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Great tasting drinking water with Water Dispensers Deception Bay

Prestige Water is the No. 1 water cooler and water filter specialist in Australia. We can turn your normal tap water into great-tasting drinking water with added minerals and milk alkaline level. Better health with Prestige Water. Never you will have to buy bottled water again and you will never have to drink tap water with all the nasty chemicals. And this is how you do it: Remove the lid from the filtration bottle, fill a jug with tap water, and poor this in the top compartment of the filter bottle. Great tasting water from water dispensers in Deception Bay. All the water you put in will be filtered by our 7-stage filter cartridge. Here chemicals such as chlorine, organic sediments, and others will be removed and very important minerals are added back to the water as well. Now you can enjoy healthy drinking water free from your own tap with added minerals and a mild alkaline level. Alkaline water after filtration with water dispensers Deception Bay.

Bench Top Water Dispensers Deception Bay    Bench Top Water Dispensers Deception Bay

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Drinking water at home or in your office is not only healthy but nice tasting too. By using our water coolers and water filters the consumption of soft drinks will be less. Drinking lots of water. More and more you see people choosing to drink water instead of soft drinks, which is beneficial for your health and wallet. How important is drinking water? By owning a water dispenser from Prestige Water you never will have to buy bottled water again. You can refill the filter bottle as often as you like. This means unlimited free drinking water from your own tap. That's great! You only need to replace the filter cartridge every 6, 9 or 12 months, that's all. Great tasting and healthy water from water dispensers in Deception Bay.

Benchtop Water Dispensers Deception Bay
Floor Standing Water Dispensers Deception Bay
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Lime juice, a super healthy start to your day! - power food party

It took me a while, but now I'm addicted to it: starting the day with lime or lemon juice. Actually, I am not a big fan of acid by nature. I am not a fan of sour foods or dishes. For me, no sour dressings on my salads, that just makes me look sour. And grapefruit for breakfast? Not my first choice. Yet I have taught myself to start the day with a glass, preferably lukewarm, of water with lime juice. Lime or lemon does not matter much, see what you prefer or alternate. Or use them together. But why then start the day with a sour face? Stop drinking soda - Stop sugar. Lime juice is super healthy, just like lemon juice! So in the end I have a big smile after every glass in the morning haha.

Because it feels good!

When you start the day with lime juice you clean your liver and help your digestive system on its way. Sounds good! Especially after a great weekend, right? Lemon juice or lime juice is fantastic for your liver. You can use it during a detox period or juice cure. But drinking a glass every morning from water dispensers in Deception Bay helps enormously as a detoxer for your liver. In addition, you also pee more when you drink a lot of lime juice. This way, toxic substances leave your body faster. Is water melon healthy?

Limes and lemons are also full of vitamin C, potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. They are good for your body and mind in so many different ways. I will name a few. Limon juice hmmmmm healthy great tasting water from water dispensers in Deception Bay.

Because of the minerals, limes work "alkalizing" in your body. What drinking water really does for your skin? This means that they help to get your Ph value back to neutral. This has to do with the acid-base balance in your body. When you have eaten a lot of acid-forming foods, it is good to use more base foods as a counterpart. Lemons and limes are not acid-forming, actually funny. Many people think so because of the sour taste. It has nothing to do with that at all. Fast food, for example, is acid-forming. And also some healthy foods such as nuts and seeds. Eat it in moderation, preferably soaked in certain combinations and nuts. I will soon tell you more about nuts and seeds. Do you eat a lot of nuts? Then use unroasted nuts, preferably organic. Drinking water lowers blood pressure. Just like the limes, by the way, I stray haha. Lime juice is super healthy and tasty made from water from water dispensers in Deception Bay.

Back to the lime: get the lime or lemons if possible also organic. Then you know that you get the most nutrients. And they do you and your body the most justice.

I will go a little further about the beautiful effect of citrus fruits. As mentioned, they are full of potassium and vitamin C. These substances do a lot for your skin, brain and stress levels.

Are you experiencing a lot of stress at the moment? Go for the lemons. The extra vitamin C helps your adrenal glands to lower your stress levels. And potassium is good for your high blood pressure. Lime juice is good for stress.
Lime juice will also make your mouth happy. The citric acid provides a fresher breath, by killing the bacteria that cross through your mouth as standard (yes also with you!).

And citrus fruits also have an anti-inflammatory effect. Do you feel something bad coming up? Bothered by your teeth or a cough? Just rinse thoroughly with lime juice!

Your mouth, throat and airways experience many benefits. Your teeth, or actually tooth enamel, can suffer from the acid juice. To prevent your enamel from being damaged, rinse your mouth thoroughly afterwards by gargling with water and spitting it out again. Preferably repeat two or three times. Do not brush your teeth with your tongue. And wait at least an hour before brushing your teeth. And don't forget; drink the juice preferably through a straw. Then the acid goes at least along your beautiful teeth and you keep smiling just as radiantly as you already do. My motto is to be healthy and happy! Not only a healthy body and mind but also a blinding smile! So drink plenty of water from water dispensers in Deception Bay.

Drinking plenty of alkaline water from your benchtop or floor standing water dispenser at Deception Bay when exercising

When exercising, drink an extra glass, with a refreshing lemon if you like.

Lemon spices up water and encourages drinking.

Summer temperatures also contribute to the fact that we sweat more and should therefore drink more water. If there is also a very strenuous sport, we quickly exhale up to a litre or more per hour.

But you don't have to spend the whole day with the calculator in your hand in everyday life to figure out how much more water you should be drinking because of your activities. An approximate value is sufficient and at the latest, the thirst shows you when it is time to drink something.

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