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With these 6 tips you will drink enough water each day

How many liter of water should you drink. We do not have to tell you that drinking enough water is extremely important. Lose weight by drinking water. However, during work that is sometimes quite difficult with all the intervening deadlines and phone calls. Here are some tips to help you!

The advantages

Drinking enough water brings many benefits. For example, water flushes out toxins, strengthens your immune system and increases your energy. In addition, by drinking water you can counteract a hunger that will help you with calorie control. And finally you will start to shine and improve your skin. Drinking water makes grow your hair faster. This is what everyone wants?

Tips to keep drinking

# 1 Keep your water close

The easiest tip we are going to give you: make sure you have water in your neighborhood. This way you can always take a sip easily. For example, teach yourself that every time you look at your glass or bottle you have to take a sip.

# 2 Vary

Drinking water daily in a day can become a bit boring and therefore resist. So keep on varying! Take a bottle of sparkling water once or drink different types of tea. You can also give your water a taste by letting lemon, lime, cucumber or other fruit in it, works like a kind of lemonade and looks nice!

# 3 Use an app

There are now several free apps that can help you drink enough water. Suppose you receive a push message every so often, so that you are reminded to take a drink. Examples are: 'Water alert' and 'My water balance'.

# 4 Decorate your bottle

Pimp your bottle by drawing on it with a marker. If you like it you can of course also stick stickers and much more. Now I hear you thinking: how is that going to help me? The basics of the decoration are as follows: draw a number of rings around the bottle, start now at the top and write times at the rings. Now enter the competition with yourself: after 12:00 you must have reached the first ring. Ready? Set, go!

# 5 Think of a fixed time

Speak with yourself a fixed time that you have to fill your bottle (and that it is so up for that time). For example, every time you have to go to the bathroom.

# 6 Buy a nice water bottle

Yes, this is another great excuse for a nice online shopping session! Chances are that if you have a super nice water bottle, do not forget it and use it. These are the consequences of drinking too little water.

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