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Quickly and easily burn fat with lemon water

A simple way to burn those stubborn pounds? With this wonder drink, fat disappears like snow in the sun!
Lemon juice and weight loss

Actually I should drink more water - Useful tips. To lose weight with lemon, it suffices to dilute the juice of a lemon with a liter of sparkling water. Drink one glass of lemon juice before and after the meal for an optimal effect. The acid will stimulate digestion and burn stubborn fat.
Give your metabolism a boost with lemon water

If you combine lemon juice with a healthy diet, your metabolism will work extra quickly so that fat is effectively burned. Lemon juice with sparkling water is the ideal replacement for unhealthy sugared soft drinks and it is also delicious!
Cleanse your body with lemon juice

Lemons are moisture drifting, so waste can easily leave your body. It cleanses your liver and keeps your body healthy. The extra vitamin C and antioxidants in lemon give your body the boost it needs to burn fat.
Suppress your hunger with lemon

Lemon juice makes you less hungry again. Try to add a glass of lemon juice with sparkling water and drink it at times when you get hungry. 12 Ultimate water with fruit combinations. You will notice that you will eat much less between meals. Does it make sense to drink water after eating fruit.
Hot water with lemon

By drinking warm water with lemon in the morning you will burn fat faster. The acid in the lemon removes toxins from your body and burns excess fat. You can drink the juice in the morning, because the fat burning process comes into action more quickly. Furthermore, it ensures good digestion and will increase your metabolism.
How much juice do you need for optimal fat burning?

Drink the juice every day from a half to a whole lemon. You can now also buy squeezed lemon juice if you have little time. Still, it pays to squeeze your juice yourself. In compressed juice are still the most vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Water with minerals is better than just tap water.
How do you proceed?

Press the juice every morning and divide it into 5 portions. Drink the largest portion in the morning and add warm water to start burning fat. Throughout the day you can drink lemon juice with sparkling water before and after the meal. To protect your teeth against the citric acid you can use a straw if necessary.

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The benefits of filtered, ionized alkaline / basic water from a Prestige Water Cooler Rocklea

Drink filtered water = drink clean water

Substances such as chlorine, trihalomethanes, cryptosporidium, guardia, parasites (cysts), the water-borne influenza virus, organic compounds, heavy metals, e-coli and other bacteria, as well as gases and odors and residues of drugs and medicines from the water filtered. Even fluorine that is still present in the tap water of some regions and which is a real attack on our health is largely removed!

Alkaline / basic water deacidifies the body

Alkaline / basic Ionized water is the term for tap water that has undergone an ionization process and has therefore obtained an alkaline / basic pH value. The high basic / alkaline pH value of ionized alkaline / basic water helps the body to maintain or achieve an optimal acid-base balance and supports the body in preventing and curing diseases.

More about the difference between alkaline / basic and acid / acide water can be found here ...

Ionized water is also known for its active and positive effect on many health complaints, such as: stomach and intestinal problems, including stomach acid problems, unhealthy intestinal flora, intestinal plaque, constipation, chronic diarrhea, candida, but also arthritis, arthrosis, ...
That is why many international medical institutes and renowned doctors recommend the use of alkaline / basic water from your water cooler Rocklea.
It is also referred to as Prestige water by some people.

Our overall health is determined by, among other things, the acid balance of the body, which is naturally slightly alkaline / basic.
Cleansing your body is also known as detox, detoxification or deacidification. In particular, acidic wastes stored in the body should be removed from the body from time to time, and preferably forever. The natural pH balance is thus restored.

Combating acidification as a result of our diet

Our diet and lifestyle brings too much acid into our body. After all, everything you eat is absorbed or excreted in the body. Transport of this is provided by the blood.

Evildoers for blood and body poisoning include:
  •     Starch / carbonates and acids
  •     Junk Food / fat and acids
  •     Coffee and soft drinks / sugars and acids
  •     Alcohol
  •     Lack of movement
  •     Stress
Combating acidification due to old age

Acid is created in our body by our metabolism (sweat, urine and carbon dioxide are all waste acids). As one gets older, the metabolism decreases and acidifies. Too much acid or waste (cholesterol, fat, sugar) in our body can cause health problems and diseases.

Diseases and ailments flourish in an acidic environment. Alkaline / basic ionized Water has a pH value of well above 7 pH to neutralize the acid in the body. It also has smaller water clusters for rapid hydration and cell penetration.

Anti-oxidant effect

The active effect of this water is caused by electrically influencing normal tap filtered water from your water cooler Rocklea. This takes place in the so-called electrolysis chamber of an alkaline / basic water ionizer, where a cathode (-) and an anode (+) separate the acidic water from the alkaline / basic water and the structure of the water (due to, among other things, the changed viscosity) and change the pH value. This water with a negative ORP (oxidation reduction potential -100 to -950mV) thereby becomes an anti-oxidant that seeks and levels free radicals and strengthens the immune system. Free radicals are unstable oxygen atoms that, when present in excess in the body, damage ordinary cells. An excess of free radicals is therefore also designated as the instigator of a large number of diseases.

Simply put: a high or rising ORP causes oxidation and thus aging. The negative ORP of ionized water slows down the aging process by counteracting this increased ORP. Ionized water renews our body on a cellular level.

The other antioxidant property of ionized water is determined by the presence of hydroxyl ions. These are oxygen molecules to which an extra electron is linked, which is the case with all antioxidants, such as vitamins A, C and E.

Hydroxyl ions detect the free radicals - unstable oxygen molecules - that cause damage to the body. As soon as a hydroxyl antioxidant and a free radical have mutually eliminated, the body is supplied with large amounts of oxygen and a large energy potential is obtained.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?