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7 Tips to drink more water

Your body needs 1.5 to 2 liters of fluid per day. Often people find it difficult to drink 'so much' and they actually get too little fluid inside. Drinking too little can have unpleasant consequences. Signals that you get too little fluid include headache, poor concentration, fatigue, constipation, dark urine, bad breath and you can even get a feeling of hunger. Especially the latter is of course not useful when you want to lose weight.

I give you some golden tips that make it easier to drink enough water.

1. Make it a habit

It helps to drink more water when it comes to your daily routine. For example, always take a glass of water when you get up and before you go to bed. So you have at least two glasses of water in one day. You can set more fixed moments to drink water. For example, always when you come home from work or from the supermarket.
2. Add fruit to water, Fruit water.

Lemon water healthy and delicious. To make the water more tasty and give more variety, you can add fresh fruit. I'm not crazy about water myself, but during a vacation in Mexico I got to know water with a taste. Since then I have never drunk so much water. Healthy eating practices.

You can actually add all the fruit that you like to water. My favorite additions are cucumber and basil. Especially on a hot summer day this version is refreshingly refreshing. I also like the combination of orange and ginger.
3. Use water to apply freshly

Can you really resist a glass of fresh air? Then lengthen it with water. So you can very well a quarter of the glass filling with a juice and the rest with water. So you still taste the juice but it is a lot healthier.
4. Always bring a bottle of water

Make sure you always have water at hand, even when you are in the car or walking in the city. If you always have a bottle of water with you you can always drink water Also at work it is useful to have a bottle with you. Put this bottle in sight so that you do not forget to drink.
5. Drink before meals

Teach yourself to drink a glass of water before every meal. This not only helps to maintain your fluid balance, but it also ensures that you have less appetite and therefore eat less. Ideal for when you want to lose weight.
6. Drink after every toilet visit

When you drink a glass of water after every visit to the toilet, you stay well hydrated. From drinking you also have to go to the toilet and after wards you can drink a glass of water again. This way you will certainly get enough fluid inside.
7. Use an app

There are different types of apps that allow you to keep track of how much water you drink. These apps occasionally give you a notification that it is time to drink something. For example, you have Aqualert. This app determines how much water you should drink and helps you remember that you have to drink. He also keeps track of when you have achieved your goal for that day and so when you have drunk enough. Drinking water and losing weight.

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