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We are specialized in water dispensers and water filtration. Our filtration bottle contains a 7-stage water filter cartridge and is installed on the water dispenser Perth. We have 3 different models available, and for more detailed information please click on the picture underneath:

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All our water dispenser Perth are stylish and don't take up a lot of space. Each model has their own specification and we have the right water dispenser for you. The Bench Top water dispenser Perth is ideal for homes and small offices. It has a chilled tap for refreshments but also a hot water tap for all your hot water drinks. If no hot water is needed you simply switch it off at the back and the hot water tap will dispense room temperature water. The Bench Top model can be placed on a kitchen bench or on a table. Our floor standing water dispenser Perth model has all the futures of the Bench Top model but can be put anywhere in your home of business. In the bottom you find a 20 ltr storage cabinet so you can store your glasses or cups. The Fridge water dispenser Perth is made from a high quality steel. It's a very attractive looking water dispenser and can be used for homes and offices, fitness centra, and more. This water dispenser comes with 2 taps. 1 tap for cold water, 1 tap for room temperature water. 

All our models have a filtration bottleFiltration Bottle Water Dispenser Perth, with a 8-stage filter cartridge. You easily fill the filter bottle with your own tap water. Remove the lid from the bottle and poor in your own tap water. All the water will be filtered by our filter cartridge so you can enjoy UNLIMITED and GREAT TASTING water free from your own tap. Never run out of water anymore, simply refill the bottle as often as you like. The filter cartridge will remove chemicals from tap water such as chlorine, heavy metals, organic sediments and others. This leaves you with fresh tasting and clean drinking water. You can be assured that you will get the best service possible and get the most cost effective water dispenser Perth in the market. We have been supplying water dispensers for over 20 years now and why not get a water dispenser Perth for your own family of office today and start saving money. 

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Everything about drinking water from a Prestige Water Dispenser Perth

It is known that drinking water is healthy. Water, a super drink. Moreover, it is essential to survive, and its value cannot be emphasized enough. Yet it is not a valuable health prescription to simply say: "drink more water". Regarding the subject of hydration and how to best hydrate ourselves, there are many questions that need to be answered. How many liters should we drink? Are there good moments to drink? Is there a big difference between the different types of water? Does it matter what bottle or glass the water is in?
For myself I have noticed that I get dehydrated relatively quickly. This brings a lot of disadvantages and because it clearly had an impact on me, I started looking for answers to the above questions. Below I give my opinion, tips and tricks on this subject. Plaice!

1. How much water do I have to drink?

We start with probably the most obvious question that exists on the subject: how much water do I have to drink every day from my water dispenser Perth? The prescriptions given for this differ greatly from source to source, but the most well-known rule is probably to drink 1.5 liters of water a day. It has been since I was a little boy that people repeated this prescription and that it was seen as an accepted standard. When I was about 24 years old, I once asked this question to a urologist who replied that the recommended amount had meanwhile become 2 liters. In America you notice that an adult man is now advised to drink 2.7 l of water per day. What is it now Claims like the preceding ones have always disturbed me immensely because they give a very general prescription that is impossible for a large range of people to apply. I certainly understand that there should be a general guideline to be able to advise people that they are able to follow quickly and easily. However, it seems to me to be extremely general just to recommend the same amount of fluid to all adult people. Is it then told that a 55 kg lady should drink as much as a 85 kg man? Perhaps there is a different type of prescription that is more geared to the differences between people? Great tasting water from my water dispenser Perth. First, let's take a look at the various factors that contribute to the amount of moisture that you should absorb:
  •     Sex
  •     Age
  •     Environment (for example, hot or cold temperature)
  •     Activity
  •     Weight. Drinking water helps with losing some weight.
  •     Metabolism
  •     Whether or not pregnant or breastfeeding
  •     What you eat
  •     Being sick or not
  •     Natural tendency to dissipate moisture

The perfect prescription for daily fluid intake should in fact take into account all the above elements. This is of course impossible, but to form a feasible and general prescription on the other hand seems to me the best thing to take into account the weight of the person. This is the characteristic that is associated with most of the other factors. The older you are, the heavier. Men are typically heavier than women. Pregnant women weigh more and have to drink more water from the Perth water dispenser. (In addition to weight, there are a few other factors that we can take into account. I will discuss this further below)

For this reason I am therefore a fan of a general rule that takes weight into account. This is the easiest factor to process in a rule and is also one that is representative of other factors. The only measure that comes close to this is the following: take your body weight in pounds, divide this by two and drink that amount in us. That is the original formula but of course we want to know the version for kg and l. To do this, take your body weight in kilograms and this time 0.033. For my personal weight of 75 kg it looks like this:

75 kg x 0.033 = 2,475 l

Enter the formula yourself and see how much water you should drink. This forms your basic quantity and then varies according to a number of other factors that I discuss further in this article.

