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Great tasting water from the Prestige Water Dispensers Noosa Heads

Discover our range of high quality water dispensers and water coolers with filtration bottle: Click on the picture below to get prices and more information:

Bench Top Water Dispenser Noosa Heads    Floor Standing Water Dispenser Noosa Heads    Stainless Steel Water Dispenser Noosa Heads

High quality water dispensers at a competitive price. Advantageous water coolers, pay the lowest cost per liter of water. Basically 

Water dispensers Noosa Heads delivers only high quality water coolers including 7-stage filtration and you can enjoy carefree years of drinking clean and healthy drinking water. Better health with Prestige Water. Prestige Water distinguished  them from others by design and functionality:

  • Water coolers with an ergonomic tap height.
  • Energy saving water dispensers.
  • Large 15 liter filtration bottle.
  • Chilled water tap
  • Hot water tap. If no hot water is required, simply switch it off at the back and the hot tap will dispense room temperature water.
  • Top hygiene.
  • Sustainable materials.

Bench Top water dispenser

The compact size of the bench top water dispensers Noosa Heads  ensures that it can be used in virtually any interior. Despite its compact size, this water dispenser delivers chilled and hot water for all your drink water needs. It is perfect for homes and small businesses. Opt for a compact bench top model. This bench top water dispensers Noosa Heads is ideal if you want your water cooler on the counter top. It comes with a refillable water bottle with a build in 7-stage filter cartridge. This filter will remove most impurities from your tap water, purify and also add some very important minerals back to the water as well. Minerals in filtered water. This means you will never have to buy bottled water again! Tips to drink more water.

Dimensions :

Height: 88cm (including filter bottle)
Width: 32cm
Depth: 32cm


7 Stage filtration System
Chilled Water Tap
Hot Water Tap
Removable Drip Tray
On / Off Switches for both Chilled and Hot Water
LED Display
Cup Holder, magnetic, No drilling needed, fits left and right

Floor Standing water dispensers Noosa Heads

No place on a table or counter top to place a Bench Top water dispenser? Opt for a Floor Standing water dispenser Noosa Heads with cabinet. We offer 2 Free Water Cooler designs, both with a self filling filtration bottle.

Choose for Prestige Water

  • Lowest cost per liter of water
  • Durable and environmentally friendly
  • Filtered tap water for the best flavor
  • High quality water coolers at a competitive price
  • No hidden fees
  • Outstanding service
  • Delivers throughout Australia

All our water dispensers Noosa Heads models with refillable water containers represents a revolution in the water cooler business. Normally you can use a water cooler with such a price only for spring water use. Buying spring water is very expensive and you end up with huge weekly costs. Our 7-stage filtration systems, you fill yourself with ordinary tap water. This water is then filtered for a delicious flavor. There are tremendous savings for you by using a filtration bottle from Prestige Water. Also our water dispensers are much better for the environment.

No hassle with water bottles. Changing big water bottles ensures necessary hassle. You have to order, pay, return bottles, do the inventory, free up storage area for full and empty bottles, replace the bottles and return. Great tasting water from water dispensers Noosa Heads. Also there is heavy lifting involved. With our filtration bottle, you just fill the top compartment up and all the water fill flow through the filter cartridge. Simple. The Prestige Water 7-stage Filtration Bottle.

Benchtop Water Dispensers Noosa Heads
Benchtop Water Dispensers Noosa Heads
Floor Standing Water Dispensers Noosa Heads
Water Dispensers Noosa Heads
Exclusive Water Dispensers Noosa Heads
Exclusive Water Dispensers Noosa Heads

Why we only drink filtered water from our water dispensers Noosa Heads

Do you know what is in our tap water?

Australia has the cleanest tap water. That's what you often hear right? And we have to admit: we can drink from the tap here. A luxury that they absolutely do not have in many places in the world. Tips to drink more water.

Safe tap water?

Sure: our tap water is extensively tested for harmful substances. But despite the high demands, much still comes into our drinking water from the water dispensers Noosa Heads. Low concentrations, though. But in our tap water you will still find chemicals, oil, herbicides, pesticides, drugs and medicines. Primarily medicines such as the pill with low concentrations in our drinking water can disrupt our hormone balance. Lemon juice in your water - super healthy.
Then you think that you are consciously busy with your diet, you still get all those chemicals through the liters of water that you (so consciously) drink daily from the water dispensers Noosa Heads!

Ah, those low concentrations

A low concentration doesn't really matter that much, would you think? You can read here that they think differently in the House of Representatives. In addition, there has been research in fish and it emerged that they exhibited all sorts of abnormal behavior and mutations in the remnants of the pill. Drink plenty of filtered water from the water dispensers Noose Heads. Tap water is not healthy anymore, therefore filter. The negative effect of the constant light presence of estrogen on the household of men is also discussed. So if you are concerned with your health and value pure food, you probably also value water without scraps of medicines, antibiotics and pesticides. What kind of water to drink. We certainly do.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?