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TIP: Tips to drink more water

Actually I should drink more water. My best beauty tip and that of other models? It is unexpectedly simple and cheap: water, water and more water. Drinking enough water ensures a hydrated skin. It is smoother, looks fuller and shows fewer signs of skin aging. In addition, enough water helps prevent impurities such as blackheads and pimples by improving the disposal of waste products. I therefore drink a lot of water. If I drink a little less water a couple of days, then I see that immediately. My skin immediately shows some dry lines, dry spots and my lips dry. You need about 1.5 to 2 liters of fluid per day. This amount depends, among other things, on your height x weight, the temperature and your activity level. The heavier and longer you are and the more you move, the more fluid you need. Other factors that require more fluid include alcohol consumption, temperature and disease. 5 Tips to drink plenty of water at the office.

Juices and soft drinks

Of course you can also drink juices or soft drinks to bring your moisture content to the arrow. After all, moisture is moisture. Be aware that many drinks contain a lot of sugar and that many sugars, such as juice from the pack, contain sugars. A glass of it can not do much harm, but drinking 1.5 to 2 liters per day is a bit too much. Chances are you will see this reflected on your skin (think of impurities), your weight and your teeth. In addition, alcohol dries out correctly. Therefore put a glass of water in front of each glass of alcohol. Drink more water! That is easier said than done. After all, water is not the best drink you can think of. So it will be a little bit longer. I did not like it before, but believe me: you get used to it and in the long run you do not know better.

7 tips for drinking more water

To help you drink more water, I give you eight tips here:

    Drink herbal tea

Tea is a good choice in the winter when your water is just too cold. Herbal teas come in very tasty flavors, such as chocolate and licorice (fennel and liquorice). So drinking water is absolutely no punishment!

    Taste water

Add a flavor to your water. Fruit water. Fill a can or your water bottle with water and add herbs or fruit. A number of fine combi's:

- a piece of peeled fresh ginger, some sprigs of mint and some slices of lime;

- dill and peeled cucumber;

- halved strawberries;

- lemon and mint slices;

- ginger, lemon and melissa.

- lavender and mint.

Many of these flavors can also be made with filtered water from Prestige Water. It's that easy! Keep in mind that these additions do not work wonders for your health. For that you can better take the additives fresh and in larger quantities. How-drink-your-more-water. Water with a taste from Prestige Water; just as easy to make yourself, tasty Healthy eating practices and easy to drink away, but hardly healthier than regular water.

    Big bottle

Keep a large bottle of water on hand all day long (in your bag, on your desk, in your hand).


Teach yourself to drink a large glass of water after every meal or snack.


Add water to your fruit juices. This way you get less sugar and more water. This is especially a tip for healthy fruit juice drinkers who want to drink more water.

    When you get up

Teach yourself to stand up to two glasses of water when standing up. This also directly stimulates your bowel function.

    Log your water

Keep track of how much you actually drink with your phone. This can be done with the Waterlogged app (for iPhone and Android), for example.

    Set dashes

Buy a large bottle of 2 liters and divide the bottle into parts with dashes. Write times at the dashes. So you know that around 2 o'clock in the afternoon you have to be at the 2 o'clock to drink enough throughout the day.

Good luck!

With these 8 tips you will be able to drink more water.

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