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How much water per day do you really need to drink from your water cooler Wagga Wagga?

Drinking a lot of water is good for you. That is well known. It is recommended everywhere and is part of many diets. But how much water per day is really good for you? Is it 2 liters or - as some say - 7 (!) Liters?

First, we take a closer look at the importance of water. Everything around you is fed by water. Whether you enjoy a beautiful bunch of flowers or walk around in a nature park. The pure liquid composed of acid and hydrogen molecules is essential for all life on earth.

Do not survive without moisture

The human body consists of 70% of water. Good hydration in the summer. You can sleep without food, but without water we only survive a few days. An important part of it flows through our blood and the brain. They consist of more than 90% of water.

What does water do in your body?

You can ask better where water has nothing to do with it. Drinking water lowers the blood pressure.

For example, water is the most important factor in digestion. For every diet that enters your body, water acts as a solvent. It ensures that every bite you take can be absorbed into your body.

Also helps water to supply nutrients to our tissues and has a supported function in the removal of waste from the body. Water is the ingredient for detoxifying your body!

Water in nature

Alkaline water, is the nature of water. The largest proportion of water occurs in and around the cells in the body. In the cells itself it is in the protein structures. Outside the cells, water fills up the gap. Water is an important component of moisture between the tissues.

This is how we can continue. Water is indispensable and involved in virtually all processes in the body.

Beware! Rather dried out than you think

Dehydration is a bigger problem than you might think. Many people are unknowingly dehydrated more often than they are aware. Check with yourself whether you recognize the following symptoms:

  - Headache
  - Mood swings
  - Dry lips
  - Congestion

You may recognize (some of) these symptoms of the dip you may have in the afternoon. The familiar 16 hour moment. Have you ever thought that your body is just thirsty? At one point, try a glass of water.

Obviously, if you have far-reaching dehydration phenomena, it leads to much bigger problems. Such as dark urine, hallucinations and general pains.

Drinking water a day. How much water from your water cooler Wagga Wagga a day?

Is water healthy? Now the most important question: how much water do you really need per day? In fact, you cannot give an unambiguous answer to that. In general, you can assume that 2 to 3 liters is enough. However, every human being is different.

Best of all, you can calculate the amount of water for your self-based on your body weight. Put your weight in kilo's 45 times and you have about the amount of milliliter of water you need daily. So someone of 65 kilos x 45 needs about 2935 ml of water from their water cooler Wagga Wagga.

Most importantly, however, is that you listen to the needs of your body. Learn to discover when your body is thirsty and ask for water. As in the afternoon, dip.

Try to make a habit of always having water with you. This may require some discipline, but remember: you need to do something at least 10 times to make it a habit.

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Drinking so much water, is that wise now?

Good hydration in the summer. During my training as a dietitian it was "the hallmark" during the lectures. While everyone installed and the teacher was getting ready to start the lesson, they came. They were always placed on the corners of the fold-out tables. Or on the corner of the reading tables. You came across them everywhere. Most even walked with them in their hands. At the end of the lesson, they were carefully put in the bag next to the books. To bring them out during the next lecture. No, I'm not talking about notebooks or laptops. I'm not talking about a pen either. I am talking about drinking bottles here. Stop drinking soda - Stop sugar. From those bottles filled with water. You know them ...

And thus?! What is it with those bottles ...?

At first glance, there is not much wrong. They just look like normal, plastic bottles. And you drink water from it. Water is great for drinking. Moisture, no nutritional value and therefore no calories.
That's right ... In a sense
There is not much wrong with the water. Strictly speaking, that can of course also be optimized. I am not going to bother you with this; that is something for another blog. I actually want to talk briefly about the drinking bottles themselves.

Water bottle investigation

Earlier this year, research was done into the amount of enterobacteria in water bottles that were filled. This was done for the TV program "Kassa". Enterobacteria are the bacteria that also occur in the stool. What appears now; 1 in 3 water bottles contain more than 1,000 enterobacteria / ml. Compare that with the norm of 100 enterobacteria / ml of drinking water from cows and draw your own conclusion.

Better a different bottle?

Is right. The moment you take another bottle, for example glass or stainless steel, you can clean it well every day. Nice solution. You can buy these kinds of bottles from water cooler Wagga Wagga. Drinking water with fruit and spice.

Wait a moment to look up and buy these bottles from water cooler Wagga Wagga.

First the reason why you would buy such a bottle.
There is a good chance that you will buy such a bottle, so that you drink enough per day. Sufficient drinking is probably around 1.5 to 2 liters per day from your water cooler Wagga Wagga. Drinking water lowers the blood pressure. During the day, you can then top up around 500 ml of a bottle. Just count (just kidding of course) ... then you only need to empty that bottle 4x a day et voilà! Your body is happy with the amount of drinking fluid. And, perhaps most importantly: you were not thirsty today. So: you drank on time and provided your body with sufficient fluid.


We have all been advised that we should drink at least 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day. You have probably also been told that you must also drink before you are thirsty. Otherwise you are too late. If you are exercising, it is also important to hydrate well in between. Drink enough from your water cooler Wagga Wagga, both before and during exercise.

You will feel it coming soon ..

More and more questions are being asked in scientific literature. Is this the right recommendation? Do we not drink too much if we meet this recommendation? How did it go in nature in the past, have we always had water sources at our disposal then?


Science shows that continuing to sip your water continuously, or taking the 1.5-2 liters of water (or drinking water) per day may well be more harmful than you and I thought. There is a chance that water poisoning is closer than dehydration. That means that you should really only drink if you are thirsty from your water cooler Wagga Wagga.

It is also useful here to take a look back at how "we" used to do that in nature. Then there was not always water for packing. And certainly not before the sensation came thirsty. Recently, a study also looked at the fact that when old challenges come to mind, this improves anthropometry and metabolism. So it's good to look up old challenges more often! Dress a bit colder, take a cold shower, sometimes feel hungry or thirsty, experience brief stress, etc.

But it is nice and warm

Exactly. And that is a good example. These days we live in a science fiction environment for our body. Our biorhythm is confused by checking your e-mail and social media in bed just before bedtime, the tap provides drinking water without first having walked for dozens of kilometers before it and our sedentary lifestyle does not promise much good either.

How do you know when you drink too much?

In the meantime it seems clear to me that too many people drink too much, simply because it is "supposed to". The result of this is, among other things, a disturbed mineral balance (which therefore makes water poisoning so harmful). You may recognize signals of this: excessive urination (also at night),

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