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How much water do I need to drink a day?

Water is the main chemical composition of the body and can be up to 70% of your body weight. Our body is highly dependent on water and has a large number of essential functions, from transporting nutrients to body cells to the discharge of toxins from the organs. We lose about 2.5 litres of water a day by breathing and sweating. This is especially important for people who are physically active.

The amount of water we have to drink differs per person, however, the average consumption is about 1.9 litres. This applies to someone who is primarily in physical activity. As soon as your body burns calories and bleeds around it is necessary that water is supplemented - add your body composition and the required amount will increase. Great tasting water from the Water Coolers Tully.

To calculate the average amount of water your body needs, multiply your body weight in kilograms by 0.033.

For example, a 60-kilo person must drink 2 litres of water a day

60 x 0.033 = 1.98

The more muscle mass one has, the more water is needed to ensure that the muscles are fully hydrated and functioning properly. Sports athletes must ensure that they take sufficient water to compensate for the lost moisture by burning and burning calories. More water drinking offers various benefits to your body. It is claimed that it can increase your metabolism and make you hungry. A number of advantages are:


Increased water intake can help digestive problems; Something that is commonplace. Increasing your water intake stimulates waste from your body and can cause all kinds of inconvenience.
If you eat many fibres, you can see this as a sponge that absorbs all the water. Fibres function as a sponge and absorb water. Without available fluid, the fibres can not work properly and get your constipation. A good way to take care of enough liquids is to drink a glass of water from the Water Coolers Tully at every meal.

Hydration of skin and body

There are a lot of anecdotal stories on the Internet that report that water hydrates the body and skin and reduces acne, but I have not found any tests that confirm or contradict this. Sufficient water drinking also has many other benefits. Hydrate the body to take care of the progress of normal body functions. In addition, it can help with inflammation, lethargy and mental fatigue; Water from the Water Coolers Tully is more powerful than you think! What does water for your skin? Drinking water makes grow your hair faster.

Symptoms of dehydration

Common symptoms of dehydration include:

    Extreme thirst
    Random fatigue
    Being irritated
    Dark urine

Ways to drink more water

Despite the above matters and the essence of water, people still have trouble taking enough water. Here are some habits that will hopefully help you to drink enough water.

    Add something to your water to make it more attractive. For example, lemon, ginger or a piece of celery.
    Drink a large glass of water from the Water Coolers Tully for your meals. This also helps you feel more saturated.
    Make sure you always have a bottle of water with you. On your desk or in your bag The fact that you have it with you stimulates you to drink more.
     Eat more food with a lot of water in it. Watermelon and cucumber are a good choices. Drinking water prevents muscle pain.
    Tea and coffee also contribute to your daily water intake but do not drink too much.
    Make it a habit to drink a big glass of water when you get up.
    Set a reminder on your phone or use an app that keeps track of how much water you drink. Nowadays, apps are everywhere!
    Eat spicy meals. We all know that we immediately drink water when something is too spicy.


A lack of water in a diet can have many negative effects on the body. On the other hand, it can also provide many benefits such as weight loss, Drinking water helps with losing some weight, and improved skin and digestion.

Many people think that carbohydrates such as potatoes, bread, rice and pasta are the offenders, the thickeners. These are therefore often removed first from the diet. Guess what? That's a very fat myth. Yes, you will lose weight if you remove the carbohydrates from your diet, but not by the carbohydrates and sich. The resulting weight loss is caused by the fact that you are getting less energy by consuming your carbohydrates than you consume. If of course, you do not want to eat anything else.

Where does that myth originate from heaven? After eating carbohydrates, insulin is released by the pancreas. The insulin causes the glucose (broken KH in the body) to penetrate the muscles, liver and fat cells. In addition, insulin stimulates the muscles to create new proteins, prevents lipolysis (fat degradation) and stimulates lipogenesis (fat production). Because of this latter myth has arisen. However, the "insulin peak" occurs in healthy people only after a meal, and then falls again. If the peak has fallen again, lipolysis is stimulated again. Because of the periods between your meals and when you sleep (and so do not eat for an 8-hour period), take care of a balance between both. Drink heaps of water from the Water Coolers Tully.
In addition, several studies show that proteins, do not have as much, but even more insulin than carbohydrates. See here and here for two relevant studies. "How do proteins then, if they do not contain carbohydrates?" Proteins contain Amino acids. Amino acids can stimulate the pancreas for insulin release without first converting into glucose. Refined carbohydrates are also not bad because of the insulin peak, as proteins increase insulin more than carbohydrates. Read a study showing that lactose produced a higher insulin peak than white bread. The point with refined carbohydrates is that a small amount already contains a large amount of Cal (candy etc). This way, without having to do it, and without it filling it up, you can work a lot of Cal at one time and thus create a big surplus. Get more energy than you spend = arrive.

As a point, it comes to a loss of fat loss for the energy balance. If you want to lose fat, you'll really need to get less energy than you consume. This means that you have to sit short in a Cal. Even if you only eat vegetables, you will also get more energy than you consume, and you will not lose weight or even arrive (thus with an energy surplus).
Carbohydrates also contain vitamins, minerals and fibres that are important to the body. I saw people / they even saw the fruit and the non-green vegetables (talking about myself when I did not have a clue what I was doing a few years ago). Like what the ** are you doing to yourself?! I felt very empty, energy-free, very often dizzy and so on.
So bottom line, the carbohydrates are not the thickeners, nothing is a thickener if you do not have a Cal of eating. The most important thing is to look at your goals and what works for you as an individual, on a longer-term basis. Do you like to eat carbohydrates? So do not stop it! But make sure it fits your Cal budget (on purpose). Dus, do not be afraid to eat carbs! Unless it is natural for certain health reasons.

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The stomach can become flatter

Of course, water is not a diet regimen, that much is clear. But sufficient fluid intake has a positive effect on the metabolism and stimulates digestion. Less constipation, less bloating. Sounds logical.

Motivation boost

The point here is not that we celebrate every single sip like “Wohooo” ladies and then rejoice. It is much easier. It's a bit like a car: if the battery in the electric car is empty or there is no petrol in the tank, the engine starts to stutter. This is also (very simplified) with humans: If we lack fluid to keep the body engine running, we feel tired and limp and should refill our water reservoirs. Refueling, so to speak.

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