Weight in kg x 0.033 = water to drink in liters

Before moving on to the other topics: a good test to know if you are hydrated is to look at the color of your urine. The lighter and less yellow, the more hydrated you are. Be sure to take a look here to compare all colors with your own urine. It sounds strange but looking at your urine is the easiest way to realize that you have to drink a little more from your water dispenser Perth (or less).

2. When should I drink water from a water dispenser Perth?

Cold water drinking. Many people would simply say intuitively: you should drink when you are thirsty. I myself do not always have the experience that this is so accurate. I often feel drowsy and dehydrated without really being able to say that I am thirsty. In those cases, it helps if I forcefully pour in some glasses. The opinions about this are not unanimous: when you Google this topic you often come across the opinion that you have to stick to a certain standard whether you are thirsty or not. On the other hand, people often say that you should only drink if you are thirsty. To my knowledge there is no clear answer and I find no convincing research about this. If someone does like that, let them know in the comments section or via the contact form. I would like to know.

Judging from the research I have read, it is actually remarkable how many factors can still be investigated when it comes to fluid intake. So it remains a subject that we can learn a lot about.

Whether you are going to automatically absorb your daily need for fluid by following your feeling of thirst, I will leave it open for now, but because I personally want to be sure that I am getting enough, I keep a close eye on my daily intake. Drink heaps of water from the filtered water dispenser Perth.

Apart from all the above, it is clearly wise to drink (extra) water at a number of times.

2.1. 'in the morning

Weigh you in the evening before bed and weigh you in the morning after you get up. You're lighter, right? Because during the night you have quite a bit of fluid lost by sweating. This depends on person to person and especially of the temperature of course. It is generally better to sleep in a cool room, as I have already mentioned. Because this is a period that some people lose some moisture, it is advisable to consume enough water immediately when you get up in the morning. I always start the day with two glasses of water, but you can adjust this yourself to the weight that you lost during the night by sweating.

2.2 During or after alcohol consumption

It is generally known that alcohol has a moisture-wicking effect. The reason that you always have to pee when you drink a bit more during an evening is not only because of drinking itself, but also because your body starts to release much more fluid. Being dehydrated is never good and the lack of fluid in the body is also one of the factors that will give you a hangover. To minimize this phenomenon, we can simply start drinking more water. Drinking some extra water from your water dispenser Perth between beers and glasses of wine can make the difference between bursting headaches and normal headaches. No but seriously. It functions! I have tested it for you experimentally.

If you then crawl into bed that night, you naturally start sweating again at night and the effects of the alcohol will cause you to lose even more moisture. Especially the morning after a solid night of drinking, you should therefore ensure that you drink plenty of water.

2.3. With all activities that make you sweat

More sweating means that you lose more fluid and therefore you have to drink more. In warm weather, sports activities, other activities, etc. You name it, as long as you sweat relatively more than usual, you will also have to absorb more moisture so that you do not dry out.

If you have the impression that you lose a lot of fluid during exercise, then you can simply do the following to determine how much you should drink: weigh before exercise and weigh after exercise (take off clothes as they are full of sweat) . How much did you lose? This is a good representation of how much fluid you have lost during training. Of course, every training is different in terms of intensity and with this kind of "research" you can go as far as you wish. For example, you can determine an average after training for a few months and weigh yourself. This will not be necessary for most people. But still ... MEASURING is KNOWING.

2.4 During and after eating

This is important for reasons that I will explain in more detail later. Food often contains salt and electrolytes. In order for your body to properly absorb water, it needs it, so it is wise to drink well during and after eating. We also see this in many mammals who generally start drinking more just after they have eaten. Bottled water, Tap water and Filtered water. Filtered drinking water made from your own tap from the Prestige Water dispenser in Perth.

Filter Bottle Water Dispenser Perth

This is the Prestige Water Filter Bottle for the Water Dispensers Perth.

Inside the bottle is a 8-stage filter cartridge. You can remove the lid from the bottle, fill the top compartment with your own tap water and the filter will purify the water. Now you can enjoy great tasting drinking water made from your own tap. You will never have to buy bottled water again and you will never run out od healthy drinking water.

Great tasting alkaline filtered water from your own prestige water dispenser Perth for great health

About two thirds of the human body is made up of water. On the one hand, water serves as a means of transport for, for example, blood, urine and sweat, and on the other hand, it serves as a solvent for almost all substances in the cell. Water also regulates the temperature of the body by removing heat (sweat) from the organism through evaporation on the body surface. Our bodies excrete large amounts of fluids every day. In order to maintain an optimal fluid level, these losses have to be compensated again and again.

Drinking from an alkaline water dispenser Perth also plays an important role in physical and mental performance. The body needs a lot of water, for example to regulate body temperature or metabolic processes. If there is a lack of fluids, the blood thickens and flows more slowly. The brain then no longer receives the energy it needs to work, fatigue or headaches can then be the result.

Drinking enough fluids also supports digestion and can prevent hard stools. When the body needs fluids, it withdraws water from the large intestine. As a result, the intestinal contents are thickened and constipation can occur.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?