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TIP: What is alkaline water

Water, a super drink. Earlier this week, top model Miranda Kerr announced she swears by alkaline water to always look radiant and fresh. But what exactly is that, and what are the exact health benefits of the substance? Fatigue solved by drinking water.

Alkaline water is not something that you find in a volcanic lake or in a scientific laboratory. It is simply water with a lower acidity than simply tap water, because it contains less hydrogen ions. Alkaline water is also rich in calcium, silicon, potassium, magnesium and bicarbonate.
In the past, it was easily asserted that the drinking of alkaline water was linked to many health benefits, such as a reduced risk of cancer, better gastrointestinal health and all sorts of benefits for diabetic patients. However, really hard scientific evidence does not yet exist.

Drinking water helps with losing some weight. In addition, it is often claimed that alkaline water can neutralize the acid in your blood, so that all fats and sugars from your diet are balanced. "Nothing of it", claims Professor Charles Mueller of the University of New York. "Drinking alkaline water will absolutely not change the acidity of your blood. Our body already has enough different PH levels to take care of that. "

"Moreover, it is rather stupid to focus on the pH level of alkaline water," says nutritionist John Berardi. "If alkaline water is good for something, it is for the large number of minerals it contains."

Until there is more evidence that alkaline water really does something for your health, you can best save your money, and just drink water. Can food influence your sleep.

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