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Bench Top Water Coolers

The attractive Benchtop Water Coolers from Prestige Water are ideal for smaller places or where only a few people will be using it. We guarantee you will never run out of great tasting water. This Benchtop Water Cooler is great for those who don't want to drink tap water and don't have the room to store multiple water bottles. Bench Top water cooler system. This unit is compact, stylish and has a modern design that fits on your kitchen bench. Designed with the user in mind, both taps are located at an ideal height, eliminating the need to bend too far down to dispense water. Other convenient features include a removable drip tray, self closing faucets and a large 15 liter capacity filtration bottle. Bench Top water cooler. Now available for your kitchen bench, get fresh and clean water that is chilled instantly. This system is ideal for Home and small offices. The benchtop water cooler has dual taps for chilled water and hot water. If no hot water is needed you can switch the hot water section off at the back of the water cooler, and the hot water tap will dispense room temperature water.

Dimensions :

Height: 82cm (including filter bottle)
Width: 32cm
Depth 32cm

Our Prestige Water Benchtop water coolers are perfect designed for households or small businesses. Simply remove only the lid from the 7-stage filtration bottle and fill from the tap. The build-in 7 stage filter will remove chemicals such as chlorine, heavy metals, etc from your tap water and very important minerals are added back to the water.

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The Benchtop Water Cooler will dispense chilled water and also hot water for your coffee, tea, etc. If you do not require hot water simply switch of the hot water part and this tap will dispense room temperature water. This benchtop water cooler is very affordable and there are no rental fees to pay. Also the drinking water is for free. You can refill the filtration bottle as often as needed so you never run out of clean drinking water. Once the benchtop water cooler is installed you, your family or staff can start drinking a good quality water with added minerals. Only replace the filter cartridge once or twice a year. You will have significant savings compared to bottled water coolers and we offer an environmental friendly solution to bottled water. Pure drinking water with minerals for the Home or Office. No full and empty bottles and storage area needed. No more bottles in your fridge.

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This is how our Benchtop Water Cooler Filter works:

Benchtop Water Coolers with Filtration Bottle

Benchtop Water Cooler

Ideal as a chilled water tap at home, in the kitchen, on the counter or in your caravan or boat. Many people buy packaged water because they do not like the taste of water from the tap or because they find it not cold enough. If you buy bottled water or packaged water you are with the prestige Water cooler at home many times out cheaper. With our filtration system you never will have to pay for your drinking water anymore. Tap water vs Filtered Water. Remove the lid from the filtration bottle, poor in your own tap water and the filter will do the rest. You also will never have to carry water bottles. You also never get it wrong, with your own water cooler you will drink always the same quality of drinking water.

Drinking more water is healthy

Many customers thanks Prestige Water to drink more water. And healthy drinking water too. It is so easy, just quickly tapping a glass of water and you will drink more than ever before. You will also drink more because the taste is so good. Drinking lots of water. Children find dispensing a glass of water fun and start to drink more water instead of soft drinks. Suppliers of bottled water have created the illusion that this water is better than tap water while the requirements for tap water are often much stricter. The illusion of "better water" has a high price to the environment. Each year they produce tons of plastic bottles for the water industry. With the pollution which is caused is not even taken into account the transportation and waste. Bottled water is threatening our environment. Whit a benchtop water cooler at home or in your office you have all the benefits of drinking healthy water free from your own tap without the environmental impact. Would you like cool, clean, filtered, affordable, great tasting water? Choose the bench top water cooler from Prestige Water.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?