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Prestige Water is recognized as the No 1 water dispenser and water filtration company in Australia. Here are some models:

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Are you drinking tap water? Most tap water contains dissolved solids and chemicals such as chlorine, heavy metals, organic sediments, and much more. Tap Water vs Filtered Water. All these chemicals are NOT healthy for drinking and we recommend filtering and purifying the water before you or your family/staff will drink it. Healthy drink water made from your own tap from the water dispensers Dalby. The Prestige Water 7-stage water filtration bottle can do this. Find out more about our water filtration here: The Prestige Water 7-stage Filtration Bottle. Ensure that you and your friends and drinking great-tasting water. How does it work? Simply remove the lid from the bottle, fill a jug with your own tap water, and pour this into the top compartment of the bottle. All the water you fill in the top compartment will be filtered and purified and stored in the bottom bowl. That's all, nor you can enjoy healthy drinking water FREE from your own tap. Once you have tasted our filtered water you won't want to drink any other water. The reason is simple, you are drinking pure water ( with added minerals ) untainted by any harm full chemicals. How important is drinking water? Drink more from the water dispensers Dalby.

Fruit water. Water with a taste and water from the water dispensers Dalby

Water with a taste is this summer's hit. And that goes further than a branch of mint and a slice of lemon. Berries, melon, strawberry, it is all allowed in it.

Fruit water

Filtered water or bottled water. It is so simple that you can wonder why it has not become popular before: water with fruit flavour, easy to make yourself. Take a fruit combination of your choice, cut the fruit into small slices and bite-sized pieces, let it stand for 24 hours, and the water with a hint of taste is ready. Great tasting water from the water dispensers Dalby. Children and drinking water. It is not only the calorie-counting fit girls who go to the fruit water. Many a food blog is wildly enthusiastic about it: "Tasty, zero calories and also healthy!"


Certainly in the summer, it is important to get enough moisture from the water dispensers in Dalby. The advice is 1.5 to 2 litres per day, but according to the dietitian, many people do not arrive there. Moreover, most do not make smart choices. They unconsciously drink dissolved sugar cubes. People often do not realize how bad Coke is. There are forty sugar cubes in a bottle. Or how about apple juice and orange juice? There is just as much sugar in that. "Prestige Water, therefore, advocates choosing fruit water over soft drinks and juices. In her practice, she always has a carafe of fruit water on the table. Parents often think it is pathetic to give their child water to school instead of apple juice or Frist. But especially the little ones find it very interesting, that fruit water. It looks very nice, especially if you use red fruit.

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Super healthy

Healthy drink water made from your own tap from the Benchtop and Floor Standing water dispensers Dalby. As with all fads, the market has already responded well to make the life of the consumer easier. Thanks to the bottles with compartments and pulverized teeth and carafes with skewers you can easily drink the fruit water without being surprised by pieces of fruit that come along. And if you really want to be super healthy, you also eat the fruit afterwards. The fruit water is not a substitute for the prescribed 200 grams of fruit per day. You also need fibre and nutrients. But fruit water is a good addition and drinks just a little better than normal water. " Tips to get through the summer COOL.

Healthy Alkaline Filtered water from your benchtop or floor standing water dispenser Dalby

Children should drink something before they are thirsty.

However, following the thirst while drinking water does not apply to children, the elderly or the sick. Anyone who has kidney problems or diabetes, for example, can also drink too much or too little. Medical advice should be sought on the correct amount.

Older people, on the other hand, often do not feel thirsty at all and therefore drink too little. This is due to a certain area of ??the brain that eventually becomes less reliable in signalling thirst.

How many children should drink daily

Children often do not feel thirsty enough to get the fluids they need. The rule of thumb for them is that small children aged two to three should drink around 700 millilitres, children between seven and nine at least 900 millilitres and teenagers at least 1.2 litres. This applies without milk and not for sweets such as cola or other lemonades.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?