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Drink enough water

How do you know if you are drinking enough water. Drinking enough water is a recommendation that we often hear. Especially during exercise and on hot summer days. Drinking too little generally has unpleasant consequences. A number of useful tips that make it easy to keep your fluid up to standard.

It is good to drink plenty of water from your water cooler Robina, because our body can not function properly without moisture. We get headaches, can become nauseous and start to feel weak. In addition, you can get stiff muscles, a faster heart rate and reduced blood pressure. In extreme cases of dehydration you can even get into shock. Annoying consequences that we can prevent. The solution is not drinking when you get thirsty, because your body is already drying out. So avoid getting thirsty. Drinking water also helps with weight loss and you will look younger if you drink enough water. Your skin will also become healthier and you will become ill less quickly. Soft drinks, up to 7 cubes of sugar. Healthy drinks instead of water.

In general, a woman has to make more effort to maintain her fluid, because the female body consists of 52 percent of fluid, compared to 63 percent of the male body. Your body loses fluid in many ways, even through breathing. If you lose weight naturally you sweat more moisture on average, the same applies to a hot summer day. Although we also ingest moisture through food, this is of course not enough to keep us healthy. Flink (water) drink so! An adult needs an average of 1.5 to 2 liters per day of drinking fluid, in which drinking water is of course the healthiest way to keep the fluid level. Lose weight by drinking water. Drink plenty of filtered water from your water cooler Robina.


android-water-tracker-main There are some nice apps that help you with the daily recommended intake of fluid. There is Aqualert, a reminder app for drinking water. The app helps you to a good water balance on the basis of drinking memories and determines on the basis of your gender, weight and activity level how much you should drink. You fill in your water intake yourself and then you see in a graphical representation how far you are. The My Water Balance app works very handy with the Apple Watch. You can calculate your daily water intake, indicate what kind of drink you have drunk and its size. This app also sends you memories, and also gives tips.

Water bottles

You are already drinking a lot of water if you have a good water bottle. So you always have moisture with you and you do not have to walk all the time to a tap to pour a glass of water. The Hydranome is a very handy water bottle, through the counter on this bottle you can see at a glance how much water you have drunk. Healthy drink water from your home filtered water cooler Robina. An ideal memory aid and a coach for drinking enough water. In addition, you can also download an app from the Hydranome that reminds you to take a sip. A Dopper bottle is also worth purchasing, this also helps you to actively reduce the use of plastic waste. When buying a water bottle you do the same.


If you find water boring, you can also buy a Bobble water bottle. It contains a filter with which you can add a flavor to your water. For example, fresh raspberries, mint, lemon, orange, cucumber or ginger. You can also combine, a number of tasty recipes can be found here. Nice tip: make ice cubes with a piece of fruit for an extra refreshing effect. Nice for a hot summer day!

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How much fluid do you have to drink per day from your water cooler Robina?

30 ml per kg body weight. So if you weigh 70 kg, that's 2.1 liters of fluid per day. Too much drinking isn't good either. On hot days, therefore, do not drink more than 3 liters per day.

In short: an adult needs around two liters of water per day. Various factors, such as the climate, your weight and your physical activity, can cause you to need more than 2 liters of water per day.

Do coffee, tea and soft drinks also count?

It is a myth that coffee, tea and sugary drinks add nothing to the body's moisture balance. The drinks contain a high concentration of water. The caffeine in coffee, tea and soft drinks, on the other hand, stimulates the kidneys, causing the body to excrete moisture more quickly. Caffeinated drinks are therefore less effective in supplementing the moisture balance. There are no calories in the water from your water cooler Robina. Why filter tapwater.

For this reason, it is best not to include drinks with caffeine, such as coffee, tea and soft drinks, in the amount of water you drink.

Why you should never ignore thirst

A proper moisture balance is needed to survive. The moisture level in the body is too low when you experience thirst. Your body sends a powerful signal through thirst to prevent it from drying out.

Therefore, listen to your body when you are thirsty.

Drink extra water if you:

  • Sweat during exercise
  • Excessive sweat in general
  • Are out in the sun
  • Breastfeeding
  • Must vomit or have diarrhea

Drinking enough water is essential for a slim, energetic and strong body. Below are 7 reasons to motivate you to drink more water.

7 reasons to drink enough water from your water cooler Robina

Drinking enough water is the most inexpensive and quick way to improve your health. Read below why.

1. Water promotes your physical performance

How do I get more energy? It is important to drink plenty of water from your water cooler Robina during exercise and / or during extreme heat. Dehydration occurs when you lose around two percent of your moisture level.

The following effects can then occur:
  • Change in body temperature
  • Decreased motivation to move
  • Increasing fatigue
  • Exercise feels physically and mentally harder

2. Water determines your energy level and brain function

The moisture level in your body affects your brain. Studies show that slight dehydration affects several aspects of brain functions.

A study among young women shows that a 1.36 percent moisture loss affects mood and concentration. In addition, it increases the frequency of headache complaints. Increasing feelings of fear, memory loss and fatigue have also been observed due to fluid loss.

1-3 percent fluid loss equals the loss of 0.5-2 kg body weight, measured in a person who weighs 68 kg.

