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Drinking enough water from your water dispenser in Bega?

Drink enough water

Drinking water is healthy. Tips to drink more water. In fact, without water, we die! But why can not we really do without water, and how much do you need? We explain why water is so important and why you should drink more of it. Do not you like water? No worries. With our tips, you get effortlessly at your daily recommended amount of H2O. Drink great-tasting water from your Water Dispenser Bega.

What you drink is your own

The human body consists of about 75% of water. Of all these litres, you lose a lot of weight daily, for example by sweating, breathing out and peeing. It is important to replenish the lost moisture. Your body needs water, among other things, to drain waste, absorb nutrients and regulate body temperature. Many people think that you only have to drink something if you have a thirst. That is a misunderstanding. Thirst is actually an emergency signal of the body to indicate that the water level has fallen too much. Drink heaps of filtered water from your Water Dispenser Bega. So you are actually late.

Consequences of moisture shortage

If you do not drink enough, it will slowly develop a moisture shortage. This can cause some complaints, such as headache, fatigue, constipation and muscle cramps. Because you are less plastic, you also become more susceptible to urinary tract infections. If you drink too little, you even risk dehydration, which has far more serious consequences. The fastest way to see if you're drinking enough? Check your urine! If your puddle is yellow, dark yellow or darker in colour, you have not received enough moisture. Drink more water from your Water Dispenser Bega. Urine should in principle be almost colourless.

2 litres per day

The truth about drinking water. Most health authorities advise drinking at least 1.5 to 2 litres of water a day. Especially for older people and on hot days this is important. Water does not contain any calories, dyes or other active ingredients. Therefore, this drink is absolutely preferable when it comes to your health. You can drink good water from the tap in the Netherlands. If you prefer mineral or spring water, that can of course be true too. Keep in mind, however, that you are more expensive. In addition, pet bottles are bad for the environment. Having a full glass of water all the time.

Drinking tips

Are not you just a water drinker? Or do you always forget to drink? Better health with Prestige Water. The following tips help you to get enough moisture:

  -  You can also eat water! Soup, juicy fruit and cucumber contain a lot of moisture.
  -  Skim milk is a good alternative to water. For example, make a skinny latte macchiato with warm, whipped-skinned milk and some coffee. This way you get a quarter of a litre of water (mostly).
  -  Put a jar or bottle of water on your desk. This way you can always replenish your glass without standing up. In addition, you'll see how much you're already drinking.
  -  Download a water app. For both iPhone and Android systems, there are nice water apps that help you create your own drinking plan. Healthy drink water from your Water Dispenser Bega.

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This is how you make delicious herbal water from your water dispenser Bega

Is water healthy? Last summer a large supermarket chain came with an original and simple product: bottles of water from your water dispenser Bega filled with various herbs that sell for 1.75. Filtered water or Bottled water. A tasty and healthy thirst quencher that you can easily make yourself. That's how you do it:

Ideas for combinations:

  • Water, ginger and lemon balm
  • Water, lavender and mint
  • Water, cucumber and dill
  • Water, lemon and mint
  • Water, lime and orange
  • Water, apple and halved white grape
  • Water, star anise, cinnamon stick

Easy to make

Make it in the morning before you go to school or work. Or the evening before so that the taste can continue well. But don't be afraid. The water ensures that the vegetables, fruit and herbs that you put in the water will not soon decay. Cold or hot drinks in warm weather? Certainly, if you put acidic fruit such as apples, lemon, lime, grapes and orange in the water, the acid will help to make the contents of the bottle longer lasting. That means that you can even stock up for a whole week.

What does it taste like?

Well, it simply tastes like water and the herbs you put in it. It is very tasty. The herbs subtly give off their taste. Great tasting water from your water dispenser in Bega. So it is not that you taste a very sharp ginger taste. But very subtle. This is a drink for gourmets and not for people who only enjoy strong and sweetened flavours such as soft drinks or energy drinks.

Dose yourself healthy

Herbs also have different medicinal effects. Armed with this knowledge, you could of course fill your bottle of water extra consciously with herbs that help you with ailments, or better yet: they help prevent them. Below is a list of common herbs and their effects:

- Aloe Vera:
blood purifying, antibacterial, anticancer, shedding dead skin cells and forming new skin cells (good for the skin and against colds!)

- Nettle:
purifying the blood, promoting resistance, stimulating the digestive system, astringent, purifying the urinary tract (to prevent proportion, bladder infection and lack of appetite)

- Lemon water:
Lemon water is healthy and delicious. Relaxes with nerves relaxes stomach and intestines (with stress and abdominal and intestinal complaints)

- Cranberry:
Bacterial and urinary tract cleansing (for bladder infections, for example)

- Ginger:
Pain resistant, anti-vomiting, against cramping in the intestines and stomach (in case of nausea and bowel complaints)

- Ginseng:
Analgesic, improvement of natural resistance, take away gloom (in case of gloom resulting in physical weakness)

- Chamomile:
Stimulates blood cells, analgesic, antispasmodic (for menstrual pain)

- Cinnamon:
Reducing pain and digestive, stimulating and stimulating

- Horseradish:
Antibiotics, increasing resistance

- Papaya:
Appetite stimulating, pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory

- Rhubarb:
Appetite stimulating, laxative, stomach strengthening (in case of constipation)

- Fennel:
Urine expulsion, intestinal gas expulsion, antispasmodic, digestive enhancement (for intestinal and bladder complaints)

- Liquorice:
Anti-inflammatory promotes coughing up mucus, antibacterial, moisture-retaining (with colds)

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Don't drink water with alcohol

Treat yourself to a few glasses of wine at the end of the day. But besides alcohol, one thing, in particular, should not be forgotten: drink water. Because alcohol draws fluids from the body, which should be replenished immediately. The consequences can be dry skin and headaches. If you don't want to have a stinging skull the next day, you can drink a portion of water between glasses of alcohol.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?