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Water Coolers Dalby and Water Dispensers Dalby fit a self filling filtration bottle.

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10 Good reasons to drink filtered water from Prestige Water:

Drinking water is highly recommended. Certainly if you want to lose weight. And besides, water is also much better than light soda. So water. But why actually? There are many reasons for drinking water. Below are the 10 best reasons!

 Beautiful skin
    Certain toxins in your body make sure you get a restful skin. Water ensures that those poisons are flushed out of your body and therefore you also have less chance of pimples or other unevenness. Drink aslo heaps of filtered water from your Water Coolers Dalby.
    Prevention of pain
    A little water is already doing miracles. Painful joints and cramps in your muscles develop faster if you have not drunk enough water. Prevent muscle pain by drinking water.
    Moisture balance
    60% of your body consists of water. By drinking enough water you maintain your moisture balance! This helps to transport nutrients by regulating your body, regulating your body temperature and digesting nutrition.
    Fuel for your muscles
    If you have a lot of sweat in the gym, you actually lose a lot of water. If your muscles do not have enough water, they become tired. By drinking more water from your Water Coolers Dalby, you get more energy and you can completely end your workout.
    Lose weight
    Many studies have come to the conclusion that there is a connection between drinking water and losing weight. The secret? Can you lose weight by drinking water. Drinking water simply makes sure that people feel full and therefore eat less. Do not drink a few slugs, but empty your glass at once. Then your brain receives the signal that the stomach is fed. With a few sewers, nothing happens.
    A glass of water can help you concentrate and make you fresh and alert.
    Help against a hangover
    Have a drink too much and do not you feel so good the next day? Then drink some glass of water, which will make your body hydrate again and leave your headache.
    Boost for your brain
    A study in London has found a connection between drinking water and getting high grades by students. Water has a beneficial effect that you can think clearly after wards! It is not yet certain that you get higher grades, but it's not bad to try that one time.
    Kidney function
    The kidneys take the waste from your body and send it to the bladder so that it goes out of your body. Flue and drinking water. The kidneys need enough moisture to clean and keep our bodies clean. Drinking water is therefore a must.
    Slide that coffee on the side, because water also helps to keep your eyes closed after a night of sleep. Use the hot water tap from your Water Coolers Dalby. One of the most common symptoms of dehydration is fatigue. Fatique solved by drinking water. Another reason to take a sip of water!

Benchtop Water Coolers Dalby
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With these tips you will manage to drink 3 liters of water a day from your water cooler Dalby

Exercising dehydrated? Please do not! Your muscles need water to function properly. With these 7 tips you will manage to reach your daily drinking goal

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You should avoid these drinks

Water and unsweetened tea are the best choices to keep your body hydrated. They are calorie free and quench your thirst. You can also treat yourself to a juice spritzer or an alcohol-free beer. Alcohol, juices, cola or energy drinks, on the other hand, only provide a bunch of calories and have no added value for your body. So please enjoy it consciously and in moderation. Try to drink water with added minerals from a benchtop or floor standing water cooler Dalby.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?