3. Water prevents and relieves headache complaints

In some cases, dehydration can lead to headache complaints or migraine. Drinking water can alleviate or even eliminate the headache in some situations.

4. Water improves bowel movements

Drinking insufficient water is a risk factor for constipation among the young and the elderly. Drinking enough water from your water cooler Robina adds fluid to the large intestine, keeping it moving better and reducing the risk of constipation.

5. Water ensures the functioning of the kidneys

Our kidneys process 200 liters of blood per day. They remove waste from our body and transport urine to the bladder. This process cannot take place without drinking water from your water cooler Robina. Alkaline water, is the nature of water.

6. Water prevents a hangover

A hangover occurs after drinking alcohol. Alcohol can cause dehydration. The following symptoms may occur:

  • Thirst
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Dry mouth

7. Water causes weight loss

Drinking enough water reduces the feeling of hunger (which means you eat fewer calories) and speeds up your metabolism (which means you consume more calories). Drinking enough water is one of the most important steps you can take to lose weight quickly and healthily.

By drinking half a liter of water you increase the metabolism in the coming 1.5 hours by as much as 24 to 30 percent! This means that drinking two liters of water increases your total energy consumption by a maximum of 96 calories per day.

Drinking cold water can speed up the metabolism even further. Your body warms up the cold water so that it matches the body temperature. This burns more calories. Cold water drinking from your water cooler Robina.

Read also: Drinking water lowers the blood pressure.

How much should you drink from your water cooler Robina?

Water, the most common substance, is essential for survival, such as oxygen. Depending on, among other things, his weight and age, humans can do without solid food for several weeks. However, it can only survive for a few days without water. Each individual must take in enough fluid to maintain their general well-being and to develop the necessary physical and mental powers.

How much water should you drink?

Drink 1.5 liters every day, 1 liter of water is the message. Those who do sports or heavy physical work and lose more fluid through perspiration are recommended to drink more. An athlete who exercises moderately to very intensively can lose one to two liters of sweat per hour (yes, per hour!). Adequate drinking before, during and after a sports effort is therefore essential. Ditto in warm weather, at high altitudes, in dry air, with a high fever, diarrhea, vomiting and when taking medication.

Children lose more fluid compared to adults when they are in a warm environment or when they have a high fever.

Pregnant women have an extra need of about 30 ml per day for the production of the amniotic fluid and the proper development of the fetus, in addition to their normal fluid requirement. As long as you are breastfeeding, an extra fluid intake of 750 to 1000 ml per day is recommended.

Seniors should keep a close eye on their fluid intake because the feeling of thirst decreases with age.

The best way to make sure you drink enough is to get in the habit of drinking regularly in between and not just when you're thirsty. After all, the feeling of thirst only occurs when there is already a moisture shortage. For example, put a bottle of water on display in the morning and prepare to drink it before bed.

What are the health benefits of water from your water cooler Robina?

Water plays an important role in most of our bodily functions. Those who drink enough water regularly will be rewarded with fresher skin, better concentration and less chance of kidney stones and constipation. Besides, there are indications that drinking enough water would reduce the risk of certain types of cancers and obesity in children and adolescents.
What kind of water?

There is plenty of choice. You can find water with or without bubbles, water with a specific mineral composition or you keep it simple and simply tap water from the tap. Bottled water and tap water are equally healthy. For pregnant women and young children up to 9 years old, it is important to look at the bottle water label. Fluorinated drinking water (> 2 mg / l) is not suitable for them because of the risk of dental fluorosis.

Mains water is supplied via the public water supply network and is suitable for human consumption. It is subject to regular checks on various parameters and must comply with certain maximum allowable values (eg chlorine) and certain minimum values (eg calcium and magnesium content). Tap water has the advantage that it is cheaper and easily available.

Spring water comes from a source that is supplied by superficial water layers. As a result, the chemical composition is seasonal, i.e. it can be influenced by atmospheric precipitation and the climate. This also means that contaminants (unwanted components) can quickly affect the quality of spring water. That is why there is always strict supervision of the quality of spring water.

Natural mineral water comes from deeper layers from a strictly defined geological area. The composition and temperature of the water is stable within natural fluctuations, regardless of the varying seasonal conditions. The law does not prescribe standards for mineral water concerning the contents of mineral salts. Natural mineral water may not be placed on the market without prior authorization from the Minister of Health based on a report from the General Food Inspectorate.

Flavored water is still or sparkling water to which one or more flavors have been added. The composition differs depending on the brand. Usually, flavored waters are sweetened with sugar or sweetener. In the first case they belong to the soft drinks, in the second to the light soft drinks. Check the label for this. Use them occasionally for variety next to plain water.

With or without bubbles?

Although soft drinks and other carbonated drinks are often associated with negative effects, carbonic acid is not harmful in itself. Drinking carbonated water (sparkling water) has the same benefits as drinking normal water. Depending on the source of the water, the minerals strengthen the bones and teeth. Drinking carbonated water does not affect tooth enamel. Sparkling water does fill the stomach faster. So drink more from your water cooler Robina.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?