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Applications ginger

Ginger is for sale in various forms. It is available in every supermarket as fresh ginger root or in powder form.

The ginger in powder form is better known as Djahé, which is the Indonesian name. Djahé is slightly sharper than fresh ginger. How many drinks does a child need.

Ginger is also made from ginger beer, Ginger ale (a soft drink), ginger jam, candied ginger, ginger syrup, voice ginger (ginger in syrup) and pickled ginger.

History of ginger

In China and India, ginger has been used for at least 5,000 years in medicine. Are fruit juices healthy. The medicinal uses of this special herb have also been known for a long time in other Asian, Indian and Arab areas.

Ginger is probably from Southeast Asia. Because it does not grow anywhere in the wild, interestingly enough, the origin can not be determined with certainty.

Ginger was taken from India to the Mediterranean regions in the 1st century. For India it was an important export product to the Romans at the time.

It was a popular herb among the Romans for its medicinal applications, especially in stomach and intestinal problems, digestive problems, flu and muscle pain. With the fall of the Roman Empire, however, ginger became somewhat forgotten.

Ginger does not grow in Europe, it grows in a tropical climate. In the Middle Ages it was imported to Europe from Arab countries as a herb. Back then it was very expensive. You paid just as much for a pound of ginger as for a living sheep.

In the Middle Ages, Spaniards took ginger plants to America. In this period, candied ginger was an exclusive and popular sweet treat.

Ginger has always been one of the most traded herbs to date. What happens in your body if you drink soda.

The health benefits of ginger

Nice all that background information about ginger, but only really interesting are the many health benefits of ginger.

Ginger has many pharmacological applications and use is generally considered safe (source).

Nevertheless, much is still unknown about the mechanisms behind the action of ginger. For this reason, some caution with the use of ginger as a supplement is appropriate.

Therefore, never use ginger on your own as an alternative to (heavy) medicines that you get prescribed. Always do this in consultation with your doctor.

As with many medicinal herbs, a lot of information is based on experiences and information that has been passed on from generation to generation. Tips for summer. This without verified scientific research to validate the health claims.

Fortunately, a lot of scientific research into ginger has been done in recent years.

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