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This way you know if you drink enough water

Drinking enough and drinking water in particular is very important during weight loss. What does water do in your body. If you are following a diet and you are in ketosis, your body secretes all kinds of waste. It is best to dispose of it as quickly as possible. You do this by drinking enough. But how do you know if you drink enough?

Improve your health by drinking enough

Water, a super drink. Drinking enough (water) is one of the simplest ways to improve your health. All kinds of processes in your body need sufficient water to function properly. One says that you have to drink 1.5 liters a day and another says that you have to drink as much water as possible one day. Of course, it differs per person how much water someone needs. We give you a number of tools to see if you drink enough water, or too little:

If you do not drink enough: thirst

  • As soon as your body loses 1-2 percent of the required water, your brain will get a signal to supplement. Drink therefore if you are thirsty, your body asks for it! Unfortunately, we often confuse the 'thirsty' signal with hunger. Therefore, if you think you are hungry, try to fill it with water first! You will find that you are often "hungry" by drinking water, for example.
  • Color of your urine drink is sufficient

To the color of your urine you can see if you have drunk enough. Generally speaking, the rule is: the darker the lake, the less you have drunk and this should be a signal to pour something for yourself. Therefore, before you go through, look in the pot for a moment to see if you have already drunk enough. Note: vitamin B2 gives your urine a different color. You can drink a lot and still have a yellowish color.

Other physical symptoms

If you do not drink enough, there are a number of symptoms that indicate that your body has too little fluid. Some disorders that indicate a shortage of water are:

  •     Headache thirsty
  •     Irritation & mood swings
  •     Less able to think, bad concentration
  •     Fatigue. Fatigue solved by drinking water.
  •     Hungry even though you have just eaten
  •     Back or joint pain (chronic deficit)
  •     Muscle cramps (chronic deficit)
  •     Dull, dry skin and / or clear wrinkles (chronic deficiency)
  •     Constipation (chronic deficit)

Slower response capability

If you are thirsty, you respond slower to scientists from the University of East London. Even minimal dehydration has already affected the responsiveness of the researchers. This is especially dangerous when you are behind the wheel.
Concentration problems and reduced cognitive ability

Even if you suffer from a mild dehydration (1-3% of your body weight), then it already affects your concentration and cognitive ability. Drinking water helps with losing some weight. It can also lead to a worse mood and increase the chance of headaches.
Reduced physical performance

Whether you drink enough can also be derived from reduced physical performance. This effect is very strong, a dehydration of 2% causes a decrease of 10% in physical performance. It is also much more difficult to exert yourself when you are dehydrated. Muscle pain can also be prevented if you drink enough.
Accumulation of toxins

We called it in the intro for a while, water helps to drain toxins. Several studies show that drinking enough water causes your kidneys to drain certain bad substances faster. People who suffer from kidney stones also benefit from drinking extra.
Give your water more flavor, drink enough

It can sometimes be difficult to drink the required amount of water. Although some people really think water is "heavenly", there are also people who think it is a boring drink. In order to drink enough during your diet, we have a number of drinks for you that you dilate with water or tea, which also have a positive effect on your body. Think for example of this green tea, or this delicious fruit drink! This makes it much easier to consume that minimum 1.5 liters of water per day!

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