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Moisture and water drinking from the water dispenser Dalby

Why filter tapwater. Moisture is important in the absorption of nutrients in the intestine, the transport of nutrients and waste in the body, and the control of body temperature. Benefits of drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach. Moisture is in food and drink. We get the most moisture through drinking. An adult needs on average 1.5 to 2 litres a day in the form of beverages. How much moisture you need exactly depends on age, temperature, effort, food and health. For example, breastfeeding women need more fluid than average. If you do not drink anything for too long, dehydration symptoms can occur.

A female body is on average 52% out of moisture and that of men for 63%. Babies even make up 75% of moisture. Women have less moisture in their bodies because they generally have more fat than men. Fatty tissue does not contain moisture. The moisture is distributed throughout the body: about 65% is in cells and tissues, the rest in the spaces between the cells and in the blood.
It is necessary to supplement what you lose in moisture. You can keep the moisture balance up to the best by drinking enough. But moisture is also in food. The body automatically restores the moisture balance. If you lose too much moisture, for example, less urine separates or you get a thirsty feeling that makes you drink more. What leaves moisture leaving the body must be replenished again.

You get moisture inside:

  • drink: preferably 1.5 to 2 litres
  • food: about 900 millilitres
  • oxidation water: about 350 millilitres of moisture is released into the body as protein, fats and carbohydrates are consumed into energy. This moisture is called oxidation water). Does it make sense to drink water after eating fruit?

Loss of moisture

You lose moisture via:

  • urine: about 1,400 millilitres
  • feces: about 100 millilitres
  • Exhalation: about 500 millilitres
  • sweat: about 500 millilitres

The amounts can vary widely. However, you must produce at least 500 millilitres of urine daily to drain your waste. Healthy drink water from your own water dispenser Dalby with an 8-stage filter bottle. For the elderly, it is about 700 millilitres, because the kidney function decreases.

Health effects

How do I get more energy? Moisture consists largely of water and is important for:

  • dissolving nutrients, allowing them to be incorporated into the intestine
  • the transport of food and waste in the blood
  • regulating your body temperature


If you do not drink for a long time, there may be dehydration symptoms such as thirst, drowsiness, less sweating, less pee, less elasticity of the skin or fainting by lowering blood pressure. For severe dehydration, confusion is a clue because especially the brain cells are prone to severe dehydration. Drying can also occur in diarrhea. For the elderly who are unable to care for themselves and sick children, it is important to ensure that they get enough moisture. Without humility, a human can survive for a few days and newborn babies are even shorter.

Too much moisture?

Excessive moisture can also present a risk such as moisture accumulation in the brain. This is hardly ever before, only if you drink extremely much. The kidneys can handle about 0.7 to 1 litre of water per hour. Drink great-tasting water from your water dispenser Dalby.


Sufficient moisture is important in order to keep urine production running and thus for waste disposal from the body. Drinking as detoxification is scientifically not sufficiently substantiated.

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Nutritional advice in warm weather and drinking from a water dispenser Dalby

Food spoils faster during hot weather. During hot days, you have to be extra careful that you and your baby get enough fluid. You also have to pay attention to food! We have listed the nutritional advice for you in warm weather. Alkaline water is the nature of water.

Pregnancy and fluid management

What can you do to feel better as a pregnant woman as the temperature rises? To start with: drink a lot and keep the moisture balance at the right level. Usually, you fancy tasty cool drinks but no matter how crazy it sounds, tea also works very well on hot days. Take it easy with salt in your food. Salt makes it easier to retain moisture, causing swelling, such as in the ankles and fingers.

Eat lots of fruit and be as varied as possible. This way you still get the necessary vitamins and minerals. A few days on the beach soon end with a pizza, fries or croquette sandwich.

Baby and moisture management

Both adults and children lose a lot of moisture in the sun. Babies in particular lose moisture, even when they are breastfed or bottle-fed. So provide extra moisture for the baby. For example, give cold fennel tea. Drink a lot of fluid from your water dispenser Dalby yourself (more than usual). You can also lay the baby extra. Stop drinking soda - Stop sugar.

Summer tips for bottle feeding

  • If it is very hot, your child may not feel like hot milk. For children from half a year, you mix some pureed fruit with the follow-on milk and you have a delicious shake. Or you can make delicious ice cream! Drink also heaps of water from your own water dispenser Dalby.
  • During the heat, your child loses extra fluid due to perspiration. In addition to bottle feeding, it is important to give your child some extra moisture. Tasty refreshments are cold tea, water with a hint of lemon juice or sugar-free lemonade.
  • The change of type of bottle feeding is not easy for every child. So take enough food with you when you go abroad. Holidays are often impressive enough and you prevent your child from having to get used to another diet. If necessary, ask the manufacturer or brand that you use in the country where you are going to be available.
  • Take a thermos of boiled warm water with you on the way. Prepare the food when you need it. Take enough water to quench your thirst in between.
  • Use carbon-free mineral water to prepare the bottle. The quality of tap water is not sufficient in all countries, and in particular in many Southern European countries. So use bottled water for everything!
  • The risk of diarrhea during the summer is much greater. The body loses a lot of fluid with diarrhea! And with the moisture, lots of salts and minerals. There is a risk of dehydration. Use oral rehydration salt (ORS) to directly supplement the shortage of salts and minerals. Also Read: What drinking water really does for your skin.

Eating and drinking abroad

What should you pay attention to when purchasing food and drinking water abroad? With a few simple measures, you can prevent a lot of misery for the whole family.

  • Do not eat fish, shellfish or meat when it is not cooked.
  • First, wash vegetables and unpeeled fruit thoroughly in pure water.
  • Watch out at stalls selling homemade ice cream.
  • Make sure that eggs are always well cooked through. Drinking water lowers blood pressure.
  • If you have doubts about the quality of a piece of meat or fish; do not order.
  • Do not bring food with which you are certain that it has been heated and cooled more than once.
  • Only drink purified bottled water. You also need this when preparing bottle feeding. And when purchasing make sure that the bottle is still sealed.
  • Brush your teeth only with bottled water.

Diarrhea and dehydration

When a family member unexpectedly suffers from diarrhea, the body loses a lot of fluid. With this moisture, the necessary salts and minerals also disappear immediately. The risk of dehydration then lurks in adults, children and babies. You recognize dehydration by thirst, dry mouth and tongue and drowsiness. It is important that the loss of moisture and minerals is replenished quickly. So you will need to drink plenty of water from the water dispenser in Dalby. This is possible with a special mixture of sugar and salt.

Drinking tip: keep a drinking diary, and drink more from your water dispenser Dalby

Make a note of how much and what you drank every day for a week in order to create awareness of your drinking habits. Alternatively, you can hang a wall calendar on your refrigerator, in which you write down how much liquid you have drunk every day. You will be reminded to drink every day. Also discover our drinking clock, which shows how you.

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