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5 simple tips to drink more water with an Awesome Water Filter Melbourne

Drinking water is healthy and delicious and can help you lose weight. Do you feel a craving for food or a feeling of hunger? Then drink a glass of water before you put anything in your mouth. Chances are that you are thirsty instead of hungry.
With these tips it becomes tastier and easier to drink more water. Try our water: Awesome water filter Melbourne. Tap water is not healthy anymore, therefore filter.

Tip 1: Take sparkling water

Sparkling water is spring water with carbonic acid, such as Spa Red or sparkling water from a private brand. Completely sugar-free and tasty as a change during the festive months. With a Soda stream you can easily make it yourself. That saves a lot of lugging heavy bottles and a lot of plastic.

Tip 2: Try sparkling water with a taste

Lemon juice in your water - super healthy. There are various bubbling waters with a taste for sale. Such as Spa Sparkling, Source Sparkling with taste or Bar-le-Duc mineral water with fruit. Private labels nowadays also have an extensive assortment with refreshing flavors (from lemon to coconut) without calories, sugar and sweetener. Enough choice. Taste the difference with water from an awesome water filter Melbourne.

Tip 3: Flavored water in packages

What kind of water to drink. Also handy for the kids on the go. All packs have a high sugar content, with a few exceptions. Wicky water with fruit and Source Water with, among other things, the flavors of strawberry, banana and orange are (as far as I know) the only ones that do not contain any sugar.

Fortunately, more and more healthy options are being added to the supermarket. Be careful with terms such as natural and organic, that does not mean that there is less sugar in a package. Just to be sure, always check the label.

Tip 4: Make infused water

You have seen them before on Instagram because this is my favorite tip. Water with added pieces of lime, lemon, cucumber, basil, mint or orange, any combination is possible. Use water from an awesome water filter Melbourne. Wonderfully refreshing, inexpensive and without sugar. You will find more inspiration for delicious combinations at the bottom of these tips.

Tip 5: Make a nice pot of tea

My favorite brands are Pukka, Yogi Tea that are natural with herbs. But I also like to drink regular black tea Ceylon or Earl gray. Be careful with some teas and teas with flavors, these can contain sugar. Don't forget dissolving tea, it is also full of sugar. Of course you can also choose herbal tea, fresh mint tea, ginger tea and tea from fresh or dried tea leaves. Health benefits are even attributed to black and green tea. They lower blood pressure and lower your risk of stroke and diabetes. Are you sensitive to caffeine? Then do not drink tea before going to sleep. All water from an Awesome water filter Melbourne. About Prestige Water.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?