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That is why drinking water in the sauna is so important

Actually I should drink more water. The sauna has a lot of healthy effects on the body. This protects you against colds, improves your blood circulation and has a relaxing effect on the muscles. But if you want to keep it as healthy as possible, then you should also drink plenty of water from your water cooler Surfers Paradise. Why this is necessary, you can read here.


  • Moisture loss
  • When to drink water?
  • How much should I drink?
  • What can I drink? Fruit water

Moisture loss

The sauna and sweating, that goes together naturally. That also means that you lose a lot of moisture. On the one hand, this is healthy: the body extracts that moisture from our tissues, so that waste products are removed. The only disadvantage is that loss of moisture is also accompanied by a loss of minerals. You can recover them by drinking water and by doing so, bring your fluid intake up to standard. Drinking water and losing weight.

When to drink water?

It is important that you drink water before and after each sauna visit. Even better is water with the addition of extra minerals: with potassium or sodium or salt water. This ensures that your body also holds the water that you drink and that it has sufficient minerals. After a sauna session, you should also drink plenty of water or lukewarm tea. This way you can restore your moisture reserves.

How much should I drink?

How do you know if you absorb enough fluid? You can tell by the color of your urine. In fact, it must be almost transparent, like water. If that is not the case and the color is rather yellow, it means that you are dehydrated. You then have to drink more water from your water cooler Surfers Paradise. Do not wait until you get thirsty, because then it is usually too late.

What can I drink?

Tap water is not healthy anymore, therefore filter. Water is of course the best to bring your fluid intake up to standard. Also (herbal) tea and fruit water have a beneficial effect. Drinks that you have to avoid before and after the sauna are coffee, black tea, alcoholic drinks and many soft drinks. These have a dehydrating effect. If you drink them anyway, then you do that best in combination with water.


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Hydrate, cool and protect against the sun

Drinking from your water cooler Surfers Paradise  in warm weather

Drinking too little is one of the main causes of health problems on very hot days, together with being too hot.

  • Drink more water than usual: at least 1.5 liters at rest.
  • Drink regularly and before you are thirsty. Does your urine turn dark or do you pee less than usual? Then you drink too little.
  • Avoid alcohol and sweetened drinks. Your body loses moisture faster if you drink alcohol. And you don't absorb sweetened drinks as quickly.
  • Eating in warm weather. How do I get more energy?
  • Take advice for a healthy diet into account and let water prevail.
  • Eat light meals that are easy to digest, that requires less energy from your body
  • Eat enough vegetables and fruit. These are extra vitamins for your body.

How to cool down in warm weather?

  • Wear a headgear and sunglasses
  • Choose light, loose-fitting clothing
  •  Make strenuous efforts at cooler moments: the morning and the evening
  • Find a place in the shade to relax (forest, park)
  • Cool your body: take a lukewarm shower, a foot bath or a refreshing dip in a swimming pool.

Also keep your home cool:

  • Use as few devices as possible that produce heat
  • Maximize your sun protection
  • Open your windows and doors as long as it is cooler outside than inside (at night)

Protect from the sun. The weather is unpredictable, but try to prepare well for warm days. Drink also plenty of filtered water from the water cooler Surfers Paradise.

  • It is very important that you follow the weather forecasts carefully. Do you know it's going to be hot? Make sure you always have water with you when you go out the door.
  • Rub the skin regularly with sunscreen
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, especially during midday when the sun is strongest
  • Know your skin! Are you naturally sensitive to the sun? Then take the necessary precautions
  • Never leave anyone in the car

Extra attention for the elderly and children:

  • Keep a close eye on the general health condition (hydration, fatigue, blood pressure, etc.). This can evolve very quickly in older people. Recognize the signals! (link to complaints)

Care for vulnerable people

We all yearn for the warm weather every year, but unfortunately hundreds of people die each year from the effects of heat. It often concerns elderly people living alone or the chronically ill. The elderly are a very vulnerable group on hot days. Benefits of drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach. They are less likely to feel thirsty and often dress too warmly. Also ensure that their body can rest sufficiently. Are you taking care of an older person? Then have the attending doctor visit regularly for a check-up. Seek help immediately if an elderly person feels unwell. The health condition can deteriorate quickly.

Babies and young children need extra care on hot days. Infants still have difficulty regulating their body temperature and are extra sensitive to dehydration. Children under the age of 3 cannot always clearly explain their needs or inconveniences. Young children also react differently to heat than adults and need more attention from their caregivers on hot days. Have a child drink a lot of extra water from the water cooler Surfers Paradise. Why filter tapwater. Offer quieter activities and save the intensive activities for the cooler moments of the day. NEVER leave children in a parked car, not even for two minutes.

When to seek help?

  • Due to the warm weather it is possible that you will suffer from certain complaints: red spots, sleeping problems, headache, rash, nausea, etc. Then drink more water, find a cool place and rest. Call your doctor if in doubt.
  • Do you or someone else react abnormally to heat (shortness of breath, excessive sweating, etc.)? Call 000 if necessary. A heat stroke can be dangerous. Drink also some water from the water cooler Surfers Paradise.

Keep a close eye on the general health condition (hydration, fatigue, blood pressure, etc.) of the elderly and children. This can evolve very quickly in older people. Recognize the signals!

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Why is Filtered Water so Important?