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8 Tips to drink more water from your water dispenser Carseldine

Every day your body needs about 2.8 liters of fluid. You get about a liter from your diet and there is about 300 milliliters in all kinds of processes in your body. Then there is still 1.5 liters left that you have to drink. Too much? No time? These tips make it easy to drink more.

1. Always take a bottle with you

If you always have water at your fingertips, you can easily drink more. Put a glass on your bedside table at home and take care of a can on your desk at work. Put a bottle of water in your bag every morning so that you are never without water. Of course, you can refill an old mineral water bottle every time, but if you buy a nice bottle, you might get extra sense to always have it with you. Wash your water bottle regularly with detergent or soda, so it stays clean.

2. Make a habit of it

6 Facts about drinking water. It is easier to maintain a healthy habit if it becomes part of your daily routine. It can help to take a glass of water at regular intervals. For example, a first one immediately after you have risen and one last before you go to sleep. Take a drink with every meal and every snack.

3. Add fruit

With fresh fruit and herbs you turn ordinary tap water into a fresh thirst quencher that is a lot healthier than fruit juice or soft drinks. Anti-Colds and drinking water. Do you like bubbles, use spring water. Simply add some cut fruit and herbs to your choice of water. Put the jug in the fridge and try to drink it completely empty the same day.

Give your water more taste with:

  • strawberries and basil leaves
  • orange and coriander
  • watermelon and a sprig of mint
  • mint and lime
  • freshly cut ginger and pineapple
  • cucumber, lemon, ginger and mint
  • slices of citrus fruits, such as grapefruit, orange, lime, lemon or a combination thereof

4. Festive ice cubes

With homemade ice cubes you make your water cool and just a bit more festive. If you at least make ice cubes with some extras such as fruit, herbs or a layer of juice. For example, place pieces of fruit or small fruits (raspberries, currants, blueberries, pomegranate seeds) in an ice cube form. Add some finely cut mint or basil for a green accent. Fill the boxes with water and put the mold in the freezer. You can make striped ice cubes by filling the molds with water for a third. Put them in the freezer for a few hours. Then add a layer of fruit juice or syrup and put the ice cubes back in the freezer. When the colored layer is frozen, pour another layer of water over it and the mold can be put back into the freezer. The result: cheerful ice cubes with a colored layer in the middle.

5. Coffee and tea also count

Coffee or tea - but the versions without sugar and milk - contain no calories and you can simply add to your daily fluid intake. That coffee and tea would withdraw water from your body is a myth. Caffeine makes sure that you have to go to the toilet earlier, but you will not be peeing anymore. Healthy adults can drink about four cups of coffee or ten cups of tea every day without any problems. Are you sensitive to caffeine? Then choose green tea, which contains half less caffeine than the black variant. There is no caffeine in herbal tea at all.

6. Even more variation

You can also vary with low-fat milk or alternatives to dairy products such as soy milk, almond milk, hemp milk or rice milk. Or take a glass of fruit or fruit juice. Of course there are calories in this, unlike water and coffee and tea without sugar and milk. If you want to pay attention to the line, it is better to keep a glass with you from time to time. What does drinking water really does for your skin.

7. Wet food

The moisture that your body needs does not only come from drinking but also from food. Approximately one liter of the required moisture 'eats' you. You increase this amount by choosing products that contain a lot of water. This is how the watermelon lives up to its name, it consists of more than 90 percent water. A salad is full of water and contains only a few calories, if you leave out the greasy dressing. When you eat out, start the meal with a clear soup. Broth is mainly moisture and makes sure you are full faster.

8. Set the alarm

Are you still forgetting to take your bottle or are you simply not getting something to drink? Then set an alarm at certain times, for example on your telephone, which reminds you that it is time for a glass of water. There are also apps that warn you and on which you can keep track of your water intake, such as Water reminder, Aqualert, Hydro Coach, Waterlogge and Water your body. 7 Ways to grow your hair faster.

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Great tasting water from your water dispenser Carseldine

Sufficient drinking is necessary for the proper functioning of your body, and especially if you want to lose a few kilos through a diet. Your body consists of approximately 2/3 of water. One part more than the other:

  • Your bones contain approximately 22% water
  • brains (your controls!) consist of 75% water
  • blood for around 85%
  • muscles around 73%
  • body fat is about 25% water
Moisture (water) is a transporter of nutrients and oxygen to the body cells and takes the waste back with them. So make sure you drink regularly during the day. And of course no light drinks, soft drinks or other sweet junk. Preferably just fair and clean tap water or (green or white) tea. As far as I'm concerned, all sweet drinks, especially the light ones, are simply very unhealthy, so don't do that!

We have excellent drinking water in Australia, just from the tap. 6 Facts about drinking water. For example, put a slice of lemon in it, some cucumber and a few sprigs of fresh mint and you have a delicious, healthy drink, it looks great too! Enjoy that gift for your body. You will find many more tips (flowers in ice cubes!) And tasty combinations for flavored waters in this article about thirst-quenching drinks.

How much to drink from your water dispenser Carseldine

Calculate how much water you should drink. You lose fluid throughout the day, not only through urine but also in the form of perspiration, for example. You must also replenish this moisture loss during the day. If you do not, there is a risk of dehydration. A fluid loss of 3% of body weight already gives signs of exhaustion and fluid loss between 15-20% is life threatening.

As stated, sufficient supply of (good) fluid is of great importance for the human body. Every adult needs between 2 and 3 liters of fluid per day. Of course it also depends on your own "content", you are taller and fatter you need more fluid than if you are small and thin. About 1 to 1.5 liters of fluid per day comes from your food. So you have to get the rest through drinks. That means that you have to drink 1 to 2 liters spread throughout the day for a good moisture balance. And that is with a minor to normal activity. If you exercise or at higher temperatures you naturally give your body more moisture.

Continue to drink if you retain moisture!

Don't make the mistake of drinking less because you retain moisture! Sufficient drinking from your own water dispenser Carseldine is then very important to stimulate the function of the kidneys and bladder. If you have a tendency to retain moisture, it is wise to be moderate with the addition of extra salt. 7 Ways to influence your energy intake. Prefer to season your dishes with herbs and spices. Get used to eating less salt, that's healthier anyway. Or use a salt substitute such as Herbamare low in sodium. Celery, horseradish, parsley and herbal tea of goldenrod, rose hips, birch leaves or juniper can also help in a natural way as "moisture drift".

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Drinking tip: fill the water bottle twice a day from your water dispenser Carseldine

In order to have a better overview of the daily amount you drink, you can get into the habit of refilling a 1 liter water bottle twice a day. This way you know exactly how much water you have drunk and you can drink more when you get the chance. Alternatively, you can of course have two full water bottles ready for the day.

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