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Drink enough water, but how much is that

Why you must drink water when getting up in the morning. The national heat plan no one can have missed. Drink plenty of clean water. One of the most important recommendations (and open doors): drink enough. What is 'sufficient', leave the heat plan in the middle, apparently assuming that everyone knows that. One and a half to two litres per day. Beer and gin and tonic do not count. Water, tea and (limited) coffee are the dry advice of the Nutrition Center. "Whether you drink cold water or hot tea has hardly any influence on your core temperature", they answer the question of whether you better drink tea in warm weather, as you often hear.

What happens when you do not drink at all, they tell on YouTube: "You become light-headed, you can not think clearly, your brain literally shrinks. After a day or two, you get muscle cramps and you can get confused - a delirium. After three to five days, your organs let you know one by one that makes you die. "Okay! The message is clear!

If you sweat more, you should drink more. Dark urine - say apple juice - is not good. The lighter the urine, the better you are hydrated. Although it is not intended to be completely transparent again. Your kidneys can process 0.75 to 1 litre of fluid per hour. "If you drink too much water, you can extract salt from your body, as it were, and that can be dangerous", says sports dietitian Titia van der Stelt. For example, once a student from Groningen came to the intensive care unit after a water drink game, unconscious. Another woman died because she drank too much water with her ecstasy. Athletes who drink a lot of water sometimes take extra minerals to supplement some sodium. "But with normal effort, this is not necessary. Most people receive too much salt rather than too little salt. "
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If you get thirsty, it is too late, athletes often say. Is that right? "Well, it is never too late to drink," says Van der Stelt. "It is true that the thirst stimulus only comes when your performance already decreases. Experienced athletes learn to stay ahead of that moment. "Athletes who are afraid of dehydration weigh themselves before and after exercise. So if the weight loss, loss of fluid, is more than 2 per cent of your body weight, it can affect your performance and you know that you have to drink extra next time.

In warm weather, it can be smart to drink something in between, but if it is cooler than 25 degrees and your sport shorter than an hour, you do not have to carry a bottle. You can already completely save sports drinks: they are an unnecessary source of sodium and sugar, Van der Stelt writes with two co-authors in their book Eat as an athlete.

So water. Drink plenty of water, and give the body what it needs. Preferably from the tap, because of the environment. There, the Water Companies Association assures, when asked, nothing wrong with hot weather. "It can be slightly warmer than normal, but tap water always meets the legal requirements." When you come home from vacation, rinse the pipes for at least one minute. And who takes water in bottles: they are full of bacteria anyway, and usually you do not get sick of it, but you do not have to encourage those bacteria either. Wash your bottle every day, keep your water out of the sun and change it after a day.

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How can you drink more water throughout the day?

Find a bottle of water that you always have with you. Put your water bottle or glass of water in your field of vision. The constant visual reminder can help you drink more during the day, explains Peter.

For example, if your goal is to drink three litres of water a day, take a 1.5 litre bottle and try to finish it by noon, says the nutritionist. There are even bottles with time stamps to motivate you to drink certain amounts at certain times. Peter also recommends: "Drink a glass of water after every use of the toilet." The same applies when you get up to get a snack, for example.

Alternatives to water?

The best choice when it comes to drinks is still water. If you prefer carbonated water, this is of course also a healthy alternative. If you do not enjoy drinking water without any taste, you can also add fruits or flavour additives for water to the water. But make sure that you use flavour additives of a maximum of five calories per serving and read the label to check whether they contain caffeine.

Technology can make it easier to consume more water

"You can also use an app or intelligent loudspeakers to remind you that you are drinking enough water during the day," says the expert. Here you can easily set that you are reminded by an alarm every half hour, for example, to take a sip of water.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?