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NEVER buy bottled water again! If you like to drink clean water without the chemicals you find in tap water, our filtration system is one of the best in the market today. Fluoride in tap water. Tap Water vs Filtered Water. Simply remove the lid from the bottle, poor in your own tap water, and all the water will be filtered and purified by our 7-stage filter system from your Water Coolers Broome. Now you can enjoy unlimited drinking water free from your own tap. When the bottle is nearly empty, refill again and again. Prestige Water is specialized in environmental friendly drinking water. Our modern coolers and filtration will ensure good healthy water and make it unnecessary lifting of heavy plastic water bottles. Also our filtered water cooler systems are very cost-effective and simple to fill. Our Bench Top Water Cooler Broome will fit nicely on your kitchen bench while our Floor Standing Water Cooler Broome can be placed at any desired location. You only need a power point to cool and or heat the water. If you do not need hot water, simply switch off the hot water switch at the rear of the water dispenser and the hot water tap will dispense room temperature water. The water from your Water Coolers Broome is filtered and therefore is not only healthier, it carries on a good way towards the environment and your wallet. With Prestige Water you always will have delicious cool water on hand for yourself, your family or staff.

Water from sugar

Australia: "Mommy, I am thirsty," cries the 4-year old child. Without asking he grabs a can of soda from the fridge. "No, no coke," calls his mother and gives her toddler a glass of water. More and more Australian children are too fat. So, drink more water from the water coolers Broome with no calories. No less than 1 in 4 children are overweight in our land, therefore there is a serious problem with their health. Try drinking more water instead of soft drinks. How important is drinking water? Water is calorie free!!! and therefore better for your health. Minerals in filtered water.

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Why is drinking enough water from your water coolers Broome so important?

It is recommended to take on average 1.5 to 2 liters of moisture every day from the water coolers Broome in the form of water (min. 1.5 liters), light coffee, green tea, herbal tea or a low-fat and low-salt (!) Broth . A good way to see if yourself or your kids are sufficiently hydrated is to regularly check the color of your urine during the day. If this is rather on the dark side, chances are that you have drunk too little.

Why is drinking enough from the water coolers Broome so important?

Your body consists of 60% water. This fluid helps with the digestion, absorption and transport of your nutrients, the production of saliva and keeping your body temperature in balance. Drinking water, the best way to keep your moisture balance up to date. The moisture also ensures that you have clean skin, smooth bowel movements and the excretion of waste.

On the other hand, our brain consists of 85% water on average. Drinking enough water is therefore also important for our concentration, creativity and productivity. Useful tip while studying.

With regard to waste excretion, water can absorb much more waste than other moisture can, because there are virtually no substances in water. 7 Ways to influence your energy intake. Compare it to a train that goes through your body and whose wagons are filled with water. These wagons can take all waste materials and bring them outside of your body. If the wagons had to be half filled with fresh or fruit juices, only half as much waste could be removed. That is why it is so important to drink extra water from the water coolers Broome when taking medication. Water cooler with or without filtration.

When you exercise intensively, your muscles need fluids and it is therefore important to drink extra.

See drinking water as taking a shower inside to purify everything. Leave (regular and light) soft drinks, caffeinated drinks and fruit juices as much as possible and opt for water or tea. Truth about drinking water.

Ways to drink more water from a Benchtop or Floor Standing Water Cooler Broome

Despite the above matters and the essence of water, people still have trouble taking enough water from there Water Coolers Broome. Here are some habits that will hopefully help you to drink enough water.

- Add something to your water to make it more attractive. For example, lemon, ginger or a piece of celery.
- Drink a large glass of water for your meals. This also helps you feel more saturated.
- Make sure you always have a bottle of water with you. On your desk or in your bag The fact that you have it with you stimulates you to drink more.
- Eat more food with a lot of water in it. Watermelon and cucumber are a good choice.
- Tea and coffee also contribute to your daily water intake, but do not drink too much. 5 Tips to drink plenty of water at the office.
- Make it a habit to drink big glass of water when you get up. Having a full glass of water all the time.
- Set a reminder on your phone or use an app that keeps track of how much water you drink. Nowadays, apps are everywhere!
- Eat spicy meals. We all know that we immediately drink water when something is too spicy.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?