03 x body weight = how many liters of water you have to drink per day

Furthermore, you can take as a rule of thumb, what goes out in terms of water, must also go back. So it also depends on the situation. The point is that your body needs enough fluid to perform its functions. More than half of the human body consists of water. This shows again how important water is for humans.

When more fluid intake

The formula above is for how much water you need on average per day. Yet there are also situations in which you need some extra water. Consider the following situations:

You are exercising

By making an intensive effort you will sweat more, or you will lose more fluid. In fact, with an hour of intensive exercise you can lose up to one whole liter of moisture! It is therefore useful to keep drinking well before exercising, during exercise and after exercise.

You are sick and have diarrhea

The moment you are not completely well and suffer from fever or diarrhea, you lose more fluid than you normally do. As you may already know, with a fever, your body temperature goes up. This causes your body to sweat to cool the body down again, so this extra sweat causes extra fluid loss. So try to drink an extra glass of water with a fever to replenish your moisture level.

The moment you suffer from diarrhea then there is much more fluid in the stool than normal. In addition, divorce your body at that time also important salts and minerals. That is why it is handy to drink a drinking bouillon when you suffer from diarrhea. This way your body also gets the supplies back in order to retain the moisture.

With warm weather

Of course it can also be that the weather is very hot and you will sweat more. Here too it is important to use the rule of thumb, what goes out must also go back. Now you can't count every drop that you sweat, but you can make an estimate. If I sweat a lot, I take two extra glasses of water, if it is not so bad, then one extra glass of water is fine.

What the body uses water for

The body uses water for many functions in the body. It is a building material, is used as a means of transport, as a solvent and regulates the temperature in the body. We will discuss these points below.
It serves as building material

Water is a building block for people. There is water in the protein structures of humans. In addition, the space between the cells is also filled with water. Furthermore, water can also be found in the moisture between the tissues. This is used as an ointment if you contract your muscles. This way your muscles move smoothly over each other.

Used as a means of transport

Water from The Prestige Water Black Water Cooler with the 8-stage filter bottle, contains lots of minerals. By drinking our filtered water all minerals will be transported through your body. Great tasting and healthy drink water from our Black Water Cooler. In addition to the fact that water is used as a building material, it also has an important role in transporting into the body. The transport of, for example, oxygen, hormones, waste and nutrients. Now blood consists of up to 55% plasma. This plasma consists for the most part of water. So you can say that water is one of the most important parts of transport in your body. Cold or hot drinks in warm weather?

Water as a solvent

Water is needed for metabolic processes. These processes only take place in watery environments. Essential for cellular metabolism. Just like for the production of digestive juices, water is indispensable. Drinking water and losing weight.

Drinking effects of enough water

There are a number of effects on your health when you drink enough water. You can get a higher cognitive capacity, it is good for the skin, prevents headaches and helps with weight loss. Water from the black water cooler with a taste: Fruit Water.

Higher cognitive ability

Research has shown that after drinking a glass of water your cognitive ability increases by as much as 14%. So do you have an important task in mind, such as an exam, difficult conversation or other action for which you could use some extra cognitive ability? Then drink a glass of water from our black water cooler with 8-stage filtration..

Good for the skin

The moment you drink enough water, the body can dispose of all waste properly. This cleanses your body and you can also see this in the skin.

Prevents headache

Headache has many different causes and one of them is drinking too little water. You can prevent this by drinking enough and maintaining your fluid balance. So drink more water from our Black Water Cooler. Read also: Lemon water healthy and delicious.
Black Water Cooler

5 reasons why water is the solution for weight loss! Great tasting water from our black water cooler.

Time and time again we are told that water is so good for you, but why is it? In this blog I will give you 5 reasons why drinking water is the solution for your slimming process.

  1. It is not for nothing that our body is 2/3 water. It is a very important nutrient to keep our body running. For example, muscles need enough water to function properly. If you do not drink enough, you may experience muscle cramps and / or injuries. Prevent this by drinking at least 2 liters of water per day. In addition, it keeps your cartilage healthy and prevents pain in your joints.
  2. Water from the Prestige Water black water cooler contains 0 calories. You can drink as much as you want without getting fat. Drop that glass of soda with sugars and extra calories and you'll be amazed at the results.
  3. Start the day with a glass of ice cold water. Your metabolism (metabolism) gets a huge boost, so you will burn more calories throughout the day, which ultimately results in weight loss.
  4. Dehydration makes you feel tired making you less productive. So make sure you stick to those 2 liters of water a day so you can blaze at the gym to achieve your goal.
  5. We all know that feeling of hunger, that feeling where you think you can eat the whole MC Donald's empty. Try to control yourself and take a large glass of cold water before each meal. It gives you a saturated feeling, so you will eat less.

Now that I've told you about the benefits of water, I'm going to challenge you. From today I want you to drink water for 1 month instead of soft drinks. Filtered water or bottled water. Great tasting water with minerals from the black water cooler. I will guarantee that after this month you will feel and look a lot better. You can continue to drink coffee and tea, but without anything in it.

Who accepts the challenge? I look forward to your results. Children and drinking water.

Healthy alkaline drinking water from your black water cooler from Prestige Water

Lemon, ginger & cumin for Weight Loss:

The root stock or underground stem of the ginger plant is used as a medicine and a spice. It has been used as a digestive system at least since Greek antiquity. This may be because ginger has thermogenic properties, heating effect that can boost your metabolism, according to the 2012 issue of "Metabolism." Add water from a benchtop water filter. Ginger is also used to treat headache, motion sickness, colic, nausea, loss of appetite, morning sickness and diarrhea.

Cumin calories

Cumin is a strongly spiced spice, native to the Mediterranean but used in dishes from Asia to Mexico. The seeds are actually little fruit. Amber is the most common color for cumin, but it also comes in white and black. A tablespoon contains 22 calories, 12 of them from fat. It also contains small amounts of potassium and protein and adds a lot of flavor in a few calories.
Lose weight with lemon, ginger and cumin and water from a black water cooler from Prestige Water.

Filter your own tap water and drink alkaline water from our black water cooler

But one thing is clear: water is the best drink for humans. It is also not necessary to buy expensive water, says Peter. The tap water in Australia is supplied with sufficient minerals and is just as good as the water that can be bought. "Tap water is not only significantly cheaper, but also more environmentally friendly because it does not have to be bottled, packaged and transported," he explains. It is even particularly safe because it is regularly checked for harmful substances.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?