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8 Signs that you do not drink enough water

Every day I drink water, without actually thinking about it. It is self-evident to me, when I am thirsty, that I fill a glass with tap water. Drink more water in hot weather. It is the same as inhaling air. Because, in the end, water is vital for every living creature on the planet. Drink plenty of clean water.

And we should not tell you that water does a lot of good for the body, it has a lot of features. In addition to other things, it is also good for digestion and nutritional value, ideal for keeping our body in a good condition.

But how many glasses of water do you have to drink per day?

Well, that depends on person to person. What people do too often is drinking when they are thirsty. But by then they may have been dehydrated for a long time. Below 9 signals that you do not drink enough water.

1. The color of your urine

If you notice that your urine has a dark color than normal, yellow or brownish, you should drink water immediately.
2. How often you go to the toilet

Do you go to the toilet less than 2 or 3 times? Or every so many hours? If yes, it may be a sign that you may need to drink more water. Normally you would have to go to the toilet about 6 or 7 times a day, depending on how much you drink. If you do not drink water for a long time, you damage your kidneys. And your kidneys are the organs that cleanse your body.
3. Dry skin

Dry skin can mean that you drink too little water. Researchers are not yet in agreement whether it is the exact explanation for dry skin, but many believe that it has to do with the amount of fat and water in the skin.
4. Hungry feeling

Our body can give the feeling of hunger by a shortage of water. Sometimes, even after you have just eaten, you may feel hungry after the meal. Drinking water prevents muscle pain. This is the body that means that you have to drink more water.
5. Fatigue

People who do not drink enough water often feel tired during the day. This is because your body "lends" water from the blood, which reduces the oxygen supply in the body.
6. Headache

Headaches can often be a sign that you are not drinking enough water. To find out if this is really the problem, then move very quickly to pick up something, or bend and get up quickly. Does your headache feel worse? Then you really need to drink more water.
7. Quick irritation

When your body has a shortage of fluid, you may feel irritated. If this is the case, drink a glass of water and the symptoms should decrease.
8. Constipation

Yes, even our bowels need water to function. Is it bad to drink water while eating. If the body does not get enough fluid, it can remove fluid from the bowel movement, which in turn causes constipation.

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