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TIP: Drinking Water and more water!

Actually I should drink more water - Useful tips. That is very important with this beautiful weather. Preferably drink enough water instead of lemonade and soft drinks. And that does not have to be boring at all. Nowadays there are lots of great alternatives for boring flat tap water in a glass. These are the consequences of drinking too little water.

Fruit bottles

Are fruit juices healthy. Everywhere nice colored water bottles are for sale. That is ideal for children. They have a cool drinking bottle or drinking cup with images of Cars, Barbie or other happy figures. That makes drinking water a lot more fun. There are also fruit bottles with a filter or with a separate section for additions to the water. No, I'm not talking about adding lemonade, but about slices or wedges of fruit and fresh herbs. All these pieces of fruit in the water bottle make a cheerful intention of flat tap water.

Water tap bottles

In addition to cheerful water bottles, there are also very cheerful water tap bottles for the summer days on the beach or in the park. Then you can of course choose to fill a layer of lemonade with ice cubes and water. But there are many more creative ways to bring a nice taste to water. Have you ever thought of sliced lemon and orange with mint? Or strawberries and watermelon with basil? A stick of cinnamon with apple or blueberries with raspberry are also delicious combinations! Add a load of ice cubes and cold water and a very creative water drink with little kcal and full of flavor is created. Tip: for some extra taste, thin slices of fruit or slightly crushed fruit (and herbs) are ideal. For example, more fruit or herb cells mix with the water.

Ice cubes with fruit

An ice cube with only water is made in this way. How nice is it to give extra taste or color? It gives a very nice effect to add a piece of strawberry, a few blueberries, a piece of watermelon or for example some leaves of mint. If you want to go for the exclusive ice cubes, put a nice edible flower in an ice cube. For extra taste on the water, fruit ice cubes are also a great idea. Tips for summer. By finely chopping watermelon or red fruit in a blender, an excellent basis for an ice cube is created. This way the water also gets a nice color. Do you have other ideas or delicious recipes about healthy fruit waters? Let us know via a comment on the blog.

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