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Are there any health benefits of drinking alkaline water

Bottled water, Tap water or Filtered water. Alkaline water is the opposite of acid water. It has a higher pH value than ordinary water. Claiming health benefits has contributed to the popularity of alkaline diets and the sale of machines that become alkaline. Ionizing machines are an example of these products, which can cost more than a thousand dollars. But what scientific evidence lies behind the drinking of alkaline water? Are there proven health benefits?

What is alkaline water?

Alkaline water has a high pH:

The pH is said to be an abbreviation of "hydropower".

  •     Neutral is a pH of 7.0
  •     Regular water from rainfall is usually slightly acidic, just below neutral on the pH scale
  •     Acid, or alkaline, water is below a pH of 7.0
  •     Vinegar is about pH 3, lemon juice is about pH 2 and battery acid is about pH 1
  •     Alkaline water is above pH 7
  •     Soda is between pH 8 and 9, and Magnesia's milk is between pH 10 and 11

The pH of the water is changed by chemicals and gases. For example, carbon dioxide from the air increases acidity. Therefore, the pH of the rainwater is below neutral. Water that is too high or too low pH has adverse effects. Water that is too alkaline has a bitter taste. It can cause deposits to encode pipes and appliances. Very acidic water can corrode or even dissolve metals.

How to get alkaline drinking water

Machines called ionizers make water alkaline, but they are expensive. Bottled mineral water tends to be neutral or slightly alkaline. Some manufacturers can state the pH level of their bottled water. Sparkling waters are acidic. Carbonation introduces carbon dioxide, which lowers the pH. Alkaline water and bone health. Bottled mineral water can be slightly alkaline. Some research has been done on the effects of alkaline intake on bones. In a study published in Bot An effect on bone resorption was found. Bone resorption is the process by which old bone cells are broken down and replaced by new ones. Less bone resorption and more mineral density result in better bone strength. However, the study investigated a very small number of people. Only 30 women participated in the study. The authors conclude that "a bicarbonate and calcium-rich alkali mineral water reduces bone resorption more than a calcium-rich acid mineral water." They call for more work, to see if the benefit of less bone resorption is long-term and can improve bone mineral density. Drink more water in hot weather.

Great assessment of the evidence

Another study, published in the Nutrition Journal, looked at an alkaline diet instead of alkaline drinking. The assessment examined whether an acid diet can cause osteoporosis, a disease characterized by weak and tender bones. When assessing the background of the study, the authors noted a large number of claims on the Internet. These claims suggest that "alkaline diets and related commercial products encounter acids, help the body to regulate pH and thus prevent disease processes." The review used high-quality evidence to conclude that acid from the modern diet does not cause osteoporosis. It was also concluded that an alkaline diet or alkaline supplements or salts do not prevent osteoporosis. Alkaline water and cancer. An overview of the effects of alkalis on cancer was published in the journal BMJ Open. The assessment assessed thousands of studies. Drinking water prevents muscle pain. However, the authors found only a good, randomized test of acid in the diet and cancer of the bladder. They found no studies on alkaline water and cancer in humans. The review found a number of other forms of alkaline water study, "none of which supported the promotions that suggest that alkaline water supports good health." Is it bad to drink water while eating?

They only found damage from alkaline water, including:

  •     Limitation of the release of stomach acids
  •     Reducing gallbladder emptying
  •     Toxic reactions
  •     Heart problems

The alkaline diet, said the authors, is being promoted to correct the "acid state" that the modern diet creates. "The alkaline diet contains more fresh fruits and vegetables and a reduced protein intake. "The marketing of the alkaline diet not only promotes a diet but also the sale of associated supplements and water alkalinize machines through almost every media medium, including websites, books and videos," wrote the authors, adding:

"In our experience, patients with cancer are approached by vendors who promote water alkalis as a way to treat their cancer."

The general conclusion of the paper was that there was no evidence to support the use of the alkaline diet:

    Despite the promotion of the alkaline diet and alkaline water by the media and vendors, there is almost no real research to support or condemn them. "

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Drinking water from your water dispenser Ivanhoe and confrontation

If all of these tricks don't help and you don't automatically reach for the water glass, you need constant reminders. Be it with a Post-it on the PC monitor or digitally. The Drinking Water Forum, for example, offers drinking advice as well as the so-called drinking alarm clock. An email will be sent as a reminder at the desired regularity. There are also numerous apps with a reminder function for smartphones. In addition, some can record the daily amount consumed and much more. The programs are available for both Apple and Android, as freeware or with more functions than paid Pro versions. Incidentally, thirst is the worst memory - you shouldn't let it arise in the first place.

Water is the raw material of life. Drinking the right amount of water is vital. But how much water should you drink every day and why can too much and too little water harm the body?

What if you don't drink water?

Your body can no longer function without water because nutrients and hormones are no longer transported. This leads to disorders of blood circulation and metabolism. The body can no longer regulate body temperature. Other body signals include headaches, tiredness, muscle cramps, joint pain, mood swings and poor concentration.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?