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Why do I start every morning with a glass of hot lemon water.

Actually I should drink more water - Useful tips. On Facebook and Instagram, I regularly ask why I start my day with a glass of hot water with lemon. In this blog I explain how to do this every morning. Also, I give 5 reasons why this has been my daily morning ritual for a year and a half. Meanwhile, I'm used to it so I can not do without it! The refreshing taste helps me to wake up well in the morning and bring the digestion up.

Before I mention the benefits, Water with minerals is better than just tap water. I would like to explain exactly what this is about: When I get up, I go straight to the kitchen to turn on the kettle and fill a glass of a lemon juice. For convenience, I often use lemon juice from a bottle. Preferably buy these, the ingredients are water, lemon juice, citric acid and lemon oil. Of course you can also buy lemons and squeeze them over your glass, take care not to get any pit. Instead of lemon, you can do this with limes too. I myself use both and I switch it off.

As soon as the water has boiled, I donate this to the lemon juice, as well as filling it with cold water. Note always use a lot of hot water, completely cold to scare your intestines and do not have a nice effect. If I have little time I do half with hot water and the other half with cold water, so you can drink it a little faster. After the shower I'm going to dress my glass of lemon water. Meanwhile I do my hair and makeup and I empty my glass. I drink it on a sober stomach, only after 30 minutes I eat my breakfast. Why filter tapwater.

Lemon water

Now that you know how to do this every morning it's time to tell why. On the Internet you can find dozens of reasons. I would like to share the reasons for which I have clearly noticed a clear effect. Finally, I'll give you a brief summary of other benefits that can be taken when you start your day with hot water and lemon

5 reasons to drink hot water with lemon.

1. It stimulates digestion and promotes the stool
Water with lemon drinks stimulates digestion, for example by increasing bile production in your liver. After drinking, it may be that you may need to go straight to the toilet. The warm water slowly wakes your digestive system, making it easy to get started. In addition, the vitamins and minerals in lemon ensure that food residues are rinsed from your stomach and intestines. A must for people with constipation problems.

2. It gives you energy!
Do you drink coffee in the morning to get energy? And do you soon notice that you get tired again? This is due to the effect of coffee, it gives you a very short energy boost. Warm water with lemon gives you a longer lasting energy. I notice the difference clearly, when I have not come to my glass of hot water with lemon, I am still tired and less alert at the beginning of the morning.

3. It has antibacterial and antiviral properties
The use of lemons (and lemon juice) helps prevent flu and colds. I can honestly say that I'm very cold and less sick than before. It will come from a combination of clean food, daily lemon juice and enough exercise in the form of strength training.

4. It promotes fresh breath
Lemon combs mouth bacteria and refreshes your breath. Note that the juice is not undiluted, which may affect the glaze of your teeth.

5. It has a cleaning effect
Lemon juice helps you remove toxins from your body, for example, into your digestive tract and large intestine. It stimulates the liver to produce more enzymes and to work more efficiently. It also works urine and can change the pH level, thereby preventing bacterial growth. Do you often have a bladder infection? Perhaps this new morning ritual can help you!

What benefits are more known for drinking hot lemon water from your water cooler Roma?
- It boosts your immune system
- It improves your skin
- Reduces inflammation
- Reduces mucus formation
- It helps you get rid of the caffeine
- Promotes weight loss. 5 Helpful tips with losing weight by drinking water.
- Helps reduce stress

Try it for a while, you probably will not want to go without it!


    Lemon juice can be used as part of a healthy eating pattern.
    If you are afraid that the acid affects your dental glaze, you can better drink it with a straw.
    Wait for lemon water half an hour before starting your breakfast
    You can also use lime.

Sufficient moisture from your water cooler Roma is important!

It's summer! All the more reason to ensure that you drink enough. Why is there always such an emphasis on drinking enough? And how do you put it into practice? And what exactly is bulk drinking? The two main nutrients for the body are oxygen and water. These two sources are necessary for the processing of food in your body. We cannot survive without oxygen and moisture. Water is used as a building material, a means of transport of vitamins and solvent, among other things. That's not all, because it is also important for temperature control and the smooth running of metabolic processes.

We lose fluid daily through urine, exhalation, evaporation through the skin and excretion of the stool. To ensure that we do not dry out and that we can continue to function properly, we must replenish our fluid needs daily.
The trend: Drink bulk

We must get enough moisture. But how are you going to put that into practice? Should we always have a bottle of water on hand so we can drink little bits all day long? Or is it better to grab a drink at set times of the day? Great tasting water from your water cooler Roma. And perhaps it is much better to drink a lot during meals ...

A long time ago, when there was no running water, it was not possible to drink all day long. Sometimes we had to walk for hours before running into water. Also think about how things are in nature. Have you ever seen an animal that takes a drink every 5 minutes? Not me. Animals drink until they are full, and we should do the same. It is better to drink a larger quantity at one time, in other words: Drink bulk.

What is better? Drink bulk or sip water all day long?

This is how you start drinking bulk

When you start drinking bulk, you suddenly take a larger amount of fluid. This way you can move forward again for a while. But how do you put this into practice?
  • Start your day with 2 large glasses of water and make sure you consume 8 glasses of fluid daily
  • Listen to your body. Getting thirsty is the best indicator to supplement the fluid balance. Drink when you are thirsty and don't confuse a feeling of hunger with the feeling of thirst.
  • Drink a large amount from your water cooler Roma at one time. Drinking small amounts during the day costs the body a lot of energy.
  • Especially drink between meals and not too much during a meal. Drinking a lot during a meal inhibits digestion. The body does not get all the nutrients from your food and that is a pity
  •     Water is the best choice to meet your moisture needs. All other drinks contain substances that often have an unnecessary influence on your body.

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