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10 Reasons to drink 2 liters of water each day

One of the things that I really do not have to tell you is that it is so good for you ... drinking water. Drink more water. Water, a super drink. It is such an open door that I doubted whether I should blog these tips. But as simple as it sounds, it often turns out to be difficult. We often forget to drink. And yes, if you drink more, you have to go to the toilet more often. And water is boring. After a few glasses you have enough of it. And to be honest, I sometimes catch myself thinking that I have to tighten up my drinking routine ....

Drinking more water is easier if you know why you're doing it. I would advise you to read them carefully (with a glass of water ):

1. Water gives energy!
Hûh, energy? Yes really! As soon as you do not drink enough, your energy level will drop, without you realizing why ... It is because your cells are insufficiently supplied with the right energy-converting enzymes. Fatigue solved by drinking water. Thirst quenching helps you to keep your energy level high!

2. Take care of your metabolism, your absorption, your toilet walk.
A good moisture balance is essential for every stage of the digestion process. If you drink too little, you do not make enough digestive juices that should contribute to digesting your meal. Due to insufficient digestion, nutrients are difficult to absorb. Or how about the processes in your colon: too little fluid causes constipation and other shitty that I will not elaborate on ...

3. Boost your immune system
If you drink enough, your body has more opportunity to get rid of toxins. Can food influence your sleep. Otherwise toxins will accumulate in your body and in your cells, and in this way you will be susceptible to inflammation, infections and diseases. This creates a perfect environment for slowly growing diseases, such as cancer.

4. Good (by) blood (ing)
If you are in a chronic state of dehydration, this will affect the thickness of your blood: it becomes more viscous, with high blood pressure as a result. Did you know that medication for high blood pressure works diuretic? Ironically, you need a lot of water if you have high blood pressure! Drinking two liters of water thus contributes to good blood and a nice blood pressure.

5. Keep cholesterol up to date
Cholesterol has a bad name, but is simply created by your body. It ensures (among other things) that you produce sturdy, waterproof cell walls. Without cholesterol, the water would leak out of your cells ;-). If you drink too little, your body responds by extracting water from your body cells. In response to this, your body makes extra cholesterol to make the cell walls a bit thicker: the water must not flow out of the cells, because that will damage the treasure in your cell (the DNA). Because you produce more cholesterol, a part will also end up in your bloodstream. In this way, too little drinking contributes to an increased cholesterol level.

6. Hungry or thirsty?
Our brains have difficulty with the translation of thirst. As I described above, your energy level decreases due to too little drinking. However, if your energy level drops, you usually get a signal from your brain that you are hungry, rather than thirsty. This allows you to eat more than you actually would need, and create excess weight.

7. Sweat for a beautiful skin!
As you get older your skin loses elasticity, becomes dry and flaky. That process speeds up if you do not clean sufficiently. And I do not mean with soap or cleansing lotion. For cleaning your skin, drinking water alone is not enough; you can not save it with rinsing. You will also have to perspire to get rid of toxic substances. And to be able to sweat, you will have to have enough fluid in your body ....

8. Acid-base balance
Your body has a certain ideal acidity. Drinking water helps with losing some weight. If you drink enough, you help your body to maintain that value, so that you are more resistant to fungi, bacteria, toxins and inflammations.

9. Internal lubricant
Joints, cartilage, ligaments; they dry out and become vulnerable if you do not provide them with sufficient moisture. And how about a common problem of women as a dry vagina, in both young and older women. The basis of natural lubricant is water ... So drink! Everything that has to function smoothly and smoothly through natural lubricant has water as its basis.

10. Stay young
During a normal aging process, your skin cells gradually lose moisture and thus volume - think of a grape that becomes a raisin. The cells empty, as it were. This process is accelerated by, for example, caffeine, alcohol and sugar - examples of things that are dehydrating. The most accurate way to slow down wrinkles and aging is to drink water. What your exterior looks like gives an indication of the inside. Does a face look like an old parched leather bag, then the inside is also so ...

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