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We all know that it is important to drink enough. We notice that many people find it extremely difficult to get enough fluid. They make it up time and time again, but it keeps falling in every time. Does this also apply to you? We are happy to share a number of tips with you that can make you drink more.

How much should you drink?

The advice of the Dutch Health Council for an average adult is to get a minimum of 2 liters of fluid in one day. This amount includes water, coffee, tea and milk products. If the weather is warm, or if you exercise more than average or exercise, it is wise to drink more. It is advisable to drink an additional 0.5 to 1 liter of fluid per hour that you exercise intensively.

Why do you have to drink at least 2 liters from the Prestige Water attractive water coolers?

What does drinking 2 liters of water a day with your body. About half of our body consists of fluid. Moisture is important in the absorption of nutrients in the intestine, the transport of nutrients and waste in the body, and the regulation of body temperature.

Signs of dehydration

You notice if you have drunk too little when your urine is dark in color. You can also get a headache and feel dizzy. A dry mouth, lips and skin are also a signal that you are drying out. You can even get more hungry if you drink too little! Our brain cannot distinguish the difference between appetite and thirst so well.

Tips for drinking more:

1. Make sure it is nearby

Always have a bottle of water or a large pot of tea with you or in your area. If you have it in the neighborhood you are easily inclined to pour in drinks because you do not have to stand up for it.

2. Make sure you always have drinks with you

Make sure you always have a bottle of water with you. Make sure there is a filled bottle of water in your bag, but also that there is drink in the car. Never go on the road unprepared without drinking.

3. Drink from large cups or glasses

Always drink from a large cup or a large glass. Because you drink more at a time, it is easier to get enough fluid throughout the day.

4. Drink with a straw

When you drink with a straw you drink much more easily. Always put a large glass of water in your neighborhood from the attractive water cooler and drink through a straw. You can also purchase a bottle in which a straw is incorporated. You automatically drink more.

5. Choose water with carbonic acid

Get a large bottle of spa red or spa effervescent or Spa with no added sugar, but with natural aromas.

6. Add flavors to your water

Drinking lemon water in the morning is good for you. Add a taste to your water. You can do this by adding fresh fruit such as strawberries or raspberries, but also lemon, mint, ginger, cucumber or melon are very tasty in water.

7. Place a large bottle of water in the refrigerator

Put a large bottle of 1.5 liters filled with water in the fridge and make an agreement with yourself that you should drink this whole bottle before the end of the day. When water is cold, you often automatically drink more.

8. Get nice tea or coffee flavors at home

Buying tasty flavors of tea or coffee can cause you to drink more. Or make fresh mint or ginger tea. Preferably in a pot of course, so that you drink enough immediately. You can also drink tea and coffee cold.

9. Drink at set times

Get used to drinking at set times. For example, always drink at least 1 glass of water when you are just awake, drink a glass of water with every meal and make sure you drink at least a 0.5 liter bottle during exercise.

10. Set a drink reminder

Download an app that helps you remember to drink and / or keep track of what you have been drinking. For example "Hydro coach" or "Reminder for drinking water". You can also set the alarm of your telephone or schedule drinking moments in your digital agenda with notifications. It may seem exaggerated, but it really helps in the beginning!

Enough tips to drink more. Also make sure you don't drink too much. Drinking too much can be harmful. Make sure you drink a minimum of 2 liters and a maximum of 4 liters of fluid per day.

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