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Water: Indispensable for your baby on hot summer days

What does water do in your body. Warm summer days coming up? A little sun is not bad for your baby, but too (as with everything) is dangerous. Babies are sensitive to the heat because they can not control their own temperature. They can quickly become overheated or dehydrated. Because prevention is better than cure: give your baby enough water.

How do you recognize dehydration in your baby?

Dehydration literally means a shortage of water in the body. This is due to excessive drainage of fluid (sweating) or a reduced intake of water (drinking water). Look at the fontanel of your baby: if it is sunk, your child needs to drink more. Or does your baby have a dry mouth, few tears when he cries or fewer shower pads in a day? A baby has about 4 to 6 urine diapers per day. Reduces the number or the urine is darkened, go to the doctor. It can indicate dehydration and this requires a quick and appropriate treatment, especially in children younger than 2 years.

What are the symptoms of overheating?

In the event of overheating, the balance between body and ambient temperature is out of balance because heat is not properly dissipated. Your child feels warm and his skin looks red and damp or is just very dry. Feel the feet of your baby, these are very hot, then the chance of overheating is great. Fatigue solved by drinking water.

Tips for overheating:

  •     Do not dress your child too hot. A body is sufficient on hot summer days.
  •     Make sure the bedroom is nice and fresh and do not cover your child too hot. Are you opening a window? Then pay attention to drafts. Drinking water helps with losing some weight.
  •     Is it much too warm inside? Allow some cooling by sprinkling your baby with water or cooling it in the shower or swimming pool.

The importance of water

Water, a super drink. Water keeps the body fit and healthy and is therefore essential for your baby 'in growth'. It ensures good digestion, a smooth transport of nutrients and it hydrates the body. Children almost never feel thirsty, but they do need more water than adults. Make sure your child drinks enough. In the summer at warm temperatures you can safely give extra water. This keeps the moisture balance up to standard and you avoid dehydration. Do you breastfeed? Do not forget to drink enough and stimulate milk production. Opt for low-mineral water. Also later, for your baby. This is because an excess of minerals can burden the kidneys. With a dry residue of only 33 mg / l, Spa Reine is one of the least mineralized waters in Europe. That makes it very suitable for both mom and baby.

How much water do I give my baby?

Babies younger than 6 months.

Important to know, water does not replace the milk. Does your little one get milk? Then you should not give water, because this reduces his appetite. And less milk also means less necessary nutrients. But what on hot days? Then make an extra bottle, or give smaller bottles more often to give extra moisture. If you are breastfeeding, you can lay your baby extra. Mind you, drink plenty of water yourself.

Babies from 6 months

Have you started with fruit and vegetable juices? Then you can water in between or after eating. A little tea can also. Make sure your baby drinks the same amount of milk. Avoid sweetened drinks and fruit juice. And opt for easily digestible meals or a bowl of soup.

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