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Drinking water makes grow your hair faster

Posted by Peter on 1 November 2016
Drinking water makes grow your hair faster

Having years of short hair, but you dream of something more length? To grow longer hair, you probably need a lot of patience. However, there are tips to help nature a helping hand. Curious?

Drink more water

Water is not only good for your body but also for your hair. It helps build healthy, long hair. Do not overdo it, but drink in moderation. Drinking water is also good for your skin. Your skin and drinking water.

Prevent damage

Be careful with the use of the hair dryer and curling, styling and straightening. Drying your hair and you can damage it. Your hair grows faster when it is healthy, otherwise all the energy will go in the recovery.

Brushing hair

By brushing or combing you stimulate the hair follicles and that makes your hair grow faster. Though the whole day combing of course does not make sense. Twice a day is enough.


One of the key building blocks for our hair is protein. Those who eat too little protein, will find that they have dry hair. Proteins can be found in meat, eggs, milk, lentils, beans, fish and soy milk. With a mask made of eggs you really give your hair a boost. Rinse it well. Not with warm but with cold water so that it can not coagulate the egg.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B works wonders. Hair growth preparations contain therefore often vitamin B. However, if you eat milk, cereal, eggs, legumes, mushrooms, potatoes, nuts, bananas and avocados, you do not really need hair preparations.


Unfortunately we have no influence on the weather. But a good dose of sunlight gives us a style boost. Vitamin D let our hair grow faster. Not surprising therefore that it seems to grow quicker in summer.

Aloe Vera

Also, such a panacea: aloe Vera. Full of vitamins, minerals and protein and good for hair growth. Rub aloe Vera therefore weekly in your hair, leave to withdraw and then rinse again. Rosemary and lavender oils have the same effect. Not for nothing are these plants also widely used in cosmetics. Is water healthy?


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