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Drink more water: Tips

Moisture and drinking water. To maintain your moisture content, it is important that you drink one to one half to two liters of water a day. Everything in your body needs moisture, your body consists of 70% of water! Without moisture we can survive for four days without eating seventy. Water is mainly responsible for the transport of nutrients to the cells and the removal of waste through our kidneys. 5 Reasons why drinking water is good for your heart, brain and metabolism.

Your skin is a body, just like any other part of your body. Without water, organs do not work well, or not at their best. If your skin does not get enough water, your skin will dry and feel and you will see sheets. Your skin has less resilience and you will see ripples and drizzles much faster.

To make your skin shine and make it feel smooth, you just have to drink a lot of water. About two liters a day. More preferably! I drink about three liters daily. Meanwhile it's a habit and I see it on my skin! In the past, I could not even imagine how to get one and a half liter in peace. So I give you tips to drink a lot of water in an easy, fun and delicious way. What does water do in your body.

    I start my day with two glasses (of 250ml) of water on a sober stomach. This seems to be very good for your health (and according to Japanese studies it could also cause a lot of problems and illnesses, I especially like it because I immediately drank half a liter of water.

    Make sure you always have a bottle of water that can fill you. I drag my bottle everywhere. An ideal bottle because you can wash it, which can not with ordinary plastic water bottles. When I get somewhere where a tap is, I fill him up.
    If you work at a desk during (part of) the day, put a carafe or bottle of water with a glass nearby. I put in a slice of lemon or some mint. Before I passed through, I drank another two-liter carafe!
    Make your water more delicious by incorporating fruit or herbs. Think of mint, dill, lemon, strawberries, cucumber ... It tastes very fresh, very tasty! And you make your water a little healthier too
    And, do not forget that tea is also water. So drink plenty of tea (without sugar) and you will also get your moisture inside.
    In the past, I drank a lot of soda, but now I have replaced this with water and Spa Red with a slice of lemon. Spa Red I do not drink all day, about two glasses. Everything I drink is water, occasionally a cup of espresso.
    If I eat outside the door or drink coffee, I always order a barrel or bottle of water. Carafe tap water is also cheap, and so you almost drink half a liter while you're cozy.

I always notice that I have not drunk enough on my head (I get headache!) And my skin. If I do not drink for a long period of time (which does not really happen again), I also notice that I get blue circles under my eyes. If I have thirst, I notice that I have not really drunk for a long time, fortunately, that is not so often. And, if you go to the toilet in the evening and your puddle is yellow, you have never drunk too much. Tomorrow a new day, with three liters of water

Do not drink too much, because water poisoning is very dangerous. You will find here and here some more information.

If you still have water-drinking tips, share them with the comments! Success with your new habit! Water, a super drink.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?