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Drink two glasses of water and lose weight

Ordinary drinking water is a slimming agent. Researchers at the medical university in Berlin discovered this. In the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, they write how, after drinking two glasses of water, they increase the energy consumption of the body. Stop drinking soda - Stop sugar. The effect probably arises because the body has to invest energy in absorbing water. Drinking water with fruit and spice.

Drink two glasses of water and burn 23 Cal extra

That drinking water allows the body to consume more energy has been known for some time. The same researchers about this piece published seven years ago a study showing that six glasses of water men burn more fat and women more carbohydrates. In that study, the researchers had their subjects drink half a liter of water. If you extrapolate the figures from their studies - and assume that there is nothing wrong with that - then you can lose an additional 2.4 kg of body fat every year if you drink 6 glasses of water from your water cooler Rosebud every day.

Good hydration in the summer. The question is how that can be done. A small part of the effect is the work of the temperature of water. Water is colder than the body, and heating up the water takes a bit of energy. Another part of the effect could be related to the expansion of the stomach. A full stomach activates nerve pathways causing the concentration of pep hormones as adrenaline and nor-adrenaline in the blood increases. Because adrenalin cells work harder, the energy consumption increases a bit.

In this study, the researchers gave their test subjects - 8 fat women and 8 fat men - one time 0.5 liters of water, the other time 50 ml of water and another time 0.5 liters of water containing a little salt. The saline solution was iso-osmotic. That means that the concentration of salt is equal to that in the blood. The body does not just absorb water. If you drink water from your water cooler Rosebud, it only comes into your blood when it contains as much salt as there is in your blood. If there is water in your stomach, the body first seeks out salt and mixes it with the ingested water until the correct concentration of salt is reached. That is why isotonic thirst quenchers are indeed better than ordinary sports drinks. Feeding the salt after the test subjects drank half a liter of water costs the body energy, the researchers suspect. That causes the increased energy consumption. If you want to experiment with increasing your water intake, keep in mind that you can overdose something as innocent as water. Water poisoning is not a rare phenomenon. No matter how dreadful it sounds, every year people die because they drink too much water. Calculate how much water you should drink per day.

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Drinking healthy water from your water cooler Rosebud

Drinking healthy water is hot! Everyone knows by now that drinking water is good for people. Our motto is one and a half liters per day for an adult. No more than three liters, which can cause problems, especially if you drink it in a short time. The cells in your body absorb the water and therefore expand. This leads to pinching of the nerves. The salt balance in the body is also lost. So don't drink too much and not in too short a time. Drinking water, the best way to keep your moisture balance up to date.

Start right away

The best and most convenient way to drink enough water is to drink two large glasses or cups in the morning on an empty stomach. If you do that with a little lukewarm water, the body does not have to heat all that water to 37 degrees immediately. That costs energy. If you start your day like this, you have already drunk nearly half a liter of healthy water and you have all day for the remaining liters.

If you have desk work, it is of course easy to always have a bottle of water on the desk. Or two of a half liter, then you immediately know that you have had enough when you have them empty. If you spend your day in a different way, make up a reminder yourself. 7 Ways to influence your energy intake. Two half liter bottles after the morning ritual of two full glasses and you will feel fine with it.

Healthy water = vitalized

Truth about drinking water. Drinking healthy water from your water cooler Rosebud is by far the best with vitalized water that has passed through the Prestige water vitalizer. The water vitalizer changes the way the water molecules are structured by its vibration. You can read more about it on this page. Apart from the fact that your body cells will be enormously happy with this natural water, it also tastes much better according to most users. This in turn means that you can drink healthy water more easily.

An additional advantage of vitalized water is that it stays nice for a long time. We tested the new structure of a bottle that had been standing for a year and it was still vital and tasty. So if you put vitalised water from your own tap in your drinking bottles or glasses, you can still drink it with confidence - the next day or, if necessary, the next week or next year.

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