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TIP: Alkaline water, the differences with tap water

Basic water is also known as alkaline water or reduced water and a lot of research has been done over the past twenty years into its effects on health. Children and drinking water.

Water is water is often said and also that tap water would be the best, but it is important to know which criteria are being watched. The properties of basic water can be divided into chemists and physicists and the degree of pollution is also important.

Pollution of drinking water.
Basic water does not contain any medication

In the case of ionized alkaline water from a water ionizer or a water man, medicines are filtered out. Filtered water or bottled water.

When we look at the degree of pollution, we have to distinguish between pollution that directly poses a health risk and that may endanger danger after a long period of time. Looking at the quality of the tap water in the Netherlands, it is clear that there is no danger of acute health complaints when drinking water, but whether it also applies when it is drunk for years is the question.

The Australian standards are used for the permitted quantity of chemicals, medicines and other undesirable substances in our drinking water, but the safety in the longer term can not be determined. Some heavy metals, chemicals and medicine residues are stored in our body and can cause complaints slowly so that they can not be related to the complaints.

Basic ionized water is filtered and clean.
Chemical aspects of basic water.

According to more and more biologically working doctors and practitioners, a proper acid-base balance in the body is a condition for good health and many complaints arise due to a surplus of acidic waste products. Basic water contains more basic than acidic minerals and therefore has a positive effect on the acid-base balance.

Tap water is basic and it follows that the established positive effects of basic ionized drinking water can not be reduced to the basic character. Undoubtedly plays an important role that alkaline ionized water has a higher pH, so more basic than tap water, but probably the basic character is not the most important aspect.
Physics of basic water.
Is water healthy? Basic water is natural water.

Water from natural sources is also alkaline water and contains a surplus of free electrons.

It is becoming increasingly clear that physical aspects play a much more important role for biological processes than was previously assumed. Physical properties are for example the electromagnetic charge of molecules, the number of available energy-containing electrons, the direction of rotation of molecules and atoms called 'spin' and the clustering of water molecules.

In this article I will briefly discuss the importance of the number of electrons and the electromagnetic charge.

Electrons have a negative charge and an antioxidant effect, they can neutralize free radicals. The more electrons contain water, the more energy-rich, the more antioxidant and the more negative the redox potential is, and that is a positive characteristic.

The more negatively charged electrons, the lower the value becomes and the better it is for our body. Basically ionized water has a negative redox potential of between - 300 and - 800mV and therefore supplies electrons and energy to the body.

Tap water, on the other hand, has a positive redox potential of + 200 to + 400mV, it means that tap water draws electrons and therefore energy from the body when it is drunk. Cold or hot drinks in warm weather? Our intestinal mucosa has a positive electromagnetic charge and thus attracts negatively charged alkaline water molecules that are more easily absorbed.

Basic ions such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and sodium are surrounded by free electrons in alkaline ionized water and attracted by the positively charged intestinal wall which she passes to the blood and lymph vessels.